2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #5

Hello! This week’s round-up post may appear almost identical to instalment #3 from two weeks ago. Not only was there not that much on the round-up list (sorry, that’s a bit of a de-motivator right at the beginning of the post), but I am preceding this week’s piece with similar notices as then.

impeachThursday night, Dublin put on a protest against the Muslim ban. Despite terrible weather – rain and strong winds – about 1200 people including myself, daughter and hubster, were there. As I was observing the protest in front of the US embassy – the posters (among them the ubiquitous Father Ted-referenced “Down with this sort of thing“), the speeches, the national broadcaster interviewing protestors – I was wondering what I would say if they asked me why I was there. “For my American friends”, came first into my mind. And then “to show solidarity, to nip fascism and racism in the bud before it is too late, for my children’s future”. As it was, I was glad we were all there. Another protest is planned for outside the Dáil (the Irish Parliament) next Thursday, re. the Taoiseach’s (PM’s) traditional visit to the US President on St Patrick’s Day.

Still parallel to round-up #3, in other news my self-designed fan fabric has arrived. I really like the new, black design and am currently researching sewing projects I could do with it. I’ve also stocked up on the blue background fabric. More zipper pouches!!?!!!

img_9800The fabrics are available here, btw. The fabric is printed on cotton in various different forms, from poplin to drill, which you can choose from. As far as I can see you can even choose the repeat type of the design. A fat quarter costs £9.

And now the round-up – short and sweet, despite great news, pics and even moving images from the set of O8.


  1. Soooo, have you done the same as mezzmerizedbyrichard????
  2. The pictures from the set of Ocean’s Eight raise interesting questions, such as binglybonglybeep’s
  3. Just a nice throwback to year before last: dex5m’s gifs of RA at Comicon, squirming and scratching his nose
  4. Clematis70 resumes her Guess Richard’s Character series where she plays an audio excerpt and you guess which character it is
  5. Nfcomics’ What a Guy Wants series pinches the pennies…
  6. The images are not new, but included here because this rhetorical question by queenoferebor1204 is so easy to answer. And any excuse…
  7. Always classy in b/w. Daniel Miller giffed by circusgifs. Niceeeee
  8. Sorry, and another DM by circusgifs. You’re welcome
  9. Richard dancing – is such a massive trope in the fandom. Chiara5cinque has put two recent scenes side-by-side
  10. I was asking myself the same question as fieryfurniss, but he bounced back…
  11. Ghisborne has delighted and entertained us with a great many gifs and pics, so please consider her appeal re. reposts
  12. Gorgeous drawing by ragesyndrom of Thorin with his harp
  13. Are we glad that circusgifs is bored and it happens to be Friday? Yes, we are!

13 is a lucky number!

Good-bye for now,

Guylty ♥️

Edit: A couple of typos and changed link #3 to the original post. Sorry for having included a repost instead – it was not done on purpose!

23 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #5

  1. Once again, thanks for the link, Guylty! Lots of yumminess to snaffle and enjoy in future if these latest O8 pics are anything to go by. 😉


  2. It’s good for the soul to protest right now and let off some steam. And it’s important. I am shocked that so many of my compatriots seem (according to polls) to be supporting Trump’s brand of crazy. What will it take for them to realize how dangerous he is? In any event, I love your fabric. In such days, we also need distractions and comforts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Protests are great – apart from letting off steam, it also means you get to see you are not alone but there are others who share your POV. I wonder how much longer Trump’s voters can continue to support him. He is acting like a despot – or a puppet of his dubious advisor. Americans have always been so proud of their constitution, and rightly so, but he is essentially trampling all over it.

      Liked by 2 people

      • His voters seem to be trapped in a bubble of misinformation, having lost the ability to think critically after many years of conservative critique of “the lamestream media.” I don’t know how one builds that skill up again, but I hope it can be done.


  3. Just a question, and I hope it is not offensive – but I really have no clue about internet/gif etiquette (for real, I’m not trying to be difficult here). Regarding #11 and the reposting….I of course respect anyone’s work and their wishes regarding it, but my question is about why it is a problem reposting? If the work is based on the manipulation of someone else’s work, like gifs or pics of TV shows and then why is it a problem for someone to repost gifs and pics someone else made of someone else’s TV show or movie or what have you? Like I said, I want to be respectful of everyone, I am just sincerely wondering as I don’t understand.


    • Questions are never offensive, Sparky!
      When it comes to reposting, there are differences between tumblr and other internet platforms. Reposting someone else’s work is frowned upon on tumblr because tumblr essentially is designed to make reposting unnecessary. Instead of downloading someone’s work and then creating a new post into which you upload the gif/pics, you simply hit the “reblog” button. THat way, the original post with the comments and credit of the original maker is posted without any changes. Reposts on tumblr are tricky because people often do not credit the original artist – hence they are falsely taking credit for something that they did not create.
      On blogs, the issue of reposting does not seem quite as problematic – there is ample space to mention where a picture/gif comes from and to link to the original source.
      In general, the advice is to a) reblog whenever possible. And b) to ask for permission to repost if reblogging is no option. Crediting the original source should be a given, but well, as you can see with the example here on my blog – sometimes people forget, and then the original creators get rightfully angry…


      • ok, thanks for your explanation – just one more question if you could indulge me – snaffling? Is this different from reposting?


        • More or less, yes – as in “taking a picture from someone else and reposting it”. You are always on the safe side if you ask the original creator first before you repost a picture…


  4. Well, Trump is spending the weekend in Florida, and there’s the super bowl Sun. so perhaps we will have a couple of days of relative calm. But always remembering I know nothing, I can’t count on it. Loved the snark from What a guy wants. And so grateful that Circus Gifs was bored. Lovely images. Your lucky 13 roundup was great. And can’t wait to see what you do with your new fabric, you little creative genius, you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had time on my own today which I spent sewing a few projects with the new black fabric. It’s already half gone. But I am keeping enough for a cushion. I am just waiting for some extra material to embellish the cushions with… Watch this space 😉

      Liked by 2 people

    • That’s odd. I have been wondering whether the recent changes at WordPress have somehow wreaked havoc on my settings. I also notice that the posts always appear in full in the reader view. Yesterday I looked at the settings because of that, but because the design of the back-end has changed, I couldn’t find the section where I set my preferences. Will look into this…


  5. Thanks for this! We seem to be in a weird limbo or balance of insane reality, down to earth work, speaking up and seeking soothing comfort. Just watched a series on telly and felt bleurg.. don’t need fictional reality checks as well. Indulged in gifs and yessss i made that folder too ggg 😊 and i got a bout of ,miss him like crazy’. Debating between Porter and Lucas… def need some hero comfort ! Love the fabrics… do you recon Guy would wear some underpants in the black fabric underneath the leather? 😄😄😄😅😅😅😂😂😂😂


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