More Rhyming Fluff

I don’t even know who started the challenge. It all began when Anon commented in the shape of a four liner, and I replied in like plus one line – sorry, I just can’t keep it short… Which demanded a post of its own. You responded lyrically in the comments. And wow – that was a hilarious exchange of the lyrical kind. If you like to read some creative fun – and don’t mind the occasional, irreverent joke – then read on. Warning: there may be a few mild jests at our muse’s cost. Nothing major – but no need for APM, I think. Without further ado, I present you the…

Variations on Fluff

First up, a communal effort by Anon, Small Hobbit and yours truly, written in iambic tetrameter (!).


Helen took up the gauntlet half way through and gifted us this ditty:


Sinnaminie seemed inspired by a famous children’s rhyme, which I continued:


We also received ear, nose, quiff and shirt fluff (click images and open in new window to see larger version):

And lastly, the mistress of the odes graced us with a piece that veered between hot and sweet:

fluff-odeSinnaminie’s question is valid: Who inspired all this? A piece of fluff, or the muse? No matter – there’s nothing better than an afternoon spent fooling around in a creative way.

I hope you have enjoyed this! Give your love to the gifted verse-smiths!

35 thoughts on “More Rhyming Fluff

  1. That little fluff
    Will not begone
    Just like us fans
    from dear old ‘John’ 😎🤓
    It’s why he tends to look behind
    To check he’s always on our mind
    And when he sees we check the peaches
    A wicked smile the curvy lips thus breaches

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    • I’d like to think that this is taken as a compliment, not objectification, too. Tbh, I’d be thrilled if anyone felt I was worthy of a poem, however much in jest it was written. If anything, it means that the subject is on someone else’s mind… a compliment if ever there was one…

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      • Honestly his recent comments only strengthened my belief that he doesn’t mind fan appreciation in all its forms. He only gets reminded of it when he sees it face to face and he is always very gracious about it, in person but also in interview, much more than most people i’ve seen express their views. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think fans follow him just because they think he is pretty (because he never saw himself as pretty in Thorin ;-)) I’m sure he know we want for far more than the ‘pretty’. I think we fans have no reason to feel guilty whatsoever, no amount of ‘pretty’ would make u watch the variety of things he’s done over the years. Also because frankly, apart from Thornton and maybe Guy there has been little of the obvious kind of pretty in it. Which is why the repeated connection made between BSt and him being the ‘handsome’ in the show really really grate on me. Esp after seeing theatre the other day i only got reminded by how good an actor he is. I felt 2 years ago he was as good as MS and i still do and that’s what i want the people who work with him to appreciate about him first an foremost. Nothing wrong with appreciating some finally really good shots which capture him in all his beauty, warts and all 😉 But his most attractive features will always be his humanity and his acting talent 🙂 To me he’s so much more beautiful when he speaks 🙂


        • Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr. No, but seriously – yes, I like to think you are right. If he is as level-headed as he presents himself to be, then he can see through the superficial *thuds* and *sighs*, and appreciate the trust and confidence fans place in his abilities. Having said that – I don’t believe that fans are given much thought, in general. Probably a good thing. And it is to his credit that he tries to give back some of the attention by coming out to the waiting crowd at the SD.

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  2. That was so much fun! Thanks, Guylty! So many creative minds at work on a common theme! Love the late harvest of the peaches poem, Hari.


  3. Great illos, Guylty

    Now, I couldn’t let Kathy’s nipple reference back there go unacknowledged.

    Some praise the nipple on the left
    Why not the right?
    From what I’ve seen of that fine chest
    I hold with those who favour left
    But had I to assess them twice
    I know enough of Hollywood
    To say that for perfection right
    Is also good
    And would suffice

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  4. LOL! Alrighty, here I go:

    To think that I missed the fluff
    Because Richard’s shoulders were so buff.
    Or was it that trim waist or furry arm?
    Either image makes me very warm.

    Nay, it twere his floppy hair and dreamy eyes,
    That made me think I had won a prize.
    And then his noble nose and open lips
    invited me to forget my too ample hips.

    And his angled jaw is masculine strong.
    To admire such perfection can never be wrong.
    Yet the place of my nibbling joy would be his neckitage,
    A throaty column of skin and muscle of the divine Armitage.

    P.S. Oh to be the marker pen.


    • Finde ich auch immer wieder schön – dass da mehr herauskommt, als nur das aufseufzende “oh, er ist so schööööön”, sondern kreative Auseinandersetzung mit dem OdB.


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