Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/41

Hello – round-up here. Hope you are not too confused after four days of occupying the 8am slot with the 12DX Raffles. In case you are looking for Day 5: It will be posted soon, at 11am, to be exact. I am just spacing it a little bit, so it doesn’t clash too much. Tune in later!

Before I get to this week’s tumblr round-up, just a little note on yesterday’s Day 4 raffle. First of all, thank you for all the comments – lovely to hear from all of you, and I am really chuffed my little sewing project received such a positive response. A few of you asked about the fabric. I designed the pattern myself, and it is meant to be a medley of some of RA’s characters, represented by a symbol that is somehow associated with them. I deliberately kept it low-key – it’s supposed to be only discernible for *those in the know*, while not looking suspiciously like a fan item to outsiders *grins*. I had it printed at Woven Monkey, and was very happy with the results.

Those little pouches are fairly easy to make. TTYTT, my fingers are itching to make more of them. I have run out of fabric, for the moment, but I am thinking of having another couple of yards printed. Question is – should I get it printed in a different colour? Help me decide:

After reading some of the guesses re. the characters represented in that design, I am thinking I may need to design variation number 2, because I have left out a few major characters. We are missing Proctor, for instance, and Dolarhyde. Should Kenneth be in there? Paul and Lee? Who else am I missing?

Ok, and after all that, now let’s get to the round-up. I’ve left it short-ish – there was a lot of repetition. No wonder – everyone has been blown away by *that* gorgeous interview. *dead* So here we go:

  1. So let the Christmas cheer begin. Here are Richie Christmas Icons, courtesy of shieldmaidenicons. Free for use – please credit, though
  2. Moodyhedgie entitles this piece of Thorin fan art “mysterious dwarf”. I am thinking “Assassin’s Creed”, though (and am wondering whether I have linked this before?)
  3. Prepare for many many gifs of the Yahoo interview. These are by ofgreengables
  4. Nfcomics is sooooo off the mark with this What a Guy wants. At least with edit one of this
  5. Queenoferebor1204 is wishing you a hot Christmas. Eh, a MERRY Christmas
  6. Last week, droppingtheveilofmaya had mentioned she’d been at a party that RA was at. Inundated with requests for more details, she came back with this. Not much info, but well…
  7. Ausschweifendemotte lets it snow, lets it snow, lets it snow
  8. Here’s a strong reaction to LLL by trouble-my-heart
  9. “Where is Gisborne when I need him?” (Actually, I ask myself that question ALL THE TIME. But I digress…) baronvonverin has the answer in this edit
  10. Lumberjack Richard? Christmas edit by richard-crispin-armitage
  11. Intense, slo-mo Daniel Miller, ep 9. Thanks to ofgreengables
  12. Armitageadmirer got Armitage to autograph a historic piece of memorabilia
  13. I am going to download each and every one of jassy2101’s screenshots from the Yahoo Interview, and then put them in a slideshow to play as my screensaver. It will keep me laughing forever
  14. WOW – and that is one GORGEOUS screenshot by ausschweifendemotte *thud* *hypnotised*
  15. Another one to keep on continuous loop – for different reasons?  Gif by strikebackdigest

Hope this will keep you occupied – at least until 11am. Tune in for Day 5 of the Twelve Days of Christmas Raffles. And have a lovely 4th of advent tomorrow 🕯🕯🕯🕯

Guylty ❤️

24 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/41

  1. All of the Christmas Richie has me in the spirit! And NFC nailed it! (I scooted through an old episode of RH last night. I’ve not watched in a LOOONG time and I wanted to touch base with my Muse.) And I’m going to say it and mean no disrespect here – Isaybullshitondroppingtheveilandi’mnottheonlyone. That Yahoo interview will probably keep me gasping for air for a long time. I’m gathering ALL of my inhalers.


  2. Goodness, how do you do it? I wasn’t expecting a roundup too, but who’s complaining. 😉
    Lots of great stuff to mull over, but here’s…

    A Homage to #9… Among other things.

    “GISBORNE!!!! Where is he when I… Oh there you are. Is this your new banner? A little… girlie, is it not? A tad, a soupcon, a modest maiden’s minimalist smidgeon of a mite, wouldn’t you say?”

    “My lord… Block colours are so last year. No one who is anyone at Prince John’s court is using them nowadays. The design’s my special commission, from an exclusive source…”

    “La-di-da-di-da! Don’t tell me. You chose it to match your baby blue eyes, And what are these cutesy little sigils here and there?”

    “I fancied a change from black, my lord. And each of the insignias is of personal significance to me.”

    “Ah yes, the teensy weensy black and yellow Gisborne pennant. And the silhouettes are to represent the Black Knights. And here is your thorny little rose… Remind me, Gisborne. I did warn you about lepers, did I not?”

    “Yes but no but…”

    “ And oh, what have we here? A dear little scorpion to remind you of your two *wildly* successful trips to the Holy Land!”

    “No, my lord. The scorpion is to remind me of y…”

    “Hey, Giz! Sorry, mate, didn’t know you was busy, like. Not being funny, but them blokes is ‘ere with the curtains and bed ‘angings, and they’re asking if you was wantin’ a valence. ‘Cos if so, they’ve not sent one.”

    “GISBORNE!!! Nor so fast! Hand over that address before you go. Now, I’m thinking something *arresting* for myself… In black and red stripes. With chains and thumbscrews… Tiny hangman’s nooses perhaps, and a nice grinning skull or two…”

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  3. going ti reward myself with the links tomorrow , i deserve it! LOL but for now just to say i so love that fabric and the pouches! they would make a fab sporran! 😀 I quite fancy a very dark background for them to stand out a bit, because each symbol has a white border i think they would actually look fab on black 🙂

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  4. He’s a lumberjack and he’s OK. My fav for this round. Don’t know how you found the time to do a roundup, but I am glad you did.


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