V-Day Raffle Results Are In

Apologies for the overload of posts between yesterday and today. But needs must, because I have just had the winners of yesterday’s V-Day raffle drawn. Before I get to that just a big massive

Thank you ♥


to all of you who took part in our fandom love fest yesterday. Whether you blogged, tweeted, commented or read – I hope you had fun. I certainly did, and the little initiative was a welcome reinvigoration for that community feeling that I like so much about our shared fangirling.

And now on to the raffle results. Five lucky winners have been drawn. Here we go:

  1. The cushion cover goes to SueBC
  2. The large wash bag goes to Aquileaofthelonelymountain
  3. The lunch bag goes to Glady
  4. The small zipper pouch will go to Riepu
  5. The phone case / tissue holder goes to snowyjo

You can check the draw protocol by clicking on the randompicker seal of approval below.


I think I have everybody’s addresses…  The postal service seems to be working pretty fast at the moment, so hopefully you will receive your goodies, soon. (The plan is to get them into the post tomorrow.)

Hard luck to everyone who came away empty-handed from the raffle. Good news is: I still have fabric left over and will definitely make more of the various pouches and items, either for a charity sale or charity auction at a later stage.

Thank you to all for participating and making the day such fun for me!

24 thoughts on “V-Day Raffle Results Are In

    • Hehe, the whole raffle result really made me laugh. Not only because a couple of the winners are actually currently expecting a package from me (which are already on their way… I should’ve waited…), but also because you have the fabric, too. Package will be coming soon! xx


  1. I won?!?!? Wow!!! I don’t ever win anything, which is why I like auctions because I can bid like a drunk monkey on Amazon Prime. WOOHOO!!!. I can now gather up the wads of loose Kleenex in my purse and put them neatly in the holder. I’m thrilled. Thank you so much. Still trying to figure out the record symbol. I’ll get it.
    I wonder if my luck is changing. a few months ago I won a Funko raffle on Twitter and Indiana Jones in his jeep are now part of my Funko collection. Of course, my brother’s response to all the Funkos (and all my Armitage stuff) is “what the Hell are we going to do with all of this when she dies?” I’m working that out with my sister who’s much more understanding of my obsessions. God love my siblings.

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    • Tommie – really? You still haven’t got the vinyl symbol? Ok, another hint: The character in question is the first one we have seen dancing…
      And congrats on the win – I was laughing because the other package went into the post yesterday. Should’ve waited one day 😉
      Great stuff on the Indiana Jones win. Is he detachable from the jeep? In that case you could possibly get a little plushie Porter and put him into his get-away car?
      And oh yeah, I sometimes wonder what will happen to my collection when I am gone… I suspect my daughter might hang on to some bits…


      • What a GREAT clue! And I’m still Clueless! I keep thinking it’s Ricky Deeming for some reason but I can’t check because my DVDs are at my house and I’m not. If you were on FB you’d see my post that my house is currently uninhabitable. The sewer line to both bathrooms has epically failed. Toilets won’t flush with out shit backing up into the tub and the shower won’t drain. Basically I’m camping out at friends so I can’t check my DVD collection. Horrific first repair estimate: $16,700. Mothers, just let your babies grow up to be plumbers.
        ANYWAY, the first character I remember dancing was Chop with Anna Friel, but Chop is the chess piece so it must be someone else. So I’m sitting here staring at the Picture Gallery page on richardarmitagenet.com trying to remember each character. Oh wait….did sweet John Standring get to dance with Carol? I haven’t watched it in several years but…is it sweet Standring? I adore Thorin, Dolly, and Daniel, but I could sure use a Standring.

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  2. Thank you for doing all this, Guylty. ❤ And congratulations go out to the winners. I would write more eloquently but 30C temp is melting my brain into a jelly. As If it wasn't frustrating enough to have bad cold, I was gifted with diarrhea and vomiting, and know temp as well. And all that on my birthday. If it wasn't for my family and friends' messages, I would have labeled this day really c***y one! I am off to bed now, brain is begging for a rest. *thud*


  3. Belated congratulations to all the winners. I missed the post and was too late to enter. “crying now” Just wanted you to know, Ms.G, that I thought your creations were wonderful.


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