The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 11 [Raffle]

The penultimate day is here. I am wrapping up… not just presents, but also operations. Today is the last day to write news for my work (only for a little while; back on duty on the 28th *sigh*), and I am looking forward to entertaining my mum for a week. Wish me luck. My first duty today, however, is announcing the winner from yesterday. The blingy RA brooch goes to… SueBC. Thanks for taking part, and please let me know your address via e-mail at guylty(at)photographer(dot)net. The post office is near, so I can still put it in the post today. (Draw protocol via click of seal to the right.)



Today’s raffle item is bang on point for Christmas. Hm. As such it will actually come too late to whoever will win this. Dang, I didn’t think the timing of this project through. Ah well, if we are lucky, the recipient will receive the parcel between now and the end of Christmas 2016… I present you…

1 RAXS (RA Xmas Semi-Orb)

I made such baubles for Christmas last year, too. This year, the fun continues with Mr A rocking around the Christmas tree himself. This is basically a plastic half-sphere, which has been sprinkled with ice and decorated with a Christmas tree and rocking RA. I hope the whole arrangement will survive its journey to the winner – it’s glued in with hot glue, tape and superglue, and it was a painstaking process, to say the least, but now the disco ball is dangling, the baubles are sparkling and the angel is harking ;-). To enter the raffle for this one-of-a-kind pocket-shrine-in-bauble-shape, just leave me a comment below. The raffle is open the next 23 hours and finishes at 7am on 24 December 2016.


One more 12DX raffle to go. You probably can guess what is coming… If you have time tomorrow, on one of the busiest days of the year, pop in and have a look. I may not be as quick to respond as usual, but I will look in and do the raffle, of course!


Recap and small print: Raffle for 1 RA bauble, open to all until 7am GMT Dec 24, 2016. The raffle items will be sent anywhere in the world, no P&P costs either. To enter the raffle, just a leave a comment below. Winner to be announced in Day 12 post of 12DX, tomorrow.


Love and best of luck to you all!

49 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 11 [Raffle]

  1. Cute ornament. It’s good to know there is definately more to RA than just his good looks, which are exceptional as we have daily proof! Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


  2. 1) wischwisch LackLack! 😏
    2) Ein wirklich zauberhaftes Stück. Für mich nicht, hab ja schon eins. Bin echt gespannt, was du morgen aus dem Hut zauberst. Ein Essen mit dem OdB? Oder eines der vielen Leier-T-Shirts? Getragen natürlich ….. 😂

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  3. How adorable … I’m amazed at how crafty members of this fandom are 😃👍😎 (I’m still basking in the glow of my calendar and chocolate win of the other day 💖).

    Wishing you, and everyone here, a very Merry/Happy Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Enjoy your mum’s visit 👍

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  4. I’ve been missing most of the raffles, just too darn busy! Will go back and check what the ones that I missed were. Or maybe better not, save myself from the misery. 😉
    The bauble, I remember them from last year! Very nice! I’m in. ,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, in fairness, I don’t really post that regularly, so it’s a bit of a hit and miss whether there’s anything going on here that will interest you. Glad that this thing did 🙂


  5. So you glue ice with superglue or you used it just for the disco ball? I used glue for all surface and then sip a fake snow onto it, pressing it with my fingers.

    p.s. Congratulations, SueBC! 😀

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  6. From Munich airport with love 😘 gorrrrgeous! I want him under my xnas tree too! 😉 to unwrap at leisure.. cough. Sue congrats and apologies for late despatch of Thorntons but as soon as im back after ny they are on way to you! And quicker as post should be decluttered by then 😊


  7. Great ornament, I wish I had bought a tree ornament of Thorin when they were available, do you remember the scene when RA held one and then said ‘there’s a loop on his head’ a real ‘ lightbulb’ moment when he realised how dorky he was being lol.


    • That was in the Anglo interview, wasn’t it? Hehe, clueless – I mean, an ornament needs a loop for the ribbon to hang it up with… Mine was a kind gift from a lovely fellow fan, and Thorin is actually hanging in my sitting room all year ’round…


  8. [Not an entry]
    I’m just so excited to actually win
    The RA initials made into a pin!
    So thank you to Guylty (and to Hari too).
    In closing I’ll say, “Merry Christmas to you!”

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