Weekly Armitage Round-up 2016/28

Before the adage “weekly” becomes a total farce – this is week 34 of the year, and I have missed six round-ups so far – I better get my Guylty arse into gear and produce another round-up. From what I gather, round-ups are part of a few readers’ weekend routines. Well, you may slip back into the comfort of that routine because I did actually find the time to compile the best of Tumblr for you. And this week promises to be a good one; mostly because I am catching up on several weeks. WARNING: You better brew yourself a whole pot of tea/coffee and sit back. Or if you are the disciplined kind, you may want to take a break after #19 and come back for the remaining links on another day? It’s up to you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Enjoy 😀

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  1. Zee is still at it with her Aside from Heaven serialisation of her Guy fan fic. It goes to ch. 4E on rasexualfrustration – and is to be approached only on empty stomach…
  2. Get to know… Richard Armitage. All the facts and details, compiled and giffed by ghisborne. Handy!
  3. Guy gets political. Who would’ve thought? From nfcomics’ What a Guy Wants series
  4. I think vonmetternich really has a point. Judging by photo evidence, RA would *exactly* have that effect. *dreamy sigh*
  5. Wow, another gorgeous drawing of Richard, from one of my favourite Ascroft photos. By antatius
  6. Birthday drawing for Richard. In norloth’s inimitable style
  7. Gimmethehobbit’s birthday cartoon for RA plays on Richard’s first ever tweet. Needless to say, this is extra cute
  8. Jesu – if Guy saw this, what would he say??? Hilarious “doodle” by rutobokaisdead
  9. A richardarmitageconfession on Richard’s German accent in Captain America. Eh. Did he speak German in that??? I did not notice. Must have been distracted. Wonder, by what???
  10. Sinnaminie has plushiefied Daniel Miller’s BSt colleagues. Sweet
  11. Dolarhyde eyelash porn, spotted by circusgifs. Love love love it
  12. A gorgeous drawing of RA (as Proctor?) by nerdfinger. Such amazing talent in the fandom!!
  13. Loved this fan art by ausschweifendemotte – Thorin, very artsy
  14. Oh Thorin. Still getting lost? Cartoon by jf-madjesters-1
  15. Richard Armitage, sitting. Picture collection by riepu10
  16. Comprehensive post for all leathRA lovers!!! Jahoe1960 has it all covered
  17. Super-blast-from-the-past, courtesy of circusgifs: RA as young John Bateman (I know, I know) from Spooks. It’s nice to have these gifs in a set. Just for reference. Otherwise John Bateman does not exist, as far as I’m concerned…
  18. I know, I know. Hannibal is ages ago. We’ve seen it all. But this gifs of an intensely staring Dolarhyde are just too goose pimple-inducingly good to ignore. riepu10 made them
  19. She’s also bringing us these gifs from BTS of Hannibal. I do not remember ever seeing this before, so I looked at this with great interest
  20. I absolutely, freaking aDORE this gif by shunasassi. Mysterious Daniel Miller. Light or shade?
  21. Daniel Miller speaks. Well, in subtitles. First speaking scene in BSt intro, giffed by ghisborne
  22. Awwww, cutesy Bagginshield cartoon by jaywani. Too right – Thorin as daddy. So who’s “papa” and who’s “dad”?
  23. Two posts by valinor-chronicles and jassy2101 that together make up a chuckle-worthy set. Guylty says yes, too
  24. Screen caps of Daniel Miller in the BSt trailer/intro. By riepu10
  25. You can’t have this handsome face close enough, thinks Jassy2101
  26. Richard-crispin-armitage has a set of Daniel Miller and BSt taglines
  27. Cute birthday fan art by sefarlen – these are on par in cuteness with the plushies, I think
  28. I loved the simple graphics of this birthday edit from riepu10 for Richard
  29. nedardstdark’s birthday post is an aesthetically pleasing compilation of pics and gifs
  30. siriuslygrednforge had me laugh out loud with her birthday art. Hottie McBeautyface indeed
  31. This is brilliant – a gif of RA through the years, blending from one image to the next. Reminds me of an iconic 1980s music video. By juohnny-depplyloveyou
  32. b-a-g-g-i-n-s-h-i-e-l-d’s birthday greeting to RA is a chaRActer cartoon. Nice
  33. Circusgifs treats us to an extended set of RA gifs depicting the various chaRActers. A chaRActer taxonomy!
  34. Mezzmerizedbyrichard’s birthday gif for RA. Listed here *also* for entirely selfish reasons…
  35. Super-talented artist Rachel is on Tumblr as obsessiveracheldraws and compiles her RA drawings for RA’s birthday. Beautiful
  36. Drldeboer puts the LLL promo into context – and all the yummy press call pics in one handy set
  37. Gif-queen mezzmerizedbyrichard goes cycling in Berlin with RA
  38. Bagginshield fan art in an interesting style. By spielzeugkaiser

*phew*, are you ok? Or was that too much goodness? I admit, I briefly considered splitting these up into two round-up posts – didn’t want to overstrain your capacity to deal with this much Armitage. But then I really wanted to catch up and be back in the round-up swing, so I decided to pile on. You can never have enough of a good thing, right?

If this hasn’t eaten up all of your weekend, then have a nice one 😉

Guylty ❤️

37 thoughts on “Weekly Armitage Round-up 2016/28

  1. A great round-up, I couldn’t see #25 because I don’t have an account but all the rest were lovely, nice to see he inspires people as much as ever despite the lack of new work.


  2. He speaks English with a German accent at the very end of his part — when Captain America asks him who he is, he says “ze first ov menny.” Then he bites the cyanide capsule, foams at the mouth, and dies.


    • Damn, he does? And that’s such a typical Hollywood thing to do. He speaks with a relatively convincingly American accent for most of the film – and then regresses to Djerman at the end? How foes that make sense. Well, supports the evil German trope, I guess…


      • Kruger (Krüger)’s backstory said he was a Gestapo agent — I suppose after you’ve almost drowned and been pulled out of a canal and know you’re about to kill yourself, you revert to type? Just guessing as I have never been in that situation myself.


  3. Das hat sich doch mal wieder so richtig nach Samstag angefühlt (nach einem viel zu heißen Samstag allerdings). Hatte dieses liebgewordene Samstags-Gefühl schon richtig vermisst. Danke für die reichhaltige Auswahl. Nr. 20 und Nr. 27 finde ich besonders gut gelungen 🙂


  4. Great roundup! There’s always something I’ve missed. I’m not one for fan fiction, but I enjoy seeing Armitage fan art, there’s so much talent out there.
    Me a gif queen? I’m chuffed you think so! And thankyou for the use of your LIFF photo – my birthday tribute was a last minute effort so I did t have time to check with you first. 🙂


  5. Fab roundup! It lasted me two whole days. I know I say they make my weekend, but I’m sure no one would begrudge you the breaks and the holidays.

    Like linnetmoss I’m in awe of the artwork. I struggle over stick men myself. Number 27 is particularly clever. And cute.

    I’m in two minds what Croptop!Guy would say in number 8. Smirk and preen and flex his abs, or give us the Leather-clad Finger of Thunderous Disdain.

    “Don’t. You. Mess with my evil henchman image!”


    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly. However much it can be frustrating to be faced with fan adoration, but surely it must also be quite flattering to know that people feel inspired by him. If anything, that would be something that would make *me* happy if I was a celeb…

      Liked by 1 person

      • hm, maybe , possibly? it’s one where i don’t believe we’ll ever know how he really feels about it. Maybe he is totally honest when he says he is flattered and i can’t imagine somebody who is this gentle and attentive/close in face to face interaction does not feel appreciation and genuinely cares 🙂 I am pretty sure he does. All the times, few indeed, sniiiff, that i have experienced it happening in front of my or closeby the word gentle and caring is what comes to mind. However i don’t think that his feelings about it are just that, unlikely 🙂 Also i doubt it’s something he can feel very clearly about, it probably changes with circumstances, project etc. And some i am sure he would never disclose publicly, both the very emotional (which i am pretty sure there are moments of) and the doubtful/circumspect/worried which i am sure there are also of but it would just not do to disclose.
        I went off piste again, sorry seems to happen a lot lately because he seems to be unusually much on my mind (i’ve reverted to swoony post Crucible state ;-))
        But yeah i am sure he appreciates the creativity he inspires because i think he can related to the feeling of fulfillment it can bring to people 🙂 Even if he might feel uncomfortable with the endless inspiration Guy provides


  6. Hallo Guylty, ich bin gerade sehr irritiert, weil sich mein Erkennungsbild hier bei “wordpress” verändert zu haben scheint. Es ist plötzlich grün, aber während ich dies hier tippe, ist es unten bei der Mailadresse wie gewohnt in violett zu sehen. Bin mal gespannt, was passiert, wenn ich diesen Text hier poste. Passiert das öfter mal, dass das einfach so geändert wird? Es scheint mir auch, dass sich die anderen nicht individuell gestalteten Symbole verändert haben… ????


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