2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #7

OMG. With all the Valentine’s stuff going on, a link list yesterday, and a couple of nights in a row when Mr Guylty actually agreed to going out (believe me, that is worth mentioning!), I completely forgot to schedule the weekly tumblr round-up. And this in a week that had *lots* of interesting bits going on on tumblr, what with Valentine’s Day and a couple of new Armitage interviews! Fail! But well, better a little bit late than never. Without further ado, here is this week’s link list:


  1. Wake up, sleepy head! TBT very old times, thanks to riepu10
  2. Joyousgeekeryabounds has made a whole lot of Valentine’s cards. It’s a week late, I know, but they are funny in their own right. Or save for next year…
  3. And a V-Day card from mzperx0506universe – another TBT
  4. More V-Day cards, this time from riepu10
  5. And a Valentine’s drawing from lilyre – the gesture is so Thornton… *sigh*
  6. Gimmethehobbit has been drawing these cute little cartoons for a while now. Here’s some Richlee fun
  7. Intense Armitage courtesy of circusgifs. TBT Golden Hour
  8. I feel a pervert for saying this, but there is something very sexy about dirty, damaged Thorin. Edit by life-is-righteous
  9. Double handporn at its finest, courtesy of jahoe1960
  10. And here we have gifs from the extended Armitage RJ interview, made by ofgreengables
  11. The extended Armitage RJ interview, this time in stills. That first picture!!!! Capped by ausschweifendemotte
  12. Gisborne and Oakenshield share some mannerisms. I wonder why… Put side by side by orangesinnumerable
  13. Awww. Guy wants to celebrate the anniversary… But no fancy pants, please. From the What a Guy wants series by nfcomics
  14. Smoking hot Daniel Miller. Literally. Gifs by kendaspntwd
  15. Christ, that’s hot, too. And some people say Daniel and Esther didn’t have chemistry??? Gif set by ofgreengables
  16. This is totally the kind of camera porn Miss Guylty loves. Edit by angelkostan
  17. 18th century Bagginshield anyone? Interesting take by b-a-g-g-i-n-s-h-i-e-l-d
  18. I’m totally with Guy on this one. Another What a Guy wants by nfcomics
  19. Thornton’s iconic line, in cartoon style, drawn by d1249
  20. Laughing RA – these gifs by mezzmerizedbyrichard should be playing on continuous loop in a little window on your computer screen *all the time*!
  21. More laughter – and the joke by Richard that preceded it. Thanks to clematis70
  22. Answering an anon question, armitagedaily compiles a list of the period pieces that RA has been in. Handy list!
  23. Byronicwoman posts a cute drawing of Dolarhyde by cinabre
  24. Can you guess the chaRActer just from this voice sample by clematis70? I have no clue, btw…
  25. More comparison fun by orangesinnumerable. Daniel Miller

25 items! Now, *that* is a veritable list!!!

If you would like a soundtrack with your Saturday morning Richarding, I suggest this:

Nikolay Khozyainov played in Dublin last night, and exactly this piece. Not quite my favourite piece from my favourite composer (Rachmaninov), but it was a stunning performance, and afterwards (almost) all of the auditorium was on their feet, applauding for several minutes. I am a reluctant “standing ovator” at the best of times, but this time I stood up, too. In fact, I was the first audience member to start clapping. Wow, what a claim to fame!

And another recommendation while we are at it: You might think that “German” and “humour” is an oxymoron. But not in this German film which is actually up for an Academy Award (in the foreign language category). I don’t think I have laughed as much in a film as in this one. Toni Erdmann is a film about a father and a daughter. She is a high-flying consultant, based in Bucharest, and he is a lonely, divorced music teacher. When he spontaneously visits her, all kinds of mischief ensues as he tries to lighten up his uptight daughter. – Beside the hilarious situational comedy, the film actually highlights a number of issues very effectively – sexism against women in the workplace; the ruthlessness of capitalism; the lies and deceit you can be forced into in your work; the lack of humanity in work… and of course the alienation between people in general. It’s quite a feat to address these issues, yet produce an entertaining film. I have just heard that the rights to the film have been bought up by Jack Nicholson who wants to remake it. Please don’t! It’s perfect as it is. Toni Erdmann really deserves an Oscar! Here’s the trailer (German original with English subtitles).

Enjoy your weekend!

Guylty ❤️


37 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #7

  1. Married dating is fun, (meaning going out with one’s own partner) but I’m surprised that in many ways it is like unmarried dating. He still wonders if “it” will happen? Hahahahaha 💋 If he only knew I married him for a good reason. Anyhoo, hope you too had a great date night with your hubs Guylty🦋 BTW – my hubs _really_ really_ likes Esther on Berlin Station, and does not seem to see any lack of chemistry between them. I personally liked the one that was, sadly, murdered before Daniel could arrive for their first date.


      • Hahahahaha (and again) I hear about her assets extensively from the hubs. Which I cannot fault him for since it give me extra opportunity to appreciate Mr A at the same time.

        Slightly off topic, the reason I think the relationship works (relative I suppose) is the sliver of Daniel’s back history. If one extrapolates that his mother may have been a little distant in her affection for him as a child, it makes sense he (the character) would be attracted to similar women. Esther strikes me as distant, aloof and cold in an unattainable way. For some men, that unattainable air alone is irresistible. My arm-chair analysis for what it’s worth.


  2. Oh and the voice excerpt is Loveless from the BBC radio drama, Clarissa. Mr A is truly villainous in that role. I listen to those radio dramas (audiobooks too) when I’m at work late, but only if I’m alone cause the male coworkers would cry if I made them listen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, Clarissa?!!! Well spotted, Mimi. I listened to that some time last year, for the first time. I always meant to write a post about that because I filled several pages of notes while listening to it. It was so good. RA totally villainous, yes, but also giving Lovelace some other shades – I was not entirely sure whether Lovelace was completely evil, or whether he sincerely loved Clarissa…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Loveless strikes me as very villainous, but then becomes obsessed with Clarissa. Then, unwittingly, he is caught by his own obsession into self destruction as he destroys Clarissa. Again, my view of the situation, I could be wrong. 🥀


          • I think Loveless, while at first unaware or unwilling to admit to himself/friends, does fall in love with Clarissa. However, he is a clearly an unbalanced person. He does not know how to correctly win her confidence. Which he clearly could have on many occasions in the story but continually defaults to his unacceptable actions with lies, force, trickery, let’s not forget his violence and rape, by forcing her to do what she does not want at every turn. Loveless’ logic is faulty at every step. We call that stalking and kidnapping now. Ultimately, from my interpretation as Loveless’ seemingly intentional suicide by confronting her cousin/uncle (forget which one he was) ending in his own death, makes me think Loveless did love Clarissa. That fact does not justify anything Loveless did. As old as this story is, it stands as a good example of how all love is not necessarily healthy, nor should wrong behavior be acceptable just because it is done with “love.” Even if the dude is as hawt as Mr A.


            • Fully agree. And also admit to being biased – as I always am with *any* character that Mr A plays. There is something irresistible about Mr A’s voice and physique, I suppose, that makes me adjust my opinion and interpretation of his characters to suit my own romantic needs. Lovelace is just another case in point. He was definitely out of order, manipulating, malicious, crossing the boundaries of what is acceptable, even back then.

              Liked by 1 person

  3. Book marking the list to come back to. I have a full day today, whether I feel like it or not. (mostly not, but that’s besides the point.)

    Agree with you on ALL points about the Rachmaninoff. Proves that just because one is a huge fan/well-wisher, they can create things that just make you shake your head. This is an awesome performance. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Clarissa is wonderful and deserves more exposure, after all where else can you hear Richard’ s ‘trained voice where he sings classically.


    • Good point, Yve.
      Maybe I need to dig out my notes on Clarissa and write that post… as you said, more exposure would be good, especially at a time when the fans are interested in Richard’s audio work, anyway…


  5. Lots of lovely stuff! TBT? What does that mean? (I’m being very slow, I’m sure).

    10, 11, 14, 15… but 18 wins for me this week 😉

    That film does look very funny I must say 😂


  6. Thanks for the comprehensive Round-up with all the naughty Valentine’s cards…I’d prefer No. 3 with young Richard on the staircase, all puppy-eyed and Hugh-Grant-esque. Love it!
    And, of course, a fresh character, namely Claude Becker, looks also good, moody and grumpy at its best.
    Thank you for recommending “Toni Erdmann”. I saw it just after the Cannes Film Festival and I’m afraid it won’t get an Oscar. It’s laconic wit and the demure cinematography is a bit too german for the American audience. But it’s a strong story with a fascinating female lead and a heartwarming father-daughter relationship. Deserves to be seen with the original cast and not as a remake with Jack Nicholson and Kristen Wiig.


    • I love that puppy!Richard, too, the sultry look, the lower lip… I even like the almost-mullet.
      Toni Erdmann – yeah, it probably won’t get the Oscar. Humour is not something that Germans get rewarded for. We’ll get credit for self-flagellation and the relentless reevaluation of our (recent) history (see “The Lives of Others”). I shudder to think what the Hollywood re-make will make of the film. I was discussing that with my hubs before I found out that the rights to the film had been bought up. My guess is, that the slapstick elements will be completely over-played, the characters will lose their ambiguity and become the “high-flying daughter” and the “loser dad”. The workplace sexism will be over-emphasised, and the disconnect between the foreign business people and the local Romanian businessmen will turn into a “lost in translation” source of comic misunderstanding. Point of the film completely lost. And even then, I suspect it will not be a box office hit, either…


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