The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 3 [Raffle]


On to Day 3 of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Before I disclose today’s prize, here is the important announcement of yesterday’s winner. The little set of stamps for your fan correspondence with RA goes to… Widoedm53. Hooray and congratulations!! The envelope with your prize is packed and ready to go, so please confirm your address and I will put it in the mail today. Hopefully it will get to you quickly – and you can make use of Richie’s supposed fan mail reply session this Christmas! (Draw protocol for the raffle on the right.)


Today’s raffle prize is a bit of an in-joke, I guess. Might come in handy if you are thinking of writing than fan letter to you-know-who. And well, in-joke aside, they are exclusive fan items of which there are only 10 in the world, AND they contain the name “Armitage” in writing… If you are a fan of antiquity, you might enjoy our purely fictional

Armitage Hellenic Association’s Keyring and Ballpoint Pen Set


Unfortunately the picture omits the motto of the AHA: Seeking beauty in the classical tRAdition. 


If you would like the set, leave a comment on this post. The raffle is open for the next 23 hours and finishes at 7am GMT tomorrow, December 16, 2016. 


chocolate-barAs in yesterday’s prize, Mr Thornton has insisted again on adding some sweet love to the prize. A bar of Thorntons Fabulous Fudge Chocolate (almost sounds like a euphemism for something else 🤔🎩) is already in the envelope, waiting to be sent…


Recap and small print: Raffle for 1 set of AHA ballpoint pen and keyring, open to all until 7am GMT Dec 16, 2016. The raffle item will be sent anywhere in the world, no P&P costs either. To enter the raffle, just a leave a comment below. Winner to be announced in Day 4 post of 12DX, tomorrow.


Love and best of luck to you all!


31 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 3 [Raffle]

  1. Well, the advantage of being up until the wee hours is I didn’t miss today’s raffle. I thought this Hellenic Association was a real association at first? I can never tell because you are so creative. I’ve often thought Mr. A’s physique was divine, even godlike, but never considered whether he was an a actual mythological god or just a demigod. After all, Zeus regular changed shapes. Young virgins helping out around the family farm never knew which livestock would turn out to be king of the gods.

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    • Hehe, it is real – and yet not real. The AHA was a moniker that Obscura came up with when we were organising our trip to Greece. So it’s not an official association – but that trip to Greece was real 😉
      And no, Armitage is definitely not a god but a mortal – even if divinely shaped 😍

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      • Remember the first Richard III history contest, where fans had to answer a series of questions? They chose four winners that year because they couldn’t determine who had answered all of them correctly first (or something like that). I have my winner’s magnet proudly displayed on my refrigerator door! The nerd in me is childishly pleased to see it every day. You know what I mean. Ah, the things we Richardettes have done!


  2. You can never have too many Armitage key rings and ballpoint pens. Helps, when you are flustered, to remember the correct spelling while writing a letter to that special you-know-who! ☺️


  3. Wow! What a wonderful surprise! I can’t thank you enough for your generous heart and for all the ways you make being a part of the RA fandom so much fun. I plan to put the stamps to good use and hope by next Christmas I’ll be lucky enough to get a response. Thanks again for your kindness in raffling these items. Merry Christmas ❤️🌲


    • Thank you, D – it’s a pleasure, as always. It’s fun to think up little fandom initiatives – I love doing it because you are all so nice and responsive 🙂
      And btw – I still have your address 🙂 That envelope will be on its way, soon xx


  4. Not putting myself in raffle, just want to give a personal testimonial as to the quality of the AHA items being raffled off. Key chain perfect size, lightweight, white color helps find keys in bottom of black-lined purse. Tasteful logo: simple elegance comes to mind. And the pen – fits comfortably into the hand while providing a smooth and easy writing experience. AHA superior craftsmanship awaits the winner of these lovely, yet practical, items.


    • Anything ancient always has Obscura somewhere in there. Resident antiquities expert of the RArmy. I love reading her posts – and I can also disclose here that she is an inspiring, interesting speaker in RL, too! (I have had the pleasure!)


  5. ah, missed out between xmas do at work, quiz, migraine, xmas shopping on ‘hell-on’earth’ (aka Oxford Street in Dec!) phew, look lovely!! glad it found a lovely owner. By the way extra Thorntons to sweeten us up all at the ready! (if the guy doesn’t give us diabetes this end of the year…)


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