Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/31

*Fanfare*. Here’s a regular Saturday morning instalment of the rather irregular 2016 edition of the tumblr round-up. You know what I find difficult this year? Keeping to any regular schedule at all. I am travelling too much. The next few weeks will be irregular as well, with further trips abroad coming up. Apologies in advance. Here, take a rarely displayed Richard picture as a token of my regret.

neck-and-lash-porn(You can see why I haven’t posted this much before. Pity that the lash porn is marred by grainy, blurry backlight… But well, with all those LLL SD pics currently making the rounds, this kind of fits in, I guess.)

Oh, there is so much goodness happening these days. Fangirl heaven… Where to start first? *ooof*ing the gorgeous images from the LA red carpet? Commenting on the lovely comments by Armitage at the premiere? A review of the latest BS trailer, which has completely really hit a few marks for me?

And even tumblr has been a joy, the spoils of the SD and the premiere making up for the times of dearth. So, get ready for the BS  and premiere onslaught! I am leaving out the official images and captures that have already been blogged by Servetus and Perry.


  1. Queenoferebor1204 treats us to the best screen caps from the extended BS trailer
  2. An ofgreengables has similar in moving form. Niceeeee
  3. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has giffed some scenes from the interview scrum at the prem
  4. Vtforpedro has an opinion on the discussion of RA’s weight. Check the tags, too. What do you think?
  5. For a change, let’s go back to an “everyman”: riepu10 has put together a lovely Chop edit
  6. Not sure if no-sleep-till-bklyn is a fan, but she won tickets to LLL and took some pics at the SD
  7. I had to laugh at thisbecoming’s post – I think she has a point there
  8. There is *always* space for a bit of RA bicep porn in my round-up. Thanks to the aptly named perfectkink
  9. Have the confessions dried up? richardarmitage-confidential is asking for your submissions. Seriously, girls, given the gorgeous looks of and overkill of material on our man, surely you could come up with some sexy little secrets???
  10. Love this gif set by circusgifs: Daniel Miller and the women of BS. Who’s got most chemistry with the spylicious agent?
  11. Mezzmerizedbyrichard gifs one of my favourite scenes from BS so far. Because Daniel looks so deliciously normal here
  12. You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record baby, right round, round round… Thanks to tamexd for providing the visuals to a dance fantasy
  13. I wish Guy had actually said all these things that nfcomics puts in his mouth…
  14. JEEEsus Christ on a bike!!!!!! This pic by ausschweifendemotte looks like… I don’t know, but he glows 😍 [note extra rare use of smiley here]
  15. LOL short, sharp, and spot on. Quip by angelaristotle
  16. Have we seen these SD pics already? In any case, kimanne723 turns an interesting face… eh… phrase here…
  17. A nice comparison between 2013 and 2016. By jahoe1960
  18. And another one by jahoe1960 that is interesting. Scowl or smile? In any case, it proves that Armitage has a picture somewhere in an attic
  19. I don’t think I have seen this pic from the Crucible rehearsals before. Unmistakable RA. Posted by jassy2101
  20. You may know radioproxy as a talented and funny fan artist who has delighted us with some very cute and witty cartoons. Well, she’s seen LLL and here is her review/account of the evening
  21. The armitage4clairmont drive has gone rather quiet. I am not a huge vampire fan myself, but I totally loved this manip they produced
  22. And I’ll just leave this here for you. No further comment. Complaints to circusgifs…

I think I need a shower now 🚿

Fawningly yours,

Guylty ❤️

35 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/31

  1. I love, love love the rarely displayed Richard picture. I’m guessing your professional eye lights on the technical imperfections, but to me they elevate it to the level of impressionist art. The bright blurred light at lower left diffuses and illuminates, like a graphic image of that hard to define quality of his.

    With that colour palette, it reminds me of a poster for a science fiction movie in the vein of 2001 – the mystical, inspirational kind that opens you up to a whole new way of looking at life, the universe and everything. You could blow it up for the billboards and call it Bright Star.

    Ahem. Sorry and all that. It must be the herbal cigarettes. 🙂

    Thank you too for the roundup. Always a treat. Re 13., I have a feeling Guy said a lot of things that were unsuitable for a Saturday teatime family show. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at Nottingham Castle or Locksley…


    • Back again, quick, in case the above somehow reads the wrong way. I really do love the pic and meant every word I said about it. I was just apologizing for wittering on at such length.

      So much for keeping a low profile, too.


    • That is an extremely kind interpretation of a sub-standard picture, Jenny 😉 And by sub-standard I *only* mean my photography, obviously, and NOT the subject… But you have given me an idea with your comment. Maybe if I clean up the pic a bit, it may actually achieve even more of an impressionistic look. Thanks for that, in any case 🙂
      And yes, I would’ve loved to see more of Guy in the castle and his own four walls, “peeling back the layers”, as his creator likes to call it…


  2. concerning Richard’s weight: I think he looks healthy & is almost glowing lately! I think he naturally has a lanky frame & has just bulked up in the past for certain roles. my teenage son is tall & lanky and I’ve had to fight (rude) speculation about his weight since he was a toddler 😛 also, I had to laugh when I saw the gifs of Daniel taking off his glove, it’s become fandom canon but it goes over my head every time it happens! I think it’s a very normal gesture, so I don’t even notice it.


    • I am undecided over it. On the one hand I think he is looking absolutely gorgeous at the moment -very Hollywood star, very young, probably also aided by the lack of beard. And I feel reminded of one my favourite photoshoots by Justin Canning (2008). OTOH I find the chunkier look of Porter or at Hobbit filming time very manly, very alpha, very “real”.
      The gloves – I actually do the same thing when I take off gloves, but yeah, it’s something else when RA does it in a role…


      • Hmm. I think he has lost weight. I don’t think he’s lost so much weight that he’s ill. I am also only seeing pictures and it’s his body so I assume he knows what he is doing. Pictures are a poor index of health; looking unhealthy is different from actually being unhealthy; there are unhealthy people who look fine and healthy people who don’t look healthy. As to whether people who say he looks unhealthy are being rude, I’d have to judge on a case by case basis, i.e., I’d need to see examples. I do not think that the statement that someone looks unhealthy is rude tout court. I would separate the issue of whether he is happy from whether he has lost weight; I am not sure they are necessarily related.

        I guess I’m in partially among the guilty parties here because I said he looked “more slender” and I got a tweet response that he looks perfect and then a 25 person pile-on agreeing with that response. I get that weight is an identity issue for a lot of women and that there are all these political currents on the web that mandate certain kinds of responses to statements about people’s weight, and I agree with some/many of these. It intersected with my problems with fellow fans who can’t abide that not everyone constantly iterates Armitage’s perfection, and that conditioned my own response. But afterwards, I felt a bit like “have we gotten to the point where we can’t make basic evaluative statements?” What will happen if/when he gains some weight (which I assume he will do at some point — I don’t see how he could have done the Thorin role at this weight, he looks too fragile for all of that exertion, and if he does another action role I assume his body shape will change again)?

        Liked by 2 people

        • Ach, jetzt haben wir eine Baustelle beim Thema Gewicht? Faszinierend! Aber sicher ist er schmaler als vorher. Wer keine Tomaten auf den Augen hat oder wessen rosarote Brille verschmiert ist (sorry!) sollte das eigentlich mit Leichtigkeit erkennen. Keiner redet doch davon, dass er krank aussieht (oder habe ich was überlesen?). Und selbst DAS wäre eine reine Beobachtung und zudem vollkommen APM-sicher. Aber was muss man da argumentieren. Das ist wie Eulen nach Athen tragen. Wenn es manchen Kreisen nicht passt, dann schreien sie nach Maulkörben…..
          Und ja: lieber Gott, bewahre uns vor einer Gewichtszunahme 😬


        • Oh, I don’t think he is ill-looking (in either sense of the word 🙂 ) at all. Just very slim and slender. And as you say – you can’t necessarily tell from a picture whether someone is ill or not. It baffles me a little bit that a comment on his weight is seen as an attack or a criticism. (Unless it is combined with a qualitative statement.) My very first and total gut reaction to one of the SD pics from the 22nd Sept was an utterly smitten and totally genuine “OMG, you are gorgeous, Richard, I love you”. *Despite* the slimness. 😀
          That’s such an interesting point you are making there, re. weight as an identity issue for women, and hence a comment on RA’s weight is taken as a politically incorrect comment. Even though I badly suffer from the whole weight identity complex myself, I had not really copped on that some fans may take offence on his behalf in that way. The crux is, as always – do we hold back our *real* response in order to avoid affronting fellow fans, or do we discuss and comment honestly? I’d like to do the latter – because for me it is a given that as a fan I LIKE Armitage *anyway*, and my critical response to his work, his shape, his opinions is not motivated by meanness but by interest. But well, preaching to the choir here…

          Liked by 1 person

        • I may prefer Richard slender but that doesn’t mean I hate him bulked up or am insulting him when I say what I do prefer. I’m starting to get used to the fact that any opinion I may give, passionate or casual, is going to offend someone somewhere. in this instance, I think Richard’s body definition reflects a runner’s body type at the moment. he still looks “in shape” to me, just in a different way. as you say, that could change in the future depending on the roles he takes. when he bulks back up again, I’ll appreciate the biceps, even if I don’t prefer them. the slender body couldn’t have come at a better time for me b/c it’s sent me head long into puppy love again! but Richard is such a chameleon, I know this look won’t last forever and that’s okay. my own body shape jumps back and forth itself so maybe that’s why it doesn’t bother me? the identity issue, in regards to weight, is an interesting concept that I’ve not given much thought to before.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Danke für die Zusammenstellung, auch wenn ich eingestehen muss, dass ich gerade etwas übersättigt bin. Wieso muss es nur immer wieder so sein, dass es entweder (fast) gar nichts gibt – oder eine ganze Lawine? *seufz* Goldener Mittelweg is’ wohl nich’ …

    #4: Es ist ziemlich eindeutig, dass RA Gewicht verloren hat. Warum, wieso, weshalb weiß ich nicht, aber da unser Richiiiiiiiiiiiie schon alleine groß 😉 ist, mache ich mir keine Sorgen um ihn. Für meinen Geschmack dürfte er ein bisschen mehr auf den Rippen haben, aber bisher hat er mich nicht nach meiner Meinung gefragt. Völlig unverständlich, ich weiß. 😛

    #7: Kreppelchen oder cinnamon roll, das ist hier die Frage … Vielleicht sollte er die Hauptrolle in “Der Prinz auf der Erbse” übernehmen. (Hey, Gleichberechtigung und so!) 😀

    #10: Daniel und die Frauen in BS … inklusive der Queen of Berlin – LOL

    #14: Blendend. 😉

    #17: LOL!!!

    #19: Schade, kann ich nicht sehen. Nur für eingeloggte Tumblrianer, und ich hab nicht vor, noch einen Account irgendwo anzulegen – ich verbringe schon viel zu viel Zeit online.

    #22: *beschwerbeschwerbeschwer*



    • Ja, immer nur Extreme – aber andererseits, nun stell dir mal vor, wir müssten jede Woche, jahrein, jahraus ständig Neuigkeiten verarbeiten. Das wäre ja dann ein Schrecken ohne Ende 😂. Da sind mir die gelegentlichen Overkillphasen dann doch lieber.
      Stimmt, Richard weiß selber, was er macht. Und ehrlich – so’n Star wie er, der hat doch sowieso eine ganze Batterie von Profis an der Hand, die ihm beim Ab-, Zu- und Aufnehmen beiseite stehen.


  4. Belated Homage to Number Fourteen.

    I’ve an eye
    For a spy
    Who glows
    From the top of his head
    To the tips of his toes.
    It’s almost a dance
    When, towel cast aside,
    He moves
    With purposeful stride,
    Like Coleridge’s Earth, in short thick pants.

    (Thanks to this poncey literary reference,
    I trust
    The objectivising thrust
    Of this doggerel
    Is imbued
    With a mitigating veil of due


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