2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #4

Wake-y wake-y! It’s time for your regular Saturday update. How are you keeping, ladies and gents? Are you as glad as me that January is almost over (and not a horrible continuous funeral like last year)? I am sloooowly easing myself into the year. The flu is now fully gone (apologies for whining on about it for so long), I am back in the groove when it comes to work, and I notice that the days are getting longer again, benefitting me with beautiful sunrises as I sit at my desk in the early mornings.

In Armitage news, I enjoyed seeing the BoF trailer last night. Not only because of Daddy!Armitage (see right) although that it is a heart-warming sight, whether the hormones are raging or not but also because the little snippet looked quite suspenseful and interesting to me. I even enjoyed the soft American accent of Armitage as Daddy Cahalan. And did I hear a little Baritone rumble in the “Happy Birthday” singing? Totally wasted the talent there, but well, better than nothing. Most of all, however, I am curious to see how they are approaching the medical topic in the film. Years ago, the daughter of a close internet friend of mine was diagnosed with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. At the time, there was not much written and known about the disease, and the little information my friend found, was in English. I translated a whole article from a medical journal for her, reeling at what I was reading about the disease and the horrible medicalese jargon. My friend’s daughter’s journey was as harrowing as Cahalan’s, with much uncertainty. It took ages for the doctors to diagnose encephalitis, and much like Cahalan, my friend’s daughter was treated as a psychiatric patient, occasionally tied to her hospital bed, her life shattering around her… The trailer has brought it all back. I really hope I get to see this film.

On a lighter note, I admit I am not particularly up to date with artist pages at IMDb etc. But I did get the news that RA’s page on IMDb was finally updated to a slightly more current picture than his very pretty but old actor’s head shot by Claire Newman-Williams from 2009. We have now moved on to 2011, to one of the beard/short crop images by Matt Holyoak for Project Magazine *hooray*!! (In case you are interested, you can read my *ooof*s on Williams’s and Holyoak’s pictures under the links. Prehistoric pieces, as I wrote those so long ago, it was even before I started posting on me+r!!!) When I checked it out for myself, I was surprised to see that IMDb also has a section called “official photos”. And it contains an even *more* current image!! I have no idea who maintains this page for RA – is it an open source project?? – but it’s a nice walk through the years, and pretty to look at, too 🤤!


What’s your favourite? As you probably know, I am not a massive fan of the beard, and I usually like my Richards chunky, but I have to admit that I have a definite soft spot for thin Rich in the Justin Canning images from 2008. I like another one of RA in the light blue jumper from the same series, which I absolutely adore. Is it worth an *ooof*, do you think, even though it’s as old as the hills???

Ok, I got completely side-tracked by trailer and photos. And this is supposed to be the weekly round-up post. *tuttuttut* Let’s launch into the best of tumblr. Enjoy!


  1. Can’t resist any gif set of Sir Guy. Thanks, riepu10
  2. I think I am seriously hormonal. Here’s a Thorin drabble by life-is-righteous that appealed to m. And I don’t even lioke long hair on men…
  3. And more hair play courtesy of Thorin – with an NSFW theme, so beware. By doublehiddenkitty
  4. Occasionally, RH was painted with rather big strokes. And then there was surprising attention to detail. Such as the scar on Guy’s face, from when Marian punched him at the altar. Ghisborne has collected evidence. Part 1
  5. … and part 2, by Ghisborne, too
  6. Just as I was thinking to myself “nobody talks about John Porter anymore”, sammyjd made a tribute video to the hero. It’s actually on YT, but since sammyjd posted it herself on her tumblr, I’ll include it here – ‘cos Porter!
  7. And while we are at it with Porter (I wish…), here is soft!Porter by ghisborne 
  8. Ok ladies, this is not exactly NSFW stuff – and not exclusively Richard, either – but be warned. It’s hot… oh boy *fans herself*… Shirtless Hobbit cast. A feast for the eyes, ladies. Compiled by dwalintheprotector
  9. Anyone need a new icon? Ofspellbooksandwords is providing 15 (fifteen) icons of Sir Guy, some of them gifs… I wouldn’t know which one I would pick… Or maybe… today I am in the mood for some smiley Guy. The second but last one!
  10. *shrieks* Something new. To me. A deleted scene of Daniel with Patricia – very tender. Found by clematis70
  11. And I am including an already known deleted scene pic of Daniel, just for clematis70’s hashtags… I feel you, girl, I feel you…
  12. Caps from the BS interviews with Richard I posted the other day, put together in a gif by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  13. In case you need a little RL fantasy involving Richard, here’s a suggestion by peanutbutternerd
  14. An interesting AU where Richard is a male!Mary Morstan and this little scene happens. By roald-dahl-plass-universe
  15. TBT that time when Richard sported a pony tail… by richards-smile
  16. Triple treat by ghisborne in this round-up: Geraldine/Harry and height difference. Sweet
  17. Wow, that’s what I call up-to-date: No sooner has the BoF trailer dropped, and we are getting the first gif sets. This one is by riepu10
  18. And here’s another by ofgreengables. Richard totally rocking the open shirt look. (Is that meant to look really American? Go hot dad, go!

Hopefully that will last you for a cup of coffee.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Guylty ♥️

12 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #4

  1. Thanks for these! And yes, so quick on the BOF gifs!
    As for the 6 lovely photos you shared – my fave is the one in the middle of the bottom row – Armitage with beard, white shirt and grey jacket. I just want to snuggle up to him in that one for some reason…


    • The fans are always on the ball… I had already scheduled my post before I saw the trailer had been posted, but when I noticed the gifs on tumblr, I decided I had to edit the post…
      The picture you like best, is the newest of the lot, too, so from that perspective, I think it is the most suitable one. Plus, he used it has his profile pic, too. I remain a big fan of the Ascroft images…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. All of the contributions were extra lovely this week. But number two was a favorite, because it conjured up a mental image of Thorin in a man-bun. I think it could be an interesting look for him.


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