Fans Wax Fluffical…

Rescued from the comment stream of yesterday’s *ooof*:


Comments open for further inspiRAtion/exploRAtion of the theme… πŸ˜€


56 thoughts on “Fans Wax Fluffical…

    • Bravo! I love it! Wouldn’t we all like to know what goes on underneath that quiff?
      I’ll wait in case there is more inspiRAd poetry coming this way, and then give it the usual, illustrated treatment πŸ™‚

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  1. I wish I were a piece of fluff
    Floating in the breeze
    Circling that perfect profile
    ‘Til I’d seen enough
    Then gently past the elven ears
    To rest on broad blue back: while
    Others squeal I love to feel
    the strength beneath the stuff.

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  2. This is a true story…

    What fresh hell is this, do you suppose
    Lurking on that noble nose?

    Out damned spot, how do you dare?
    Centred ‘twixt that fine blue stare

    Phew! Now I see I misdiagnosed
    It’s a fall-out crumb from my piece of toast

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  3. Ode to Fluff

    Specs of white on field of blue,
    What could they mean,
    Are they a clue?
    Outside is it snowing?
    Or a storm of fluff growing?
    How did the lowly lint appear,
    Upon that man we hold so dear?
    After lengthy detection,
    Of those blots on his perfection,
    We could conclude those pieces of fluff,
    Are errant flakes of dandruff.
    So we might take an hour,
    To shampoo him in the shower.
    And wash the fluff away,
    To help him start his day.

    Kathy Jones

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  4. The collared shirt — oh what a flirt! — is open at the neck.
    There’s no neckwear (not even hair) but on the back a speck.
    It could be fluff (or who knows what) — analysis runs high,
    But each of us would wish the chance up close to verify!

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