The Autumn of #LoveLoveLove – Part 3: Fan Fun Galore

Hi! Polyanna here with another post to force her need for harmony. 😀 *deletes half-written post that pontificates on playing nice with each other* We’ve been talking a lot about the fun of being a fan the last few days. I’d like to stress that again – in case some of my comments on the SD have come across as negative re. the set-up and some of the crowd re/actions – it’s an occasion to share the fun and the joy. And that’s how I perceived it for the most part.

A lot of that perception is actually due to actively *wanting* to perceive the experience as fun. Or due to taking the fun into our own hands. Apart from organising a trip for the fun of seeing LLL, and the pleasure of watching RA act on stage, it was the opportunity of observing him at the SD, that was a big potential for “fan fun”. But damn, our “master of ceremonies” was unable to facilitate SD fun himself after every performance. *aw* Talk about big expectations. What I loved about my own individual experience of travelling to NYC was, that we even had fun on the days when there was *no* SD. We simply created one ourselves. There is a bit of backstory to it which may be interesting to you because it involves some fan interaction with Richard. (You can tune out after the text in the quote box if you are otherwise not interested in fan antics.) In Kathy’s words:

I wanted Richard to sign the back of my shrine. I tried to give him a special sharpie that was for writing on metal. So I said to him, as far as I can remember, “Could you sign this please with this pen. It’s for metal.” So I passed the shrine to him (upside down of course) and he said” Oh, you’re giving me a medal?” Because the shrine box kind of looks like it could be holding a medal. So I replied, “Oh no, not a medal, it’s metal. M E T A L” Then I laughed at how stupid I was, spelling the word to him in a loud voice so he could hear me. I used a tone of voice that was rather chiding. People around me laughed as well. Richard did not laugh I don’t think. I did get direct eye contact when he asked about his medal. He was probably disappointed there was no medal and had to go on down the line.
The group had a few laughs about it (at my expense I might add). In honor of that humbling encounter and to make sure Richard was happy (because he was obviously disappointed that there was no medal) Guylty and her accomplice presented me with a medal (pictured here) to give to Richard. I was unable to give it to him that night. My next opportunity was a Sunday matinee. By that time I had found a suitable box to put the medal into, with the inscription “For Meritorious Acting” on the lid. Thanks to Mimi’s silver sharpie. At that time he was still doing the stage door so we waited patiently and hopefully to have another opportunity to have a fan encounter. Eventually, a security guy came out and announced Richard would not appear. Crap. Trying to make lemons out of lemonade, I thought we could have our own stage door encounter, complete with medal presentation. So I pulled a cap down low over my forehead, got on the celebrity side of the barrier with a sharpie, and went down the line impersonating Richard. I was told my “thank you’s” were superb. I was suitably thrilled when the medal was presented to me. By that time we were laughing hysterically. That was my last night in NYC and it was so much fun. I loved the play and of course seeing RA, but hanging out with my fellow fan girls was the best. Love you guys.
These are the antics that Kathy describes (in case the Instagram embed does not work, click the links to get directed to the original post by Mimi.)

Girls just making our own fun #lovelovelove #roundabouttheatre #laurapelstheatre #nyc

A video posted by Mimi Cruz (@mimicruzc) on Nov 20, 2016 at 1:54pm PST


Lest you should think we are criticising the “Stage Door Runner” – we are laughing *at* him not *about* him.  But possibly about *ourselves*. Cos hey, fans are fun bunch of people. That’s all I’m saying.


91 thoughts on “The Autumn of #LoveLoveLove – Part 3: Fan Fun Galore

      • I was impressed with your craftmanship. I literally spent (almost) hour Sunday night trying to sew a button back on Hub’s pants. He didn’t burst it off or anything, it was falling off and he thought it would eventually fall off while he was wearing them. Stupidly, I said I could fix it, ha. I am better with a hammer than a needle. Had to search high and low to find a needle and thread. None of which I had matched his pants. Normally I take things to a seamstress if it is something I want to keep. If not, I throw it out. The fact that you could make a medal from whatever you could get your hands on is remarkable! I am still impressed! Too bad you live too far away to be of any use to me in a zombie apocalypse tho. 😈

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        • LOL – I’m afraid I am no MacGyver. And I’d be peeing my pants if I was faced with zombies 😀 .
          The hardest thing about making the medal was, that I didn’t have any proper tools. Obscura kindly bought a sewing kit so that we had a tiny pair of scissors – which actually were so flimsy, they broke when I used them :-)) .
          And oh no – while I like sewing with a sewing machine, I really hate hand-sewing, too. My hubs is better at it than me

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  1. For those who haven’t seen the movie “Misery”, the ode was referencing excessive fangirling by the main character. Kathy Bates ( who won an Oscar for her role) was very scary, and that is why Richard ran for his life/car. “Misery” is an even scarier book by Steven King.

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  2. Another one with you on this, Guylty; fan-fuelled activities are half the fun, IMHO. Even when you only get to experience it at a distance, she says wistfully.

    Besides, it would be rude to expect Mr. A to do 100% of the entertaining all the time.

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  3. I hope my responses/comments are not taken as criticism either Guylty. It can be difficult to read a person’s demeanour or intent on line. I have nothing but positive memories from our weekend of LoveLoveLove 💟


  4. This is a riot. I don’t know what your shrine looks like, but I’m sure you noticed what Kenneth used to keep his stash in. Could pass for a Guylty Pleasure tin. (One also popped up in Berlin Station). Has anyone congratulated Kathy on having the mettle to ask him to sign something metal without a medal?

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    • Hehe, we were all very much in awe of Kathy and her impressive stage door banter. We’re hoping for a repeat of it, another time. Unless we send the metal medal by mail…
      And yes, I immediately noticed Kenneth’s little tin, too. They had covered the lid with tape, but I suspect it was an Altoid tin… Those tins are ubiquitous, I guess – BS a case in point… And while it is not the exact same size but smaller, I now have the perfect tin for pothead Ken, too. Only have to make a shrine with it…

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    • My silver shrine is all Porter on the inside and a few discrete jewels on the outside. It is square and almost flat, about 4×4 inches. There was plenty of room for him to sign easily on the back. I didn’t think mettle was required because he had signed Pop Thorin’s head and other odd items in the past. Perry, I think you have some odes inside of you struggling to get out. Metal, medal ,mettle – very promising. All my fan friends were very appreciative of the entertainment my spelling and giggling provided.

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    • No pressure to Shrine Guylty, just remembered I had not sent you any supplies for a long time. Grabbed a bunch of unopened tins full of mints to give you because I forgot the empty ones I’ve saved for you at home.🎀
      I’m sure you have not had a chance to go through all the mints in the other tins. I can imagine a huge pile of white mints with an occasional cinnamon pinkish one here and there piled up in your work area.😈


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