2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #8

No introductory words this week, only to say that I am preoccupied with my thoughts elsewhere. Here is some beautiful distraction for you – to calm the heart. Or make it beat a bit faster…


  1. Thorin as a waiter?!!??? I didn’t see that one coming. Fan art by nerdeeart
  2. These dark character study gifs of Francis Dolarhyde by ghisborne should make me feel scared. But somehow they are touching in a fascinating way
  3. Have we had spies with phones in a set by queenoferebor1204 before? If so, I don’t care – always good to look at
  4. Oh, I wish there was a grocery where you could get *that* cut… What a Guy wants by nfcomics
  5. Don’t you all love Richard talking with his hand? Gif from the RJ interview, by ofgreengables
  6. What do you think of this Hughard mash? By whitefangedrose
  7. Another audio quiz – who’s this chaRActer? Provided by clematis70
  8. This is going to be a controversial one. Daniel Miller and cigarettes. You know which side I am on. Gifs by ghisborne
  9. OMGOMGOMG I love this. I am 13 again. Sparkly Guy forever. Gif by angelkostan
  10. What a lovely compliment – and gorgeous description. By deepfried-shortpeople
  11. ooooh, a Kenneth gif. Sit down and make yourself comfortable. By murmil
  12. A collection of Armitage as selfie bomber and poser by kimanne723
  13. Sorry, a lot of ghisborne today, but I am including this gif set here because on first sight, I had difficulty deciding whether that is Lucas North or Daniel Miller – which says a lot about RA ageing very very “attractively”…
  14. Orangesinnumerable pronounces it tie time. Yes, not tea time. TIE time
  15. Not new at all. But I love this particular photo shoot from the vaults of time, so I am linking to dragon-fly-nirvana’s post and drooooooool
  16. Totally backing orgvnisedchaos’s suggestion
  17. No comment. Fizzy-custard
  18. Not quite sure whether I already linked to plushified RJ interview RA by sinnaminie?

Right, there we leave it. Hope you have found some entertaining posts in that.

A little note at the end, just to give advance notice of my annual Social Media hiatus. Like the last couple of years, I will take a break from Twitter in an effort to stop my time-wasting scale back my activities on that platform. I am giving up Twitter for Lent, which means I won’t be able to react to tweets and DMs over there between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. So please don’t think I am ignoring you, should you be trying to make contact there. I will, of course, continue to post here, and my e-mail is also active. I am counting on my fellow fans to keep me up-to-date with anything of note via other channels 😉.

Lastly, I would urge you to hop over to preoccupiedwitharmitage, read Jenn’s most recent post – and leave her some love.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone, and take good care of yourselves,

Guylty ❤️


25 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #8

  1. Lovely, lovely roundup, a rich cornucopia indeed. Sparkly Guy has brought out the giddy teen in me too, and if that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.

    The smoking… It’s like watching one of those glamorous black and white films they used to show on TV in the small hours, or perhaps the kitchen sink ones with tortured working class rebel heroes in them. Though mostly those guys clung on to their vests. Not that I’m objecting that Mr. Miller didn’t.


  2. I am currently in the twilight zone of computer communication. Sometimes it works, after a few minutes, and sometimes my words just disappear into outer space. (Probably a good thing, most of the time). Anyway, Just wanted to say, I love the smoking shots. Since Daniel is smoking hot, he can take it literally. At least in my non-smokers opinion. Smoking on screen has been used almost as long as films have been made. I don’t know if it the mouth/sucking thing, or just the exchange of breath or what. But in spite of everything, smoking is still a sexy thing to look at on screen between consenting adults. Even when the two guys are puffing away, it makes them look cool. Despite years of anti-smoking ads, But that’s just me. Maybe some people find those scenes a revolting turnoff. I don’t think the producers would allow so much smoking in the series if that were the case. I imagine they focus group those things. But it is not airing on commercial TV, so who knows?


    • Oh no, internet limbo is horrible. I get so impatient when that happens. I’d rather know that the whole thing is completely down, than sitting there, waiting and wondering whether my comment/post will actually be posted…
      Yeah, there is something sexy about smoking, as bad as it is. There must be a reason why it is still being shown on TV. Mostly, though, it is the baddies who smoke, isn’t it? Which is why I was slightly doubtful about Daniel on BS. A clean-cut hero wouldn’t smoke. So what are the deep, dark secrets he is hiding… Tune in to season 2, I guess…


  3. Wonderful links, 9 is 1000*OMG! Giving up Twitter for the Lent, this would be really tough! The Great Lent starts here on Monday, we fast and we don’t watch TV in the first and last week, but for me is very difficult to ignore Twitter. I admire you for your decision!


    • Sparkly Guy is turning out to be quite popular, right?
      I still have a couple of days to go until Lent starts. Apart from Twitter, I’ll be giving up chocolate and crisps. Currently debating whether I will also black list butter, gluten and French fries, as well as Diet Coke. But that seems a big challenge… I intend to go out with a bang, though. Last night it was a big takeaway with plenty of fish and chips. Today I am going to indulge in chocolate… I don’t think that staying away from social media will be that difficult. The chocolate and crisps are a way bigger challenge for me…


  4. Respect, the decision to ignore twitter must be hard for a communicative person like you. I don’t have until now a twitter account. Sometimes I think it would be funny, sometimes I think I will spent to much time on this medium. For a moment it is much harder for me to abstain from sweeties like chocolate


    • Well, I am not giving up communicating completely. The blog is my back door – I will be blogging, and reading on blogs, so I will still get the news. Not tweeting myself – well, I have just noticed that I spend a lot of time on Twitter, and for a while now I have been unhappy with the lack of time for shrining. Well, there’s the obvious solution. Stop hanging out on Twitter, Guylty, and do something with your life…
      Having said that – chocolate and crisps are quite a sacrifice for me. But it has to be done. The summer is coming, I am 10kilo overweight, and I really need a proper motivation to get started with a diet. Lent is just a handy time period…


      • A non serious attractive proposition: after each finished shrine you lose 1 kilo (ok: 500g) before starting a new one. Until summer you will get a wonderful shape and a stock of shrines 😇😚


        • That sounds like an interesting challenge. I am wondering whether I could do it, though. Maybe the other way ’round works more productively: every week that I do *not* lose weight, I have to make a shrine…


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