Spot on… Daniel Miller courtesy of #BerlinStation

Oh yeah, baby…

Another soupçon tour-de-force courtesy of Berlin Station. Eyes wide open? Spot on!

I absolutely love these light effects. Hard shadows are just so dramatic – and with his strong features, Armitage really is quite the spectacle in these clips. I’ve said it elsewhere – the effect is created in a really simple way: Someone is merely flashing strong light across him. But with the deep black background and the strobe effect working like a strike of lightning, this simple set up creates a really dramatic impact,. As the light slowly moves across his head and shoulders, strong shadow obscures some of his features while others are in the spotlight. A great metaphor for the life of a spy – always in (half-)shadow, occasionally coming to light.

A very effective 15 second clip! Nicely done, Berlin Station! I repeat:


BTW, Sorry to all who were looking forward to the weekly Armitage round-up. Unfortunately I did not have time to compile it this week. I’ll explain why, further down. But in lieu of the round-up, I have got a couple of naughty screen caps for you, just so you have something to laugh about and ogle…

First of all, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I noticed something in the following screen cap. This is from the scene in episode 1 of BS in the laundromat where Claudia, observed by Daniel, picks up another communication by Shaw. The message is hidden in a free post card that is displayed in the launderette. You find these free post card holders in many cafés and shops in Germany – they are very a popular advertising medium and can be found in any big city in Germany. (I have a big collection of such post cards at home, too, because often they are very funny or beautiful designs.) In any case, I burst out laughing when I spotted a very naughty post card on the rack there. I have magnified it for you in the picture below. The German speakers among you will laugh. And yet I almost hesitate to translate it for the non-German speakers. But needs must. Brace yourselves, this is naughty! The post card reads “If you want to fuck, you have to be nice”. LOL. Somehow a very fitting message, in this scenario. One wonders whether Daniel noticed it, too… He certainly *was* very nice to Claudia…


Alright, now on to the ogling material. Is it only me whose eyes *always* slide from head-level to further down? Well, it’s *that* coat again, that Mr Sound had already noticed in the BTS clip about the Freygeist bikes. Is it the coat? Or is it dat arse again????


Right, I hope this has cheered you up a bit. I am in great spirits. Not only because of a great promo spot, but also because I am going on yet another holiday. I am flying out early tomorrow morning. To Greece. And best of all: I am spending a whole week with five ladies whom I have met because of Richard. We are all well-wishers of Mr A, from Europe and the US, and despite long distances between us, we have become friends and are now taking our friendship to the next level. We will not only meet up but stay together in a holiday home on the sunny Peloponnese… My suitcase is packed, and I have thrown in a few goodies for my esteemed sisters-in-RA. If I can, I will be in touch from there.

Have a lovely week – only five days until LLL premieres!!! On Thursdays, my sisters and I will be holding our breaths and watching our iPads and smartphones. That’s if we don’t have enough fun of our own.

Talk soon,

Guylty ♥️

28 thoughts on “Spot on… Daniel Miller courtesy of #BerlinStation

  1. Hope you are enjoying your relaxing time in Greece.
    Thanks for the badge. Sorry to have missed meeting you in person at the airport during the tour drop-off and pick-up.


  2. I noticed these postcards, too, right away and smiled inwardly (I too have a collection, they are so funny), but I didn’t notice THAT detail. Good eye!


      • yeah, I doubt it, too. Although (going back to Bogdanski the cinematography) it is amazing how accurate the interiors in The Lives of Others are (I know that has to do with the set dresser). It’s another one of those situations where you can research everything you see or hear in that film and it’s correct or very close.


  3. Hope you are by now well toasted under the Greek sun and by general silence i assume much fun was had 😉
    Great spot on the post card rack love those clever freebies.
    And yes that short clip is one of the best so far.
    Get back safely!


    • Took me a little while to get back to replying to comments, but that’s the price you pay when you have been on holiday. It was absolutely fabulous. Great weather, fantastic company, brilliant sights. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


        • Have been working on editing the pictures for inclusion in a slide show. The bloody thing has been converting since late last night – and has only just finished… Posting soon 🎞


          • Will be interesting to see how my vivid memories compare to how you saw it. I can still close my eyes and transport myself there, zizika sound included 🙂 Lucky to have been there when i could.


            • Currently uploading to YT – since the finished product is too large for my preferred video portal Vimeo. Bummer. And I don’t really want to buy a 50 Euro subscription in order to display my holiday video *doh*. Anyway, looking forward to hearing your thoughts once I have posted the vid.


              • Ah i’ll just enjoy the pictures 🙂 i have only incredibly beautiful memories of Greece and sadness that i will never again be able to go with my parents, especially my mum who loved it there. But at least they managed to go and me too.


                • Ah, a family holiday. I would’ve loved to explore the ancient sites with my dad. He was a history nerd, just like me. We would have had a ball, quoting poetry at each other. Cherish your lovely memories of your holiday with your parents…


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