The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 6 [Raffle]


Today is a day of celebration – and a day of a little bit of sadness, I guess. LLL opened in preview on the 22nd of September. And after twelve and a half weeks (or about 100 performances), the play is closing tonight, 18th of December. As we all know, that is quite a feat for the performers – eight shows a week, sometimes twice a day. Mr A gave it his all – even extending his performance with his own little side-show, so to speak, the almost nightly stage door appearance, to greet his well-wishers from far and wide. I’m sending a last “break a leg” his way for tonight’s ultimate performance, with many thanks.

Dear Richard,

luckily I am a little bit more articulate when I am *writing* my thanks to you. As opposed to the stage door, where all I could manage in the approx. 5 seconds my playbill I had your attention, was a mumbled, fumbled and highly unoriginal “that was a great performance, thank you”. I would have liked to be more specific – expressed my admiration for your physical acting, distinguishing the three ages of your role so clearly and brilliantly, yet keeping the character still discernibly ‘Kenneth’; for your comic abilities, which are clearly there, even though you don’t seem to think so; for choosing a role in a play that threw up lots of questions and sparked debate. Your stamina and consistency never seem to waver, and I can only congratulate you on the professionalism with which you approach everything you do. You are a true performer, at home on stage as much as on the screen, and seeing you live on stage was yet another priceless treat in my journey as a fan. And please also accept my thanks for having the ability to attract many wonderful people as fans – who have contributed to the experience of seeing you on stage with their hospitality, generosity and readiness to help. You deserve the praise – and the now upcoming break. Well done, thank you and much love,



Before we get to today’s raffle prize, it’s time to determine the winner of yesterday’s full set of my shrine postcards and Hariclea’s chocolate. Let me just precede the announcement by saying how surprised I was that those cards received so much attention (and kind praise) from you! Thank you ❤️. Hence I spontaneously decided to put another set in the raffle, for a second winner. The great news is, that Hariclea actually got carried away when she was shopping all those Thornton chocolates, so there will be a tray of chocolates for the second winner, too. Those two winners are… Gratiana and Valsgal1999. Congratulations! Please send me your addresses (e-mail me at guylty(at)photographer(dot)net) and I will get your prizes on their way to you tout de suite, as well as passing it on to Hariclea so she can send you the chocolates. (For draw protocol click on the seal.)


Ok, this out of the way, let’s celebrate the day with a raffle straight from LLL. While I was in New York, I took the opportunity to pick up several playbills as souvenirs. Today’s raffle is for 1 unsigned playbill, complete with the supplementary ad (to the right of playbill in photo below) that bears the LLL poster, as well as the flyer for LLL (to the left of playbill). 

1 (unsigned) Playbill & Flyers


Since that is not really that big a prize, I have teamed up with Obscura who is supplementing today’s raffle with a truly unique, fun gift. Before I reveal it, here’s the story of its genesis: Obscura posted a picture on Twitter with a homemade advent calendar that puts the concept upside-down. Instead of *taking* a present from the calendar every day, Obscura’s Christmas tree-shaped advent calendar has to be populated with a new decoration every day. I jokingly commented, “We should have custom-made countdown calendars for Armitage events (premieres, finales) – & populate them with pretty pics”. Sure enough, Obscura immediately ran to the felt box and spontaneously created such a “Countdown Calendar”. Expect some *cheeky* fun…

and 1 RA Countdown Calendar


This is the “Peachy Keen RA Countdown Calendar” – The green gumdrops are not affixed but included for the winner to personalize with fave pics. This will go into the raffle together with the playbill. All we need now, is another project to count down to. Long-overdue release of Urban and the Shed Crew? Irish Premiere of PilgrimageBrain on Fire in cinemas?


To enter the raffle for the playbill set + RA countdown calendar, leave a comment on this post. The raffle is open for the next 21 hours and finishes at 7am GMT tomorrow, December 19, 2016. (Shorter response time again, as I am transitioning back to a week day.)


Recap and small print: Raffle for 1 playbill set (LLL playbill unsigned + 2 flyers) + Obscura’s RA Countdown Calendar, open to all until 7am GMT Dec 19, 2016. The raffle items will be sent anywhere in the world, no P&P costs either. The winner’s address will be passed on to Obscura to facilitate despatch of the calendar. To enter the raffle, just a leave a comment below. Winner to be announced in Day 7 post of 12DX, tomorrow.


Love and best of luck to you all!

28 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 6 [Raffle]

  1. It’s a shame they did not record the play 😦 At least we could see, we who could not afford it to fly to NYC, but that’s life. Just hope he will do play in 2017 in UK next year, and this time I will starve for month if needed to see him. 🙂

    And I just love Obscura’s craft; calendar is so cute!!!

    P.S. Congrats to Grati and Valsgal1999! 😀

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  2. I was wondering if it was normal practice to only have a free single sheet playbill in the UK we are use to purchasing a shiny brochure costing several pound.


    • [This is not an entry]. It’s possibly a bit hard to see from this picture, but the “Playbill” is not unlike an English theater program, except that the paper is cheaper and it is slightly smaller format. (They are produced by one company and have a similar format for all the Broadway and off-Broadway productions: more info about the format and the company that produces them here: ) It is a booklet with 38 leaves (76 pages total) that includes a cast list, actor biographies, a list of everyone who worked on the play, some information about the play, a list of all the donors to the theater, a few articles about things of interest to people who follow theater (this is the major difference to an English program — this one has a profile of David Oyelowo, who’s appearing in Othello at the moment), and advertising about other productions and other things that would be attractive to people visiting a theater (mostly restaurants). It doesn’t look as fancy but the contents are essentially the same.


    • Just as an extension (and slight contradiction?) to Serv’s entry. I actually was disappointed by this playbill because the one’s you buy in the UK usually have some detailed background info relating to the respective play, or its genesis, or its playwright, or its cast. Sometimes it contains really long essays, or more images taken in rehearsal or theatre stills. The playbill does not contain any of that – to me it essentially looked like an advertising vehicle…

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  3. I always admire RA’s consistency as you have pointed, especially since, try as I might, I have none at all. I can’t even manage to consistently do my laundry so RA’s commitment to his craft has my deep admiration. I love how you always think of your fellow fans and pick up extra memorabilia from RA’s projects to incorporate into your projects to which we, your fellow fans, are the lucky and happy recipients of. And Obscura’s Countdown Calendar is peachy keen and cheeky indeed!

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    • His consistency is something that really stood out to me when I saw the play. I found him reliably strong in each of the performances I saw. Well, and he seems to be pretty consistent in his career, in general.
      Picking up those playbills was no problem at all. There were plenty of them left in the theater after the performance, and I just picked them up as I went along. I just thought that there would be some fans who couldn’t go – and might like them.


  4. Even though I got to see LLL twice, I am still sorry to see it end. Love seeing new pics of him at the SD most every day. Love reading about everyone’s review of the play too. The calendar looks adorable!


  5. Dear Guylty & Hariclea, Thank you so much for my being selected as one of the RA Pocket Shrines cards sets and the Thornton chocolates! I’m beyond thrilled! I will contact Guylty as requested.

    And good luck to those of you in this LLL raffle! My comment here is not an entry. Though I didn’t get to see the play, a kind RA Fan Friend had kindly sent me the playbills and a bookmark. We are truly blessed for being in such a lovely community of fans!

    Thanks again and Holiday Cheers! Grati

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  6. Oh, I wish I had checked yesterday! I missed those lovely postcards of your pocket shrines! I am very sad that I couldn’t go to New York this year, but I’m really glad (and a bit jealous!) that you all had such a great time there. I would love the souvenirs from the play and the creative countdown calendar for the next event. Thanks for doing all of this! Wonder what the next RA event will be?


    • Your name is in the hat, Sue, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, then. And yes, what will the next event be? A premiere and promo for Pilgrimage? Brain on Fire? Or will Sleepwalker finally resurrect??? If truth be told, I would love another live stage production. But I guess that is hoping too much…


  7. I love Obscura’s idea of a reverse advent calendar. Clever girl! Congratulations to the winners. My comment is not an entry this time. Good luck to everyone.


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