Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/42

The last day of 2016 is finally here. Despite missing 10 round-ups this year, I do not want the last week of the year to be one that I miss. Maybe this will while away a couple of hours for you before you celebrate New Year’s Eve tonight. Or for my antipodean friends – for whom midnight is approaching in 4 minutes (at the time of writing this), it may distract you on “the morning after”.

  1. In case you missed them, here is the second half of Sinnaminie’s 12 days of Christmas all in one post
  2. Happy New Year fan art by maraiad
  3. Aniarafan2’s Christmas fan art
  4. More Christmas fan art by serik27
  5. I have never read any fan fic by fizzy-custard (I think?) but she is asking for feedback on story ideas – or you could possibly find some of her already written fics on her blog
  6. Cuuuuute – Richard as a Slytherin, drawn by lis-alis
  7. Drldeboer very helpfully has written up Thomas Shaw’s “confession” – and illustrated with pictures from BS 1×10
  8. I actually have not read this, but if you are after a bit of Thornton distraction, here is pollysthings’ fan fic drabble posted via rafrustration
  9. Characteristic Armitage mannerisms on Miller here in a gif set by ghisborne (and lots of mascara, I think…)
  10. Twins reunited after a really long time? This is what happens when circusgifs meshes two gif sets of Daniel Miller… I am having some trouble getting the idea of the “Armitage twins” out of my head now…
  11. Christmas fan art from mezzmerizedbyrichard with really lovely wishes
  12. And mezzy’s new year’s post – lovely
  13. Jaysis, Armitage is so far off the mark with this richardarmitagequote, he is practically in outer space…
  14. Pollysthings’ Christmas fan art
  15. Including this oldie but goldie by gadomingo, reposted by richardarmitge not only for Guy, but for the hilarious caption #truth
  16. Extremely rare linking to the Jane Hotel shoot on my part – because queenoferebor1204 picked two absolutely gorgeous shots/captions
  17. A sweet modern!Thorin fanfic by meganlpie… Thorin as a history teacher…mh, history nerd Guylty likes it
  18. Sir Guy trying to be nice by nfcomics in the What a Guy wants series
  19. A resounding yes to this richardarmitage-confidential
  20. This advice on how to deal with fandom frustration was not specifically aimed at the Richard Armitage fandom, but I thought it was really interesting and well argued. By fahye via not-that-kind-of-hot
  21. I leave you with clematis70’s new year’s post of Richard’s most fun social media moments – it says it all!

I’ll be back with the customary “annual review” later.

Thanks for reading the round-up – and to all the tumblr peeps who continue to create fan art and other posts of note that make the cross-over to the blog.

Guylty 🎇


10 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/42

  1. Thank you for the lovely end-of-year roundup and for enRICHing my fandom experiences with Mr. A.! Number 19 sums it all up!

    I wish you and all fans/well-wishers and visitors of this blog a very happy new year 2017 with lots of news around our man, who doesn’t stop to surprise me (back in UK soon…, really?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading and commenting, Camassia, as well as taking part in auctions etc. Our shared fandom experience certainly enRICHes me, too x
      And a happy new year that will bring lots of good news (and RA back to Europe 😉 )


  2. One last terrific roundup for the year – thank you for the link love, and all that you do for our fandom S.
    11:10pm here now, hubby and I have had a quiet evening at home watching a movie. Don’t think I’ll last until midnight though. Happy New Year to you and yours’ and all here!


    • It has been a pleasure, as always – thank you for the lovely posts you are entertaining us with, Mezz.
      By now you are well into 2017 in down-under. I hope this year will be a good one for you! Lots of love!


    • Thank you N – and lots of new year’s love back to you with many thanks for the inspiration and fun you provide. Can’t wait to see what you will be up to in 2017! xx


  3. I identify with poor Guy, no one appreciating his self control for not punching people in the face. Although I am not moved to violence, I often find myself yelling at people to shut up, inside my head.Hopefully my impolite thoughts will not escape. So thanks, Night Flight for a nice laugh.


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