Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/40

Christmas -14. Two weeks left until the big day. I love this time of year, it is dark and needs the warm glow of candles and fairy lights. There are delicious smells from the kitchen when the traditional Christmas goodies are baking – and tins brimful with sweet biscuits and iced fruitcake. On top of that, this time of year *always* gets my fingers itchy. I *must* make things, must craft, must sew or arrange or even just wrap some presents. Speaking of presents – the gift organisation is in full swing. The last few days I have been busy making photo books to give away as souvenirs, as well as designing some moo cards for my kids. (I recently got business cards made from work, and my kids were quite impressed – now they are getting some of their own, just for the fun of it…). I have done some shopping in town, too, but I confess – I am also quite partial to ordering things online…

Thus, I interrupt regular scheduling for an important service announcement. Just a friendly reminder that you could shop and do good at the same time! If you are ordering from Amazon, please consider accessing the online retailer via richardarmitagenet‘s associate links. Every purchase earns a referral fee of at least 6%. So if you buy gifts to the amount of 100$, for instance, RAnet’s webmistress Ali receives 6$ in referral fees. Every little purchase adds up, and this applies to *anything* you buy on Amazon, not just Armitage-related products! True to her word, Ali has donated 100% of the referral fees to the charities on Richard Armitage’s Just Giving pages. Last holiday season, Ali accrued donations via referral fees of about £650 ($800)!!! So you can see, it is really worth the little detour via RAnet. And you get some pretty pictures, en route… This is where you find the links:


Happy shopping, everybody.

In case you would like a respite from all things shopping, here is this week’s Best of Tumblr. I’m keeping this short – so you have more time to go Christmas shopping 🎅🏻🛍🎄. Enjoy!

  1. It’s time to get christmassy! This is what richard-crispin-armitage would like to find under her tree…
  2. Just a richardarmitageconfession. But yeah… *nuff said*
  3. And a warning from redroselady50. Apparently Daniel Miller constitutes porn… you don’t say… 😉
  4. If you are “watching for the plot”, this scene from BS 1×8 is a must-have. Giffed by ofgreengables
  5. You totally need this hand/thumb/finger porn courtesy of Daniel Miller in your life. Thanks to clematis70
  6. The master of microexpression totally does it again. This scene from BS 1×9 speaks so loudly. Without a word. Gif by clematis70
  7. Ok, I give in. These two gifs by armitagedaily are hard to resist. Even though they are from *that* shoot #GorgeousManIsGorgeous #EvenInTurtleneck
  8. Riepu10 has giffed a scene from BS 1×9 that is sooooo Spooks… Hello season 9 Lucas…
  9. Droppingtheveilofmaya apparently met RA at a party! 
  10. Daniel Miller looking intense. I am intensely affected by these screenshots by ausschweifendemotte
  11. Customary drldeboer summary of BS
  12. I love this picture edit by petruchiolucasthorin of the BTS pictures from Audible
  13. And a pleasurable gifset by mezzmerizedbyrichard from BTS, too
  14. This promo picture of RA for Audible/RJ is just so good, I love it. I should *ooof* it. For the moment, I am just linking you on to jassy2101’s picture set
  15. Aw, and let’s end on a nice note – richardarmitage-confidential with a heartwarming confession

Are you all warm and fuzzy? Good.

Meanwhile, I am scheming and scheduling some Christmas fun for you guys. It’s going to start soon – although a few things have to be organised yet. So stay tuned and keep your eyes out for an announcement, soon. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and get into the mood…


Guylty ❤️


48 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/40

  1. Merry Christmas! May you and your family stay warm and cozy enjoying each other’s company and the delicious food. All the pressies are a bonus. Have fun singing, dancing and honoring your traditions!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mist! Hättest du die Erinnerung an den RANet-Link zu Amazon nicht zehn Tage früher bringen können? Ich habe wieder mal nicht dran gedacht, als ich vor einer Woche dort für 290 Euro bestellt habe. 😦

    Danke für die Round-up-Zusammenstellung. Da werde ich mich nachher oder morgen Früh in aller Ruhe mal durchklicken. 🙂


  3. Herzlichen Dank für die sehr sehenswerte 😉 Zusammenstellung. Heute sind viele Zuckerstückchen dabei. Leider kann ich Nr.14 nicht sehen. Vielleicht solltest du tatsächlich etwas darüber schreiben… “neugierigguck”
    Ich wünsche deiner Familie und dir einen wunderschönen und friedvollen dritten Advent.


  4. #4…..”If you are watching for the plot” hahahahahahahah Yes, I’m defininely watching for the plot (ya, right!). I had given up on all the mental work of trying to keep up with and work out the plot and then……ta da! The wall sex scene happened! Yay! And then this scene in your #4 happened which I thought was pretty cute. And now, looking at the pictures from the link in #4 it struck me as amusing that he has his socks on. I will definitely keep watching Berlin Station…for the pot of course.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know what, Sparkhouse – that thought crossed my mind, too. Inconclusive, imo. But if it isn’t, then the writers definitely made a mistake letting both Clare and Daniel keep those USB drives in a similar tin…

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Liked everything, but I think the micro expression was a favorite. i would never see it while watching the show, but it’s fun to discover by micro-watching.


  6. Lovely description of the joys of the festive season. I am indeed all warm and fuzzy after reading it, and inspired to pop down to our local Markie’s to see what goodies they have in.

    And thanks for the delectable helping of dishy Daniel. 1-15, I’m spoilt for choice

    Re #4 and Sparkhouse’s comment, am I right in thinking he has form for keeping his socks on? 😉

    Wishing you and your family and everyone else on here a very happy time over the holidays, and may 2017 be the best year ever for all of you.


    • Thank you, Jenny – and festive wishes back to you and yours, too. I’m currently sitting in a very tidy sitting room (courtesy of after-party tidy-up session) and have the third candle lit on my advent wreath. With all the hectic shopping and organising that Christmas demands, this time also provides great opportunities for just sitting down with a cup of tea, a Christmas biscuit and a candle or three. I love this time of year so much.
      Re. the socks – I’d like to think that the socks were put ON again post-coitus *ahem*…

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  7. OMG i spent the lunchbreak looking for the plot and nearly lost the pickle out of my cheese sandwich! That roll right there is fascinating!
    And then i listened to the 12 days of Christmas and really lost it! I couldn’t even explain to colleagues why i was laughing so hard because i nearly pe**d myself! So good! And i laughed even at the idea because i know the mood would change when the birds kept coming LOL Brilliant! Thanks so much for the true holiday cheer!
    Wishing the very same to you 😉 Not the birds! LOL you know what i mean 😉


  8. Wenn ich das so lese überkommt mich das straighte Gefühl direkt in den Flieger zu steigen und ein paar Deiner Köstlichkeiten zu probieren. Ich habe die Zutaten für die obligatorischen Vanillekipferl hier liegen aber ich kam noch nicht dazu. Vielleicht sollte ich mich jetzt gleich und sofort dranmachen :-)))
    Da sind ein paar nette Bildchen mit dabei ❤ nie sah er so gut aus wie mit schwarzen Klamotten drum herum….


    • Bei uns haben sich die Kekse bereits stark dezimiert. Ein selbst gebackener Stollen liegt zwar noch verpackt im Schrank, aber ich fürchte, ich komme um die zweite Runde Kekse nicht rum. Stöhn.
      Schwarz steht Herrn Armitage besonders gut – was er auch im heutigen Yahoo Livestream wieder einmal eindrucksvoll unter Beweis gestellt hat. Mannmannmann, immer wenn man denkt, jetzt ist man irgendwie raus, dann dreht der Mann voll auf und ist schöner wie nie zuvor. Ächz.


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