Armitage Weekly Round-up – 2016/29

Have you recovered from yesterday’s biking delicacy? Here, let me remind you:

That is actually my link #17 on the list below: “For your convenience, petruchiolucasthorin uploaded yesterday’s BS bike porn clip on Youtube. (I still keep re-listening to the one German word he says… I’m smitten with that uvular trill… and that is not something dirty, btw…)“. Bike porn alright. And some eargasm for Germanophiles thrown in as an extra. As I said, that uvular trill. (Check the discussion over at me+r for more linguistic w*nking 😉)

However, if I have one niggle with the whole clip, then it is the BS costume dept cheating us out of a clear view of Daniel Miller’s arse. Yes, you’ve heard me right. The adage “BS” has never been more fitting! That coat is a scandal!!! Never mind the thermal underwear, but putting Armitage on a bike, wearing an “arse cheater”????? Criminal! – For those not familiar with that term: An “arse cheater” (direct translation of the descriptively catchy German term Arschbetrüger) is a short coat that ends mid-thigh. These abominable pieces of garment cheat buttock appreciators out of a direct view of the masculine derriere. They literally cheat the arse (appreciators). 😡 Big mistake.

Honestly, how could they? There is Daniel Miller, cycling his pretty posterior off day in, day out, and all we get to see is this?

I mean, for flip’s sake, the tasty tooshie has even been cut off in this vital scene below, and my yellow evidence circle goes out of range!!! Not on!

arse cheat 2

Checkin out dat ass...Mind you, by the look of things, the costume dept copped on to their mistake pretty quickly. At least judging by this piece of evidence (see picture right): I mean, there is clear evidence there of a luscious arse, yum as a plum in a bun, under those layers of fine hair blend fabric. We know what you are looking at, Mr Wardrobe! So no such gaffes in season 2 of BS, is that clear? In fact, I think we need to get ready for a petition for a script that will send Daniel Miller on a mission to Sub-Saharan Africa, preferably in a private members’ club with extensive pool and jacuzzi area. Failing that, I’d like to see Daniel Miller exercise the heck out of his gluteus maximus. (May be set in a gym at your preferred location, Messrs Cohen and Winters!) PS: Low-riding hipster pants will not do, neither will casual shirts worn untucked and obscuring the rear view.

*huffs* I have a suspicious feeling that this is the sort of objectifying stuff that The National EnquiRA would love to stick their teeth in. And we all know what a RAg of such abysmally low standards would make of the material if they got their hands on it. Bummage control badly needed!

Ok, after all of this, maybe you need a bit of distraction. I offer you this week’s Armitage round-up, courtesy of tumblr:

Arsitage weekly roundup

Sorry. Round-up image called for special adjustment. Not sorry.

  1. Look into my eyes, baby… A hypnotising gif made by ofgreengables (not sure if you will be able to continue clicking through this link list after this
  2. Greencat85 has a whole range of gorgeous chaRActer water colours. Here is my darling Guy
  3. Clematis70’s “Guess the character” series goes to number 17 – an audio quiz
  4. Sinnaminie organised another #RichieSummerSwap. Here you get a glimpse at the not-yet-finished swap items
  5. Is it just me or is this a man-bun wearing Richard Armitage? Fabulous chalk drawing by murmil. Love it
  6. “On yer bike, Rich!” Edit by jassy2101
  7. Agreeing with lonelydoves-monetflowers
  8. Throwback to TH. Thorin and Dwalin drawn by milch-tuete. I like the style of drawing
  9. Armitage pics can never be big enough. Much appreciated! Thanks to armitageadmirer
  10. This left me speechless for a moment. Even though not RA in the first two images, it’s a rather titillating lead-up to the climax *coughs* in the last one, and we are on topic again. Fabulous fan art by brilcrist
  11. I don’t know who Jeremy is, but this cartoon of Thorin by nerdeeart is cute
  12. Apparently two separate cartoons, but combined, they will make Bagginshield shippers happy. By bombaggins
  13. Nfcomics’ What a Guy want series goes naughty (again)… oh Guy…
  14. And just because I really liked His Royal Haughtiness in this water colour, here is Lucas (?) by greencat85, again
  15. Whatever Prizma art is, ausschweifendemotte has it down to a tee. The intense blue stare is doing things to my heart…
  16. Ok, yeah. This is age-old. But please bear with me. It’s just… it’s just so gorgeous. That wide smile. It even makes me forgive him for that awful three-piece sofa suit. Gif set by the aptly named richards-smile
  17. For your convenience, petruchiolucasthorin uploaded yesterday’s BS bike porn clip on Youtube. (I still keep re-listening to the one German word he says… I’m smitten with that uvular trill… and that is not something dirty, btw…)

*phew* That’s it. Hope you’ll recover from the ass anger. I’ll back off the objectifying now. (Sorry, Rich, I was just arsing around!)

Guylty ♥️



51 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – 2016/29

  1. R. C. Armitage Feel-up, jaja …

    Danke für die Zusammenstellung. Den größten Spaß hatte ich allerdings mit dem Vorwort. 😉

    Schade, schade, schade, dass der einzige Freigeist bei BS anscheinend das Fahrrad ist, nicht die Köstumabteilung. 😛


  2. You are hilarious! You had me laughing throughout, and when I clicked to #17 I saw that it speaks of an “exclusive behind.” How fitting. Hoping for another “feelup” special edition soon 🙂


  3. I”m commenting with notify me because I”ve not had ANY updates from you in a couple of weeks, so I need to figure out why….

    after I see the parade and go down and see if I can afford Ryan Gage’s autograph and a picture… also breakfast…

    But I need to come back to this…


    • Did you get the autograph???
      And yeah, something has been weird with WP lately. Occasionally my Reader does not refresh properly, and then there were issues with the avatars recently. OH, and the other day the media library went completely bonkers…

      Liked by 1 person

      • No, no autographs, although Spawn got 2 – including Jason Isaacs today. He’s completely stocked.

        I’m getting NO email notifications at all from WP except those on my blog personally. No notifications of anything anyone posts… nada. I”m wondering if there is anyway I accidently turned them off. I hope not. I have a hard enough time navigating this site. It’s totally effed up. And God help you if you ask for help on the forum. The so called ‘experts’ have God-complexes.


    • We really zone in on things… ahem. And disregard other details – such as the transmitter box that “Mr Wardrobe” has in his hands, and thus identifies him as “Mr Sound” LOL


  4. Crystal clear, first of all we need to see BS series 1!! But then….then there must be a series 2, solely filmed in a Berlin summer. Therefore no more need for coats for Daniel to ride the cool e-bike and…. anyway. More luscious yum bum for us troubled ladies. Problem solved – we very happy!!


  5. Ode to Buns on Bikes

    Most of us like,
    Watching Rich ride his bike.
    We know it was cold,
    But a truth should be told.
    For obvious reasons,
    In warm or cold seasons.
    His assets should never be hidden,
    While his bike is being ridden.
    Because plums such as these,
    Don’t grow on trees.

    Kathy Jones

    Liked by 3 people

  6. I agree with you his delicious derriere should never be hidden. However, I suspect that requirement was part of the city permitting for filming on the streets. The Public’s safety is very important and his loose caboose could’ve caused major traffic fatalities. His own health could’ve also been compromised if fRAntic female fans, crazed with hunger, recognized his perfect peaches peddling past them and gave chase. Mr. A must never use the phrase “Bite my ass!” because some of us would.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. 10) left me speechless too. I can almost feel the heat rising. Extremly hot 🔥
    For me the much more sexier shipping than this bagginshield-thing.


  8. This has to be your *cough* cheekiest roundup ever, Guylty. Thanks for digging up such magnificent booty for us. 😉

    So much to linger over, number 9 especially, but it’ll take me all week to get over number 13.

    PS Just wondering, I’m not too familiar with German, so does your uvular trill differ from the French one?


  9. Am I the only one who drooled over number one and, of course, number nine? Those eyes give me more than every plum in a bun…😜.But it’s good to know that there are enough body parts for every taste to dream about!
    And the expression “arse cheater/Arschbetrüger” was unknown to me. Anyway, I don’t really appreciate these mid length coats, always a bit unproportional for a grown-up man. Are there pics of him out there in a long coat?


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