Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/37

Oh BS! Wow. It’s almost a week now since episode 5 was aired, but boy, is it yet vivid in my mind. *coughs* No wonder that a certain scene is dominating tumblr at the moment. I compiled the round-up late last night, and yet, 5 days after episode 5 was on, tumblr is still buzzing from it. No least because of the great news that BS has been renewed for a second season. power-buttI guess we are all hoping that that means Richard Daniel Miller will live and fight another season. For a change. However, Richard’s silence on the matter is ominous. Well, at least he hasn’t tweeted anything else – this way, it looks as if he is busy rather than just unable to confirm his involvement in season 2… Fingers crossed because finally, finally, I feel totally invested and interested in BS. And no, that is not down to the naked facts (see right), butt the character development. Honestly. Swear to god. I just think that Daniel has finally been given a bit of emotional depth. And the plot thickens.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t resist this. Enjoy.


  1. You can relive the best of episode 5 with drldeboer’s comprehensive sets of screen caps. Here’s the post-coital work meeting. Warning: May contain evidence of Daniel Miller smoking *hissssss*
  2. What a Guy wants by nfcomics on women and machines…
  3. Queenoferebor1204 has a neat collection of Daniel profile shots
  4. Not sure whether these two tweets by Michelle Forbes and Bryan Fuller were reported elsewhere. Simplybentley posted them – I think we are all awwwwing in unison, and nodding our heads in agreement…
  5. Ok, I was trying to keep this clean, but this is actually interesting. 13 years. And still as fresh as early morning dew. Pointed out and illustrated by armitageadmirer. Touché. NSFW
  6. And staying in that particular vein – accurate description of many a fangirl thought… uttered by fromthedeskoftheraven
  7. This time, circusgifs doesn’t gif but writes an honest answer to a question about BS. Well argued! How would you answer that question?
  8. Sometimes it takes just one word… binglybonglybeep has it
  9. Fan art! Haven’t seen that much of it lately, what with all those screen grabs of peaches dominating tumblr… but here is a different take on Richard/Guy? by vassa07
  10. I’m surprised that Guy does not like the idea of being shared… What a Guy wants by nfcomics
  11. So, the casting for young Albus Dumbledore in the new Harry Potter spin-off is being discussed far and wide. Armitage? Johnny-depplyloveyou imagines Richard
  12. Imagine you are a school girl and you are taken on an excursion to a theatre. And then… this really happened to hobbitunderthemountain
  13. “It’s gonna feature in the next 4 episodes” translates into “I’ll be in the nip in the next four episodes”… see for yourself. Gifset by ghisborne
  14. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has captured prime forearm porn
  15. The wardrobe husbands strike again. Discuss. Posted by caravaggiolove
  16. This is what Richard said re. Hannibal and Social Media. Hm. Does that still apply or where did things go wrong along the way?  A richardarmitagequote

Short but sweet?

I’ll leave you with a gem of an ode, rescued from the comments on yesterday’s SD account. Kathy has mined some gold again. And her ode fits the Miller-dominated round-up, too. Enjoy and give Kathy some love 😉


Guylty ❤️


19 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/37

  1. Maybe he still doesn’t know whether he’s going to be in it or not, but I do find it very strange that he hasn’t congratulated the production team and his colleagues…That’s very unlike him. We’ll have to wait and see.. My gut is telling me that he won’t be in Season 2..

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    • My thoughts are the same. He’s ominously quiet. Or here is another possibility: The producers have asked him to keep quiet on the renewal so that we cannot draw any conclusions as to Daniel’s fate…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, moon of our delight that know’st no wane…

    A heroic roundup in the circumstances. Thanks, Guylty. There’s always something that I’d missed.

    Re: number 10. The henchman doth protest too much, methinks. 🙂

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  3. Kathy’s ode is brilliant, as always! I like Daniel the spy too, more than I imagined. #6 is right, last time when I stared like this at a man’s butt I was behind David. I was really taken with the “pre” sequence, that was also captured in on of the clips, so sensitive, the way Daniel looks at her, his voice when he says “prost”, I dared to compare it with the train station sequence from N&S! A continuation like the Reba sequence would have been perfect, imo. The realistic approach didn’t work for me, but I happily stare at RA’s magnificent back 😍


    • I recently stared at a butt like that in Greece. However, I must say that the moving, living variety is somehow more… effective.
      You are right, the lead-up to the “moon shot” is quite nice, too. And as RA pointed out himself, nicely filmed in that warm, golden glow.
      Who would’ve thought that “Prost” could ever sound so tender?


  4. Thanks for gathering all of this each week! Re: the 13 year interval, I actually think RA and in particular the RAbutt are much more toned in the present day! And hopefully he took his socks off this time??
    Love the Ode, Kathy. Were you able to exchange any words with him in the end?

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    • LOL re. the socks. Not sure about that, now. All we can see is that he has pushed down his trousers and his pants… For all we know, he may still have his socks and shoes on. Time was of the essence, obviously 😉
      But whoa, now that you mention it, yes, he looks much more toned in latter years. Gee, I should really take some inspiration from the man and get own arse into gear, too…


  5. love love love the school-trip story!! Wish i could go back in time and rediscover theatre like that and have the surprise of one’s favourite actor in it! Can you imagine the joy and excitement? 🙂
    I’d say circusgifs has got it spot on, i’d also say : stick with it! it gets better 🙂 In spite of his late reaction to the renewal since he didn’t add any own thoughts i think we’ll have to wait and see until the end. I’m open to both ends, it was a good journey if it stops here and if he’s not in it it means he’s got more interesting things to do which is also exciting.

    As to social media, i think that still applies, he’s all in it when it comes to new material or promoting new stuff, i didn’t think he’d tweet along episodes of his own work as he’s said in the past he doesn’t particularly enjoy watching himself and he must when he tweets, so there you go, all for the good and promotion of the work. I guess that is probably the only constant purpose of it…

    And the fruit is full of vitamin so to speak 😉 only riper ad juicier with time it seems 😉 I really liked the direction and everything about this episode. It was superbly shot but not ‘TV pretty’ it had a very ‘European’ feel to it if i can call it that, didn’t realise the director was Italian but that almost makes even more sense. It was actually really well done, the tension has been building through episodes and the sudden mission together was high tension and controversial. Just the kind of situation i guess writers have been pointing to where black and white grey out and which these people have to face. What does it mean to do your job? Turns the stomach more than a bit. Would make sense you’d just want to forget, get it out of your brain for a bit. So that was i think as much chemistry as i was pent up stress/tension. They are sadly not ‘tender circumstances’ per se. I think that’s maybe why i liked the episode more than others, because it showed more than any others how lonely and vulnerable these people are , what choices they have to make and how normal human bonds are almost impossible. Kirsch, Hector, Daniel, Esther.. all looking for some human contact, maybe to feel they are normal/good human beings and not just their jobs and not really achieving it because they can’t trust anyone. It’s intense but really sad in the end. The moment Daniel had me as a viewer finally completely on his side was when he walked away from Esther’s last revelations.
    (Also the gifs make it more out there than it really was, i think in real time it was maybe 5 seconds in total from first contact/kiss 😉 ) , the director is not responsible for us watching the gif over and over again hehe 🙂


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