German Article on #BerlinStation Production – Translation

Quick departure from the usual fan-centric mode of this blog. I have just read an article in Postdamer Neue Nachrichten, found and shared by fellow fan Irina Volkova on Twitter. Gist: BS may be shown in Germany, soon. Here is the link to the article (German):

And for those of you not able to read German, I have quickly translated the text:


Two observations: Richard Armitage listed first among the cast mentions. Second, “the series received much praise”… Both: YAY!!!!

ETA: Herba just pointed out a link to an audio interview with DOP Hagen Bogdanski and location manager Angela Mages. It’s in German, and available until 24 August 2017 at ARD Mediathek. In it, Bogdanski and Mages talk about their desire to show Berlin as a historically grown metropolis with many facets but away from the tourist sights, and explain the process of finding locations (a total group effort with any team member invited to make suggestions). Bogdanski is a Berlin native and says the series allowed him to see his home town from a completely different perspective. Both crew members were keen on showing Berlin as it really is – which went as far as shooting the car chase scene realistically and not piecing it together from different parts of the city. According to Bogdanski, an announcement on the availability of BS in Germany is imminent.

29 thoughts on “German Article on #BerlinStation Production – Translation

  1. Nice to see that the show is branching out to other markets (maybe). If I lived in Berlin, I would love to see my city through the eyes of filmmakers. Sometimes you see it differently that way.

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    • That is one of the reasons why I like to give shows a try – when I know the place it is set in. I would love to see what the German market makes of BS. The only drawback is always the fact that everything gets dubbed for the German market. Which means losing out on the gorgeous voice of Daniel Miller. Half the fun gone…

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      • Richard Armitage without his own voice? Noooooo. “No dubbing ever,” I thought vehemently until I saw another actor with a gorgeous voice — Burt Lancaster — dubbed in Italian in Il Gattopardo/The Leopard. It was okay, though it helped that Lancaster’s portrayal of his character was substantially physical — body movements and facial expressions — and, like someone else we know, Lancaster was also tall, well built, and moved beautifully.


        • Oh my gosh, I made myself curious and just did some Googling on Burt Lancaster’s career. His first performing experience was…guess what? Circus stunts! Tall, handsome, blue-eyed. Have I stumbled upon a meaningful parallel?


        • Apart from the gorgeous voice, other subtleties of language are lost in translation. And what is also bad about dubbing is that the German voices are often used for other actors, as well. Not in the same film, of course, but you know the German voice for a different original actor already, and that is confusing…
          The German voice for Richard Armitage is an actor called Torben Liebrecht. He also voices Damian Lewis, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Luke Evans, for instance. His voice is pleasant, but has not got that dark, smooth timbre that Armitage has. Here’s a voice sample of him:


  2. Great news for BS, and Germany. I hope Germans would accept the show well. If anything, the Americans are portrayed in a much worse light than the German Intelligence.

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  3. interesting, fascinating that they invested the money in 2 teams rather than extended shooting period, much better choice of resources really if you can pull it off. Will listen to the audio about locations. An yes sad about the dubbing.. sigh, so much gets lost in tone, intention, inflection..


    • That’s a good point – and such a typical observation for you to make, Hari 😁.
      The dubbing is a constant pet peeve of mine. OTOH I benefit from it when it concerns material in languages that I don’t speak. Sigh. No middle ground…

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