Sorry, guys…

I know I promised a return to regular tumblr round-ups, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. While you are reading this, I am on yet another holiday, this time to Scotland. The life I lead… I wish it were as leisurely as it comes across… But I rest assured in the knowledge that you are all soaking up the Berlin Station promo, especially as there is a promise of more stuff, soon, with Richard hinting at press junkets in LA. So you’ll have lots to look at and talk about.

Just leaving this here with my comment as a caption:

sharp as pin

*wiiwoo* I LIKE the #BerlinStation hair and make-up dept. Hint of stubble and side burn as sharp as Gisborne’s #SendHelpNow

I’ll be back on Wednesday – and chances are that I will put in an irregular round-up post to make up for the lost weekend.

Enjoy your weekend – and pity me for 14°C and 55% rain probability!

Guylty ❤


23 thoughts on “Sorry, guys…

    • Die Serie macht optisch bisher einen guten Eindruck (wobei es natürlich unglücklich war, im Winter in Berlin zu drehen – alles ziemlich dunkel und grau…). Man darf gespannt sein.


    • Had it – and now having a great time in Berlin. And sure enough, another bomb hits the fandom while I am away. This is the third time this summer it has happened… Must be my luck…

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  1. My home country! Lucky you!! Do you have Mini or POP Thorin with you? He’d look good in a kilt! I hope the weather is kind to you. Looking forward to whatever you post when you get back! If you get as far as the North West coast, check out Plockton or Ullapool – particularly the former 🙂


    • Oh, you are Scottish? What a brilliant place to be from! Loved all of it, and we had fantastic weather there, too. Pop Thorin was not with me – I had to limit my baggage, but I agree, it would’ve been right up his street, especially as we walked to something that looked very much like the Misty Mountains…
      And thanks for the interest – I wasn’t sure whether my Scotland pics are of interest, but I might post a little collection then… xx

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    • I’d swap places for 32°C ANY TIME!!! I really wish I had more sun and warmth around.
      Caught up on the whole TCA onslaught – and now there is the next onslaught by way of introducing Armitage to FB and Instagram. Not sure yet what I think of that…


      • 😀 Great to have you back!
        About that FB and IG thing – since I have both (plus Twitter), I am happy. Yet, I haven’t posted anything on IG since I opened it about 5 months ago – i just did it to follow other people who somehow came up with new Richard’s photos first. Generally, I am not fond of IG because one can post pics only from tablet and cell phone, which I don’t do much/ or not at all – I love taking pics with my camera.


  2. You deserve all the restful breaks and fun getaways you can handle. I’m a firm believer in running away from home occasionally. Looking forward to your next auction.


    • Aw, thanks Snowy 😉 Totally love going away although this year it is almost too much. My carbon footprint is huge…
      And that auction has to be organised SOON!


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