RA Pocket Shrine 130/? – Love Is All You Need

[After a really long wait, my latest shrine has finally arrived at its destination and I can reveal it to the world. Phew, I was getting worried – it was sent off on the 24th of November, in a poster roll. The unusual format must have delayed its progress. Sorry for the flurry of posts today, but I just want to get this out, too.]

Funny, how some things really fall into place. So, I was shrining for Claudia, the other day, and when I looked through my massive and ever-growing stash of tins, I came across a small and pink beauty, which screamed out at me to be used for a lovely fellow fan of ours – for a reason that she will immediately recognise. I am talking of Glady – who has been a wonderful supporter of my charity efforts with some lovely gifts (here and here) that she spontaneously made and put at my disposal to raffle as a reward among the lovely peeps who had taken part in the auctions. For that she never demanded a reward, but I felt that I should really make something for her.

Again, it really all fell into place because Glady had asked me to bring some merchandise back for her from New York where she had seen a preview of LLL but not been able to buy any souvenirs of the play. A great opportunity to add something to her shipment. And save on postage, says cheap skate Guylty. So here is a souvenir RAPS.

img_7577-smLove Love Love hearts… filled with…


Love love love Kenneth. Guylty really likes that picture from the LLL rehearsals.

img_7582-smAct 1 Kenneth is a total puppy, isn’t he? The Puppy Love words are magnets and can be removed. – Glady and I had long discussions about Ken’s hairstyle – and while this isn’t our favourite look for the character and actor, at least this is the iteration of Kenneth that Glady saw on stage, herself.

img_7588-smI hope this little tin of fluff will give Glady some distraction when “love is all you need”, will serve as a reminder of her great trip across the ocean to New York and of the play she went to see, and will also be a token of my appreciation for her kind gifts for the auctions. I hope your heart will fill with all the love ❤️.

PS: Little reminder that you may snag yourself some gift love, too. Hop over to my previous post, the Twelve Days of Christmas raffle, Day 1. Put your name in the hat by leaving a comment on that post, and you’re in the draw for a fancy New York photo book by yours truly. Good luck – and spread the love xx

37 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 130/? – Love Is All You Need

  1. Guylty, have I told you that I love you? What a lovely thing to do for a very lovely lady … you are a treasure 😃 I know I don’t post a lot but I do read the various blogs and Twitter feeds … yours a top favorite of mine.


  2. What a wonderful shrine. I was wondering when you’d do a LLL one. I was looking for more BS shrines too, especially after Daniel and Esther got together…WOWZA. But wait what happened to #129? I must’ve missed one while in China. Well, I still have 150 emails to go through. I was doing it by oldest first but I think I’ll skip and do only your posts first.
    Any inspiration on the custom one you’re doing for me?


    • You are so right, Tommie – BS really needs some serious shrine action. I have been strangely quiet on that front, apart from one initial BS shrine before the release of the show. But here’s a secret – there will be something BS-related and in shrine form coming further on in the Twelve Days of Christmas raffle…
      And yes, I have a few notes down on the shrine for you. It’s so long overdue, I must apologise for that!!!


  3. I feel spoiled not only by my lovely shrine but also by this post! I really didn’t have the feeling I did something for you, Guylty, my feelings are always that I owe you! What you did for me these days is more than I ever expected, I feel really blessed with such an amazing friend.


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