2017 Weekly Armitage Round-up #1

Yes, I like to mix it up. The Weekly Round-up in its fourth iteration. Whew, can you believe it? This whole thing started at the beginning of 2014, an initiative by then-fan Agzy, who subsequently left the (public side of) fandom. So it wasn’t even my own idea, and yet, here I am still at it… The format is still the same – the best of tumblr, per week – with a different title per year (to keep the various years apart) and with changing headers. Just for the fun of it, here is a selection of headers, through the years…


New year, new header. I really liked my new year’s gif attempt, so I am using this for the next while:


  1. First things first: New year, new calendar. Totally love this version by totallyradioactive15. (Links to post 3/3)
  2. *um* I didn’t see that answer coming… nfcomics’ What a Guy wants
  3. Beautiful yet simple Thorin gif by roald-dahl-plass-universe
  4. In case you were thinking of joining tumblr, littlemagicfox knows how to make friends. And yes, this *is* relevant for an Armitage-themed round-up!
  5. I think this is really cute – a Hobbit sleepover… And BTW, one is never too old for that. I have done one of those only a couple of years ago, too. This one is by thejourneybaggins
  6. I agree with angelkostan on principle. However, this particular gif comes from a rather scary scene…
  7. Angelkostan has also put the selfitage into a gif. Nice and handy…
  8. Ra4gg has started a new hashtag called #thudmoments. It’s worth while looking at it because it is all RA *swoon*
  9. Thorin fan art by heyriel-art
  10. I have resisted linking to this gif set for a long time. But who am I kidding with my prudishness? This is black-list, NSFW, adult stuff, kids. Daniel Miller/Esther Krug. You know what I mean. Murmil’s been the enabler. Aprroach at own risk
  11. I love the way suspectsim has designed this “Armitage through the years”. But hey, 2017 is missing…
  12. Riepu10 has summarised Richard’s Instagram in one set. Get on it, Rich – you need to fill it up a bit more in 2017!
  13. And these, apparently, are the only existing selfies on Rich’s Twitter, as collected by riepu10. Deletefest…
  14. Thorin and Thranduil puppets, posted by ereborkingdom. Cute!
  15. Check totallyradioactive15’s Best of 2016 – a nice summary for us, too
  16. Sorry for being a bit riepu10 heavy in this round-up, but I loved her New Year’s manip
  17. Ooops, and another one by riepu10. She’s been busy…

I’ll leave it at that for the start.

Happy new round-up, everyone!

Guylty ❤️

12 thoughts on “2017 Weekly Armitage Round-up #1

  1. Deletefest is right!

    I used to get annoyed with people for deleting their old blogs or whatever, that they weren’t updating anymore, in the interest of preserving fandom history — now I get to include Armitage in that.


  2. Ah, schöööön, das Round-up lebt weiter. 🙂

    Und als Extra noch eine Übersicht über die bisherigen Header … Meine Güte, da merke ich, wie schlecht mein Gedächtnis für sowas offenbar ist. Schön, wenn man alte Bekannte wiedersieht: 🙂


  3. I’m loving the new background/wallpaper whatever it’s called.
    And thanks for the roundup of roundup headers, as well as the roundup itself. Lots of good stuff here as always.
    #7 was fun and clever. I tried to click on #10 but a big hand came out of my laptop screen and covered my eyes…


    • Yay, I am glad someone likes the background, Jenny :-). I thought it is kinda cute – ok, yes, it’s whimsical and a bit quaint, but hell, my whole fascination with Armitage is a bit tacky, so I find it kind of matches the sentiment.
      LOL at your #10 comment…


  4. Managing to pick myself off the floor finally! Where in the world does he get the idea that he might be getting too old for such scenes? Looks in great shape to me or should I not be commenting on such thing at my age? I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so!! 😉 *blushes a bit*


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