Final B’day Auctions Update (#3) – Last Few Hours

I have just downloaded the eBay app on my iPhone – so I can now leave the laptop and calm my nerves with some activities that takes me away from the screen. Last year, I made the mistake of launching into baking, just before the auctions ended (all at the same time). I lost, the cake won (it got burnt). So this year, I may pull the sewing machine out and work on a project.


I am not really an eBay pro, but I have been told that the last few minutes of the auctions are often the most exciting. Well, they were last year, too, when I organised the auctions privately. There were last-minute bids, and I had to do my best to stay on top of things and get the order of incoming bids right. This year, technology aka eBay will do all that for me. *phew* If there’s any action, maybe I’ll record the spectacle on my phone…

The first auction – for the framed/mounted Armitage autograph of my well-known Berlin pic – will end at 5.54 pm BST, which is 34 minutes from now. The rest of the auctions end over the course of the evening. The last auction will end at 11.59 pm BST – it’ll be a loooong night 🙂  I’ll try and put alerts out on Twitter re. final hours of auctions, but I’ll refrain from spamming WP. I know you will thank me. In any case, FYI, these are the bids upon going into the evening (in USD$):

ETA: Lazy Bum Guylty has been caught out – forgot to update the “time left” in the screen shot below. Sorry!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 17.09.22

Now, get the popcorn and get ready to sit back 😉


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