Celebrate Love #CelebRAteLove

Much to my surprise, my little off-the-cuff suggestion that it would be nice if we could create a little fandom love fest on the occasion of Valentine’s Day was met with more enthusiasm than I had expected. Readers here, on my tumblr and on my Twitter have responded in the positive, promising to try and think of something they could do. Even ahead of the event, that has already made my day – because I like group stuff. It’s fun to get together and create some fun – and enjoy a feeling of cohesion and community. But I hasten to add that there is nothing wrong with abstaining from group activities. There are no rules or regulations to fandom, and no constitution or by-laws, either.


Needless to say, I am looking forward to a nice turn-out. There are no real rules for the fandom love-in – you can write whatever you want, or post a picture, make something and show it off, a poem, a crafty submission, an edit. The general idea is to post something “love-ly” relating to Valentine’s Day, or love, or Armitage, or the fandom, or you as a fan.

Do we need a hashtag for that? It might make it easier to find submissions, since we are posting across all kinds of platforms – tumblr, Twitter, blogs, boards? #CelebRAteLove?! I would also like to collate links to known submissions in a blog post. That way, posts on all social media can be linked to, no matter where. That post could also serve as a platform for those participants who do not have a blog of their own but would like to join in. You are welcome to send me your Valentine’s contribution by e-mail to guylty(at)photographer(dot)net, and I will include it in the post! I’ll be posting my submission early on Tuesday morning. The link collection will follow later that day, to be updated as new submissions appear.

Need an idea?

Here’s a question that you could consider answering as a contribution to the love fest. Do you have a collection of fan items? What do you collect that is related to your fandom – or the chap who has inspired that fandom? Are there different collections *within* your collection? For instance, do you have several RA autographs? Or magazines he was featured in? Do you have a Tolkien/Oakenshield-related collection? Other collectables? To kick us off, I took a couple of pics to show you what I mean…

I’m a moderate “Plushiette”, for instance – with a gaggle of plushies to accompany me on trips and to cheer me up:


Do you recognise the various chaRActers?

And then there is my collection of fRAmes, made by Paula, currently arranged on the kitchen mantlepiece:


There’s plenty of other bits and pieces, some on display in my “Portable Shrine”, dotted around my office, or temporarily stored in a box for lack of display space.

What about you? Do you have some special mementos on display? Where do you keep them? Why do you keep them? I would love to know, and if you feel stumped for a better topic to write on Valentine’s Day, maybe you want to share your collection with us!?

In any case, just to repeat – anything goes, any medium, any length, any topic. If you want your contribution linked, let me know via comment or e-mail – just in case I haven’t found it myself. Let’s celebRAte love – it’s much-needed in times like these. ❤️

28 thoughts on “Celebrate Love #CelebRAteLove

  1. When the folks leave, I’ll take a picture of my little RA shrine by my bed. Is there a time square we’re trying to post in? (My parents will leave in a few hours and go to see my niece and my landlady is coming this afternoon to check the roof. It’s getting old and we’ve had a few tropical storms and a hurricane come through since I’ve been here.)


  2. I have my post virtually ready in my drafts folder…
    As for the enthusiastic response to the call – I think that may also have something to do with you as an “Armitage Community Organizer”… you’re good at this, it’s a talent! 🙂


    • Hooray – great, Esther, I really look forward to your post.
      And hehe, years ago, that “talent” was officially confirmed at work. When I was still working for an international, major internet company, they put every employee through an aptitude test. My test showed that I was an “Inspirer” – someone who suggests and convinces people to do something. In that job, I was most enthusiastic and efficient whenever we had a charity drive on…


  3. Here is the Valentine ode. I tested it out on Tracy (daughter) and she laughed, so I hope it is funny. Factually speaking, I remember an interview years ago, I think pre-Hobbit, where he addressed the “fart” topic. Probably newer fans might not know the adolescent side of him. But if I am miss-remembering, feel free to alter or not use as you wish. I could have checked with Susan, but was afraid of running out of time. I wanted to print it on a flowery, Victorian background because that would be funny too. Cupids and roses and hearts and stuff. Ran out of time there, too. Anyway, love what you are doing for the big day. So much fun. Miss you and the other AHA crew.

    Ode to A Valentine

    If RA was my Valentine,

    I wouldn’t share him, he’d be all mine.

    Feeding me chocolates on bended knee,

    Taking a day to worship me.

    While perched upon his manly thighs,

    I’d get lost in his ice-blue eyes.

    Then maybe some kissing, just a little,

    With enthusiastic exchange of spittle.

    But who could surrender their ladylike heart,

    To a guy who admitted to lighting a fart?

    Nobody’s perfect, even RA,

    So I forgive him, just for today.

    Kathy Jones


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    • I am sorry to repeat myself – but this is just great. You always manage to surprise with your odes, and this one is no exception. Some luuuurve – and then a cuuuuurve(ball). I am all for adolescent humour, so I am glad you have included that in the ode. Because yes – those little idiosyncrasies are what make the man interesting. Thanks – and I will try and keep your ideas in mind for when I put the ode into a picture…


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