RA Pocket Shrine 132/? – Forearmed is Forewarned

Two entire months since I last posted – and made – a shrine. Do you want to hear the whole blabla? I’ll put it under the strikethrough, so you can skip my feeble excuses… It’s not even that I lack ideas or inspiration. Plenty of material from BS and LLL, as well as the latest snapshots from the O8 set is available. Work is always a major distraction, but I have become better at organising my time and would usually have a couple of days per week where I could leave the laptop and sit at my workbench instead. No, it is the lack of undisturbed peace. It’s winter, and the best husband of all has been on his annual builders’ holiday. Since bloody beginning of December!!!! *exasperated screams* While he deserves the rest and the relaxation more than anyone (certainly more than me in my sedentary job), it’s just a little bit too much, having him hover around the house with no advance notice of when he is going to turn up behind me and look across my shoulder. I CAN’T WORK THAT WAY!!! But finally, needs must because I had promised a shrine to snowyjo aeons ago… Honestly, I can’t even remember exactly when I said I was going to make one for her… This one finally saw the light of day when the dear husband was on a week’s holiday. No further comment necessary.

Snowyjo had once mentioned to me that she really liked the forearm-themed shrine I made for CraMERRY. With that in mind, I set off. A really sweet little tin had turned up in the meantime, so sweet, I didn’t feel like spraying it.

Unfortunately I had some hardware problems when photographing the shrine, so no useable detail pic of the top part. But the important message is below:


Be warned, forearm porn coming…


That red and white warning tape is deliberately extra-long, for snowyjo to cut off the last word, in case it is too offensive… But well, mighty, armoured dwarf-forearm, and RL forearm. You have been forewarned…

img_7622-smThe words are magnets and can be removed…

Spring time is on the door step. The construction industry is going to pick up soon. I hope. Because I am itching to be creative, there is a long list of shrine projects in my notebook, and I can’t keep sewing because the black fabric has already run out again… Let’s hope, the husband’s order book is full, and his return to work is smooth…

45 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 132/? – Forearmed is Forewarned

  1. Oh no, there’s nothing so disastrous to creativity than a prowling husband, even if he is the best one in the world when it comes to RA tolerance! Glad he’s had a rest, though. And your shrining powers are undiminished, I’m glad to see 😃 That’s a powerful RAPS!

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    • I’m sure he would be horrified to read my complaints. He knows exactly what it feels like because he hasn’t done any creative stuff for exactly the same reason – his head is not in the right space for painting unless he knows he will be undisturbed…

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  2. Loving your latest creation and very fond of those shapely forearms 😉
    I can think of one other blogging friend (who shall remain nameless) who, I’m sure, can totally sympathize with your problem! This may sound really mean but I have to admit that I am happy I have my own suite/flat with family in the rest of the house. I didn’t “meet” RA until a couple of years after my husband died so can do my “Richarding” in relative privacy! Soooo much fun!


  3. And while we are admonishing you to cherish said husband, may I remind you who made the first shrine? Huh? Huh?! (As a Christmas present, right? During a prior seasonal builders’ break? Can’t you busy this dude with home repair assignments?)

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    • You are absolutely right. Without the “best husband of all” there would be no shrines at all… And he really is very good, taking on the housework when he is at home, while I am working on the laptop. What irks me, is that it is unpredictable when he will suddenly turn up behind me, checking what I am doing…


    • Da könntest du Recht haben. Das Döschen kam allerdings schon leer zu mir. Obwohl, nicht ganz. Ich glaube, die edle Spenderin hatte Blumensamen für mich beigelegt…


  4. Excellent job with this shrine. As for your husband, now I’m imagining what it would be like for Richard to accept a role as a construction foreman…OOOF! ;D


  5. Beautiful Inside and out. My husband peers over my shoulder occasionally. In fact, I hid the tablet under my sweater when I heard him open the door. Of course I was drooling over your latest shrine at the time. That was a close one.


    • 😂 😂 😂 I know the feeling well. I do the same. My laptop is deliberately angled away from the door so hubster cannot see what is on my screen when he bursts in through the door. No such luck when I am shrining – can’t hide the “evidence” quickly enough… Damn, it’s like living “in the closet”…


  6. Had a chuckle at the thought of you busily working on a shrine with a hovering hubby about. I don’t think mine is particularly interested in what I’m doing, though he will read my blog once in a while.


  7. A screensaver that says ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ might work on a subliminal level. I’ll let you know if mine does the trick.

    Ace shrine and fabulous forearms, though.


    • 😂 Nice little hint, Jenny. I need a keyboard shortcut that activates the screensaver every time the beloved husband comes in the vicinity of my laptop… Like now…. arrrrrgh


  8. Now that Mardi Gras has ended, I’m catching up with your blog posts and was thrilled to see my little red hot RAPS. LOVE the arm porn. And yes, his arms are porn. Heck, his whole body is pure porn. I can’t even pick which body part I love the most. Eyes, nose, lips, ears, front of neck, back of neck (your fault you started it), chest, raspberries, tummy, furry legs, a peach of a bubble butt, his dancer’s feet…any part can arrest me in my tracks as I drift into a hypnotic state. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    • Oh, of course the arm porn shrine had to make it in a separate post. Yeah, the man is fodder for full-body porn, of course. Very distracting. Your list is a great treasure trove of inspiration/topics for shrines…


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