Hello, 2017!

Ooops, six days in, and this is my first post of the year. I hasten to add a quick post before the routine round-up starts up, so happy new year to all of you – and may this year be better than last. It has to be. – I have just taken down my Christmas decorations, and I am feeling rather *ummm* right now.


That’s what I call a proper come-down… Yeah well. It had to be done, I guess. I am planning on getting some spring flowers to spruce up the home, soon.

In the mean time, I wanted to do something that is a bit overdue. There were a couple of sales of my New York photo book, the proceeds of which I had pledged to Shelter on Richard’s Justgiving pages. This has now been done.


Thank you to whoever ordered the book. I hope you already have it, you enjoy it, and it reminds you of a great trip to New York!

Belated Christmas presents also made their way to me this week. And as such they form part of my New Year’s resolutions. Austoz, for instance, sent me a package full of crafting goodies – more shrines on the way then.


Donna has gifted me lots of RAvotionalia – I see an auction in my future…


Thank you to Austoz and Donna – you are very kind ❤️.

Have you got any resolutions?


24 thoughts on “Hello, 2017!

  1. Today is Three Kings Day for all of us whose first language is Spanish. You know the gift we got here in Dallas? SNOW! hahaha … I can’t believe that’s it’s snowing. (Yes, you can all laugh if you live where it really snows.) I’m pleased. Happy New Year to all of you!


    • Epiphany is “Women’s Little Christmas” in Ireland, traditionally a day when women are celebrated. (Presumably for all the hard work it takes to create a beautiful Christmas for the family…)
      So happy Three Kings Day to you!

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  2. Sitting in Houston wishing it would get cold enough for snowflakes. Alas, too warm (32 F), too wet (it’s Houston, it’s always wet), too close to the Gulf, too…too…too… it’s snowed here once in the last 30 years. So I sit here wrapped in my Thorin blanket, sipping hard cider and bourbon (courtesy of Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack), writing more Thorin tales for his FB site, and wondering if I can get Lebanese food delivered…mainly because I don’t want to change from my warm fluffy jammies to pants. I have my priorities straight. Despite many people grumbling about 2016, I had a fabulous year and am looking forward to 2017. 2017 has some big shoes to fill though. (My FB-generated year in review was very boring. I wonder if I can create my own?)
    Hope you had a warm, fuzzy, wonderful holiday and I wish you blessings for the new year. Can’t wait to see your latest creations and my special one.


    • Snowflakes would be welcome here, too. But we have a mild weekend in store, so no winter wonderland for me. I’d take a Lebanese take-away anytime, though. (Great idea, btw. Reminds me to take my family out to the Lebanese restaurant in town.)
      Wishing you a new year that will surpass the last!

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  3. I have too many resolutions to make regarding self improvement. The pressure is intense. I have decided to tackle my shortcomings one at a time, as they crop up. That resolution should last a couple of days. 🙂


  4. My resolution is to loss weight as every year, but this decision has to wait. It is tradition to eat Galette des Rois filled with frangipane at Épiphanie not only with family but also with friends. So the next days are filled with calories. At the moment I can need my “heat insulation”, outside there are -12 C and 3 cm snow.
    Btw I am living in the east of France


  5. My resolution is really to try to focus a bit on myself, in spite of lots of work, family stuff, and driving to hockey games. This week I went swimming, ate healthy breakfasts most days, and wrote instead of watching crap TV. A good start I think.


  6. In a way it is sad to see the Christmas tree and decorations come down but they always must. We don’t put up a tree after my son’s birthday on December 19th and down before my husbands birthday on January 9th. The house seems so open now.
    I don’t do resolutions anymore because they never seem to last that long. I took a lifestyle change back in June of 2013 and that has done more for me than anything I have ever done before. Looking forward to 2017 so much going on this year.


  7. My resolution is to write some more fiction, which necessarily means cutting back on blogging, since I have learned that I can’t do both. This year I will try to find a balance!


    • That’s a great resolution – more fiction. More creativity. And ok, it is of course a pity if that affects your blogging. But in the long run, we’ll get to read your fiction on your blog, I hope, and so it’ll benefit the blog, after all.

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      • That’s right, if I can produce something new, I’ll serialize it. As much as I love blogging, it’s a different experience from writing fiction, and I want to have that feeling of complete immersion again!


  8. No resolutions for me this year. I gave up on them; or maybe they gave up on me. *shrug* I only wish to be healthy, but how 2017 started, well that too has gone down the drain. I have a bad cold for almost a week now. Temperature, coughing out green mutants… My doctor is coming for a house visit later in the afternoon, hope she won’t say it’s bronchitis again. *fingers crossed*


    • Oh dear, I hope you didn’t suffer from the flu like I did, Andrea. I hadn’t felt this bad in a long long time, I have to say. And apart from rest and time, there is nothing one can do about it. On the back of this bad start into 2017, I have decided it is time for a lifestyle change again. There is a correlation between living unhealthily and catching unnecessary flus… Anyhow, hope you are already better, too. I am back to normal today.


      • Good for you! 😀 I was confirmed with bronchitis, my temp is going up and down, i constantly cough out those little weirdos… If cough doesn’t lessen and temp drops to normal in next 2-3 day, I will need to do blood test if there is no some virus bacteria causing all this. I am so annoyed, for 5th nights now I have slept in semi-sitting position because can’t sleep when in horizontal due to coughing.


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