The Twelve Days of Christmas Are Coming…

I don’t know about you, but are you also already getting a tiny bit prematurely sentimental about the fact that LLL is nearing the end of its off-Broadway run at the Roundabout Theater? Thanks to a three-month run of live performances, a theatre engagement of Mr A’s has the potential for SD encounters and many promo gigs – which means that fans get more than their fair share of new photos, videos and info, both official and fan-made. There is a certain rhythm and soothing monotony in that – knowing that almost every day you can look forward to a new account or a photo or a video or an article. Added bonus – it’s kind of nice to know what Mr A is up to on any given day. And I don’t mean that in a freaky way; just in terms of understanding what his daily routine may be, and not having to live with the suspense of waiting for a new, much coveted announcement of the current/next project…

But all good things must come to an end, and I find myself getting sentimental even before the last curtain drops. To lighten my mood, I have decided to spread a little bit of cheer. It’s the season to be merry 🎶 and I have come up with a cunning plan. I would like to give back to a fandom that has really brought a lot of joy to me in the last few months, and I thought it would be fun to have a series of raffles for you, my fellow fans. 12dx-1

So for the next twelve days of Christmas, I am planning to post a raffle per day – open to all who are united with me in their admiration for Armitage. As the title of the raffle suggests, there will be 12 separate raffles, which you enter by simply leaving a comment on the individual post. Each raffle will be running for 1 day, and a winner will be randomly picked as soon as the raffle ends. I intend to post each raffle at 8am in the morning, but you will have 23 hours to react, if you are interested in the respective item that I am giving away. The first raffle will be posted on 13 December 2016.

The items are all Armitage-related, of course – don’t expect too much, nothing valuable, just some fan items which may be fun, silly, pretty, even practical. The raffles are more about the *fun* rather than about a precious *prize*. And most of all, the Twelve Days of Christmas raffles are a thank you to all of my known and unknown fandom friends and fellow fans – who organised tickets for their friends, who posted their pictures and videos from the SD and the theatre *tuttuttut*, who tweeted and posted accounts of their experiences in New York, who bought souvenirs of the play and sent them to their friends who could not attend, and particularly the American and New York fans who hosted and entertained visitors to New York, and shared tips and tricks in the run-up. Your generosity in sharing news or hosting us, was much appreciated! Not sure if you can actually “dedicate” a raffle, but this fandom love project is in your honour!


So, tune in tomorrow, 13 December, for the first raffle, let’s start the count-down to Christmas – and let’s forget that we must say bye-bye to the daily appearance of the most photographed baseball cap in New York City, soon.



40 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Christmas Are Coming…

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  2. We all benefit from your needing to distract yourself. What a great idea to cheer everyone up. It will seem strange to go from daily RA news to probably nothing, for a while. Where shall we go for our daily Richard fix? I suppose my shrine will have to be open a lot more often to get over this difficult time.

    Ode to The Love Play

    When Richard performed in this play,
    Many fans could not stay away.
    They travelled to New York City.
    To admire his (acting?) so pretty.
    Afterwards was never a bore,
    As he politely ran by the stage door.
    Now our days will be gray.
    And barely OK.
    But we are content,
    More or less,
    Because was it worth it?
    Hell yes!

    Kathy Jones

    Ode to a Raffle

    Guylty is injecting some fun,
    For the play at the end of its run.
    We are ready to grin,
    When we hopefully win.
    And we can’t wait to see,
    Who the winners will be.
    But really, It better be me!

    Kathy Jones

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    • The daily fix *sniffles* … I am already mourning. And especially so since Richard has notched the bar up a good bit with his current look. My GOD, the man is gorgeous… *insert assorted swear words*
      And oh, love love love your ode to the Love Play. Hell yes!!!
      And how fun is that – an ode to a raffle!! Hehe, should’ve spared this ode for the first raffle – just to get a comment in already. xx

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    • That would be great – but the love and the prizes are for ANYONE :-). I think we will all need a bit of cheering up, once Richard retires for the holidays and makes himself scarce.


        • Actually, that is a very good point. I may be alone with this, but in NYC, I was actually glad that I had a day’s rest where there was NO play on. (Had to readjust my pacemaker *lol*)


          • I know. Same as a blogger – so many things to write about, so for qa while, I wound up writing about nothing.nHope to catch up completely. Who knows, I may even finish Part 2 of an over 3 year post, Four Kisses and a Funeral.

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            • Same reaction here. Sometimes I bury my head in the sand – which I duly regret. Like today. Am kicking myself that I never felt the impetus to review Berlin Station episode by episode – like we all did with Hannibal. There’s a message in that, of course – BS just hasn’t captured me as much. And yet, I regret not having put the thoughts down to (virtual) paper. OTOH – there’s nothing that keeps up from catching up later. The beauty of a blog for private enjoyment…
              Four kisses and a funeral – that is a great title. I’d love to know read that!

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              • Four Kisses ( Might be Kissings, Might be three, I have to look it up again) was my second attempt at a substantive post. I spent a long time on it and got very little reaction. Was a bummer for me, especially when ( and we talked about this), posting one photo and a clever title gets lots of hits. But over the years, fellow fans/readers have emailed and asked for Part 2. It would help ( and I tried at the time) to get a friendly fan to do the gifs for me. It was done sort of clutzily (not a real word)


  3. What a lovely way to take away some of the sadness of everything ending on Sunday. It will be very strange when everything just goes black after such a flurry filled fall. I guess it’s back to the DVDs and streaming for awhile. He better get back to Berlin soon, and annouce what’s coming up next as well. It’s going to be a long, cold, dark winter without something to look at and feel involved in everyday. Thank you Santa Guylty for giving us something to take some of the shock away.


    • I just watched the Yahoo Livestream and I am trying to detect any hints in what he said about the show. In parts it sounded as if he might still be in it; but then he insists he does not know whether Daniel lives or dies. OTOH – I do remember one of the promo shots where Daniel seems to be wearing a hospital gown. Hm…
      Anyhow, yes, we’ll all be back to speculating and waiting. Grah. But well, we’ve had an autumn of love, so complaints are a bit inappropriate… And heck, if there is a time of quiet, it means that we will make our fun ourselves. No offence, Mr A, but I quite enjoy that, too…

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  5. A raffle! Oh yippee! I almost flew back to NYC last week but common sense and a screaming credit card wailed “NOOOOO!” So a raffle will help ease our separation pain. Especially since Berlin Station is also about to end for the season. NOOOO!!!!


    • Oh, I am so with you on all that, Tommie. I would love another chance of seeing it. But well, have to entertain and distract myself in other ways… Thanks for coming on the ride 🙂


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