Just a Quick Update

These daily post shenanigans are working out really well for me. I have another quick update to make. While waiting for last payments to come in, a few more donations have reached me. That bumps up our total a bit more. We now have 446.57$ in donations, which raises the complete fundraiser total to 1677.72$! What a fabulous sum!!! Thanks ❤


Entirely gratuitous neck porn and “Igelfutz” image to make short post more visually stimulating

And I am now ready to do the raffle for the kindly donated special gift pack from Glady. The name drawn out of the hat is… 📣 i.f.🎉. That is not a weird little typo but the user name, I swear. A well deserved little extra gift for i.f.! I will get in touch with i.f. regarding address etc. and soon this 👇 will be on its way to her.


For the draw protocol click here:

Note: In the interest of privacy I only listed the donors with their initials. I am sure they can still identify themselves.

I’ll be in touch again when I have transferred the money.

38 thoughts on “Just a Quick Update

  1. You should have sent him this picture, imagine that neck with his signature, it would have been a hit! Or imagine him at stage door seeing this picture “Do you want me to sign this?” I could not find the winner on Twitter, I wait for you to email the details.


  2. *happydance 🙂
    wow – what a highlight on this beautiful friday! made the ruffle-winner, I can hardly believe it!

    Thanks a lot for your mail – I will get back right away. Mr. Thornton will be safely tucked away in my underwear drawer and grace the lace with his scent. Sooo looking forward to that!

    Liked by 1 person

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