Links To #CelebRAteLove 2017

11am in the morning and the love fest is in full swing. Even way before the festivity started officially, I received some submissions via e-mail. For your convenience and pleasure, I am collating links to posts as I become aware of them. There are also some items here sent in from readers who are sharing their RAlove with all of you.

I have just spontaneously decided to count the extended video posted by Audible today as Mr A’s submission to our #CelebRAteLove festivities. Yeah, I know. Tenuous. Not his call. But because of pretty. And posterity.

It is just such a pleasure to hear Richard speak as himself. Not just his voice, but the way he expresses himself. Even before I had gotten to the end of the video, I was thinking to myself – “edited or not, he really has a knack for talking”. The phrase “the popularity of their product and trade” stood out to me when I was listening to the video. There is something about the sound and the meaning that intertwine and make his response sound particularly well-articulated. “Intoxicated to the point of losing ourselves” was another one. – Even though this video is edited, I like the way he answers the questions – and most of all his last little appeal to bring back “big words”.

I want to be a pioneer for the use of great words, because when you find the word that you really, really need, and you use it, it’s very satisfying. If you try to describe what it is you’re feeling, and you can’t, then I think that’s a tragedy for us as human beings. You need words.

We do indeed. You can blaze the trail for me any time, Rich…

Kathy spoils us with an ode


Armitagebesotted shares her fan collection


Be66 Seltz sends RA and his fans some love


Jenny sends apologies …

for not joining in, thanks to another delightful bout of flu that has left my brain thoroughly scrambled.

I close with this feeble effort, not worthy of you and the wonderful fans or the glory that is our OOA, I know, but it might give you a mini giggle at its sheer awfulness:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
I love all you ladies
And Mr. A too.

That totally *did* make me giggle – which is a good Valentine’s pressie, too!

And now for the link list…

  1. Helen is a regular commentator – but has just branched into a blog of her own!!! She is “hopelesslysidetracked” and gives us a look at a part of collection on her window sill
  2. Obscura joins us from a little hiatus with a Valentine’s post on Ancient Armitage and goes all Ovidian
  3. Zeesmuse gives us a romantic update to The Shepherd entitled “Ravish”. Nuff said. Go read!
  4. Esther reminds us of the best kiss of all television history – and counts the ways in which she loves RA
  5. Grati has collected her favourite RA vids. Warning! You *will* get sucked into YT… not complaining, though
  6. Baby it’s cold outside. But not anymore once you have read Sue’s story on her blog imfeelingthis…
  7. Jholland is preoccupiedwitharmitage for the day – and has photos of her collection and a fabulous limerick on her blog
  8. Herba shows us a couple of very special fan collectibles – I would covet both very much… 
  9. Check out Perry’s most-coveted fan item on her blog Armitage Agonistes
  10. Violet has put her poet’s hat on and written a tribute to Mr A
  11. Small_Hobbit has written two ficlets for the occasion. I am linking here to a lovely Bagginshield drabble. Check out the other “Ficlets for Friends”
  12. KellyDS revives here NowhereinparticularRA blog – because Richard is still her #1
  13. Jazzbaby shows us her RAPS and I feel slightly embarrassed for her lovely praise…

Tumblr #celebRAteslove

  1. Mezzmerizedbyrichard wishes you a happy V-Day
  2. Totallyradioactive15 has designed a love heart full of RA – use as a wallpaper if you like
  3. Too late for Valentine’s cards? Not when they contain RA. Here’s some that riepu10 made

Twitter tweets love











If you would like to contribute…

… leave the link to your post in the comments on this post, or send me your piece by e-mail to guylty(at)photographer(dot)net. I’ll update as we go along!

Keep the love flowing – happy V-Day, all!

27 thoughts on “Links To #CelebRAteLove 2017

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  2. I’m glad you liked the poem I wrote as a contribution to your lovely idea; thank you for the link. To all you ladies, thank you for making me feel like we used to before The Hobbit came along and the fandom changed – like a small family guarding a treasured secret. Happily for him, now his work is known around the world and he keeps ‘moving on up’!


    • And this is a “one link per person” list – so there is more out there, except I have only chosen to represent people with only one submission… Nice to see so many people taking part!


  3. Love everywhere. Thanks for spreading it around. So much fun to see what fellow RA appreciators have collected, made, written, received ….. well you get the idea. So many Richard riches. I hope everyone in the RA universe had a great day with plenty of hearts, flowers, kisses and well….. you get the idea.


  4. Just catching up with all the goodies – what a great response! Thanks for linking to my edit, and thank you again for bringing this about. You’re a treasure. 🙂


    • Thank *you* for taking part, Mezz! It wouldn’t have taken off if it hadn’t been for so many people supporting it. It’s lovely to rally everyone together for a little group thingie – just reinforces the community feeling a little bit.


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