RA Pocket Shrine 129/? – Shooting Star

It has been pretty much exactly three months since I posted the last shrine. I had a look at my calendar to find out what was holding me back – apart from apparent lack of muse. Mostly my day-to-day life with much but also fulfilling work, family obligations and visitors. But it also seems as if I racked up a good bit of travel time, which took me away from the shrining bench. Since mid-August, I spent 5 days in London at the beginning of September, then had a week’s holiday in Greece, went home to Germany for 5 days at the end of October, and shortly after crossed the Atlantic for a week in New York. But no more excuses – it was finally time to do some shrine work again (and a huge, embarrassing apology at this point to someone who is still to see her custom RAPS from the latest charity auction. Not forgotten!).

Tuesday is a light-weight day for me, when it comes to work, and so I fitted in a couple of shrines last week. This one was due for someone who has been performing some kind fan-to-fan service to me, and since Claudia had asked me to bring back a LLL flyer for her from New York, I decided to take the opportunity and throw a little surprise into the shipment.


Claudia went on the New York pilgrimage, too, so I thought she would appreciate this tin which I picked up in Germany over the summer. The theme for her RAPS was clear to me from the beginning. Since Claudia has taken many great photos of RA at various SDs, she is a bit of a serial shooter. Here is my riff on the “shooting” theme:


I wanted this to have a double-meaning – shooting star Richard and shooting (pictures) of the star – but in hindsight this may look a bit violent… Maybe Claudia can cover the word “(the)” with a little star-shaped sticker… Not sure whether this is her favourite photo of RA, but it is one of hers and I liked that he almost looks into the camera.


Since she took her photos at the LLL SD, a picture of RA in that context had to go into the bottom. I chose this one, from the rehearsal stills. I guess I don’t have to explain. Sigh. No candles – for the simple reason that I did not want to destroy the lid with the collage of New York.

img_7592-smOnce again, many many thanks for your kind sharing of fan essentials, Claudia. I much appreciate it – you are a star, too, and I hope this little tin is a fun and happy reminder of a great trip and a great occasion for fangirl feelz and plenty of pretty pictures. 


24 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 129/? – Shooting Star

  1. Like the star power in this shrine. Very cute and not violent at all. I agree with Helen, it has been too long between shrine reveals. But your travel and work schedules have been rather demanding. You need to stay home more and travel less. I am sure creating shrines is just as fun as hanging out in Germany, London, Greece and New York. And a lot cheaper. 🙂

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    • Good point. And tomorrow is the last trip for this year. One more journey to London for the office Christmas party. And then I am done for this year. It’s fun, but as you said, there are a lot of attractions at home, too, no least the creative outlet of shrining.


    • The tin is just perfect for LLL – Times Square, Broadway, yellow cab – it’s all around the corner from the theater and part of the experience when you have been there.
      I am really happy with the way my work-life has developed, and grateful for my fantastic main client, but I sometimes dream what it would be like if I was a woman of leisure, free to spend my day whichever way I want to…

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  2. Unterschwellige Aggressionen???
    Bist du gerade unbewusst wütend auf Herrn Armitage und hast den Aufruf zum Meuchelmord unauffällig in einem wunderhübschen Döschen verpackt? (äußerst ironischer Unterton) 😉
    Das Foto aus den Proben gefällt mir sehr gut. Da kann frau sich schon a bissele hinein versenken. ❤


    • Hehe, nein, ich bin ganz und gar nicht böse auf Herrn A. Der ist doch ganz reizend in dem was er macht. Ich kann dem selbst für gelegentliche Ausrutscher nie lange böse sein 😉 Das war also noch nicht mal ein Freudscher Versprecher…
      Das Probenfoto ist einfach nur schön. Vor allem weil es so lebensnah ist. Da denkt man sich mal eben Frau Ryan weg und stellt sich vor, wie Herr A auf dem heimischen Sofa sitzt und einen selbst von unten rauf so treuherzig anguckt… Wumm. Und schon ist das Herz explodiert…

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      • Gell, er guck wirklich so richtig treuherzig. Zwei Frauen, ein Gedanke…
        Ja, ja, der Richard, was soll man ihm auch böse sein. Das wäre reine Zeitverschwendung. Ich freu mich schon auf das Romeo und Julia Hörbuch.


  3. Love this one, and happy for Claudia, who kept us gasping with her stage door pics. Also got to meeet her, so that’s a plus for me – and well – anything with a NYC taxi – though my sitings of BS taxis were, as you know – few and far between ( but thanks to Linda60 for pointing one out).


    • Those yellow cabs are not just iconic, they are also a wonderful spot of colour in the city. I love seeing them in my pictures – BS advert on top or not, I actually lay in wait a few times and shot scores of pictures in order to get some cool, moving taxi shots.
      And yes, Claudia definitely deserved a thank you – not just for her SD photos…


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  5. OMG I did miss this shrine posting while in China. And you found this super NYC-themed tin in Germany??? I never see interesting tins like this. I look. Trust me I look. And I’ve found some interesting ones but they don’t have hinged lids. Must look more carefully. I sooo wanted to go back to NYC for Mr. A’s last week but 4 trips in 2 months has done me in, especially this last. I can’t seem to get back this time zone.
    Some day though I hope we’ll be in the same city. Merry Christmas, S.


    • The myth that is New York – probably stronger outside of the US, hence the availability of such tins in Germany? Anyway, there are a couple more of those NY tins, which have to be filled with love love love 😉
      And yes, too much travelling on my part, too, otherwise the temptation might have been too strong for me, too 😉


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