RAPS in Retrospect – Part 1 [John Proctor]

Today is one of those days. Do you know that feeling when you get up and you *know* that something is off and that the whole day is going to less-than-optimal? Thursday is my deadline day, it is *always* busy, if not downright frantic, so I need this day to run on “optimum smooth”. But: I got up and felt shattered despite a relatively early bed the night before. At breakfast, it turned out that dearest son had only left a handful of crumbs of my favourite cereal to eat. Putting on a bit of make-up, I totally smudged the eyeliner. Tried on the lovely jumper which I bought on sale (without trying) yesterday to discover that I am too fat to fit in it. Then a major translation request came in, which I may not be able to do because I am heading off for a six-day break-cum-work trip to Germany tomorrow. And to round it all off, I feel hungryhungryhungry because of my Lent resolution to give up snacking. Hmph. So, to balance all that out with something that cheers me up, I have decided to distract myself with some light relief despite looming deadline and start the day with a RAPS post.

When compiling the latest RAPS stats the other day, it occurred to me that the Shrine Gallery is getting rather big and complex. Since the photos are my only record of the existing shrines (no prototype archive; all one-offs), I want to “file” them under the individual characters depicted. It’s also a good opportunity to reflect on the genesis of each shrine, and to go down memory lane in terms of fandom and what prompted the making of the shrines.

In no chronological order, but purely based on inspiration value, I am looking at John Proctor today. I want the sheer energy and principle of the man. Ok, and some nipple action, too.

#45 Proctoritage

I made this shrine for Herba, some time towards the end of the run of TC. It is hard to see in the pictures, but I totally love the juxtaposition of the soft feathers in the background and the less-than-soft expression on Proctor’s face in this shrine.


I must confess, I also quite like the composition of my photo up there. A nice example of a deliberate crop that leaves some essential RA in there (beard, NOSE!!!), yet still makes clear that the RAPS is the centre of attention. Or that’s what I wanted to bring across here.

#47 RAPSpro(ctor)

Photographing the shrines is a major part of the whole project. Staying with the mini tins, I really like how the next photo turned out. Thanks to some shallow dof, angelic RA/Proctor sits in the middle of the stage. RAPS (8 of 10)

*teehee* I had forgotten about this cheeky commentary. Proctor in rehearsal, with angel wings and a halo. Not really what immediately springs to mind…

#53 Proctorian Salemite Nipplitage

Gif by thranduilea lifted from preoccupiedwitharmitage

Gif by thranduilea lifted from preoccupiedwitharmitage

And then came what has been dubbed “Nipplegate”. Do you remember it? As far as I remember, it became a thing because some video footage of TC had been released (the Digital Theatre release???), and some fans were allegedly “trivialising the seriousness of the character and play” by focussing on the peekaboo Nipplitage in posts, pics and gifs… (for evidence see right).

That kind of thing always gets my back up. So Guylty immediately sprung into action and produced a shrine, showcasing the unmentionable. Heck, if they are producing costumes as delightfully tatty as that, for an actor as delightfully totty as that, we must give them the attention they deserve!

And thus, this naughty little number happened in March 2015:


(You have no idea who I had to bribe to get my hands on the costume scrap… just kidding!)

#90 PCM

Fast forward five months. TC long over. Wistful memories of the previous year’s ‘summer of love’. This one was custom-made for Hariclea, with a few little prompts thrown in just for that opera-loving lady. Sometimes everything simply falls into place even though the details had not even been planned prior to shrining. Divine intervention? I had decided to incorporate the crest of the Royal Opera House – and once in the shrine, I was able to “balance” it around Proctor’s head in such a way that he looks like a king… I even like the coincidence of the word “Dieu” peeking out over his left shoulder with RA being the total king of our hearts, and the word “Droit” on the right just in case you have forgotten where left and right are. Oh, and chest hair!!!!

Crucible Memorial (3)

#99 Ferocious Angel

The penultimate Proctor shrine so far (made for Linda60) sums up the character in rather plain fashion.

thumb_IMG_0481_1024 (1)

Beautiful introspective shot from the promo images by Jay Brooks. Eyelash porn and proboscitage. Too evocative to obscure it with too much glitter. Instead only a couple of removable magnets. The coinage “ferocious angel” another lucky coincidence: rummaging through my box of poetry magnets, these two words were stuck back-to-back. Another divine intervention?

#105 Thank you Proctor

Lastly, a bonus Proctor. Just a small one, as part of a series of shrines made for the supporters of the ##cRAftingforcharity auctions in September 2015. (With that white foamy background, it looks as if he’s in the shower, doesn’t it? Unintended…)

#105 That all the world will be

Right. For the direct comparison – the whole shebang in one collage:

Conclusion: Can’t believe that all the Proctor RAPSes are in mini and small tins. This larger-than-life chaRActer needs a bigger platform. Proctor XXL?

Which one did you like best? And what’s your favourite picture of Proctor – either officially photographed or screen-captured? Link them into the comments. Inspiration is always welcome.

25 thoughts on “RAPS in Retrospect – Part 1 [John Proctor]

  1. It’s really interesting seeing them all together! I think my favourite is ferocious angel… for the eyelashes… ❤️ But nipplegate is just hilarious (I’d forgotten that gif too: priceless!)

    Sorry your day started so badly and I really hope it has improved by now! If not it’s not too far off wine o clock… 😉


    • Eylashgasm is always welcome.
      The gif is top class – especially with the chosen screen shot as background. That sated grin on his face… LOL
      Day didn’t really improve. Annoying hunt for news, but made my deadline. But then had to attend PTM which was totally pointless. Back at home now, and still working. Can’t wait for this day to be over…


  2. As above I really like “Ferocius angel”, the main pic is still my fave of the posters (I have that one at my work so I can have a relaxing moment every now and then).

    So your curse are Thursdays? Mine are Tuesdays (or were, they are having a break), they hate me and I still don’t know why.


    • Interesting results here – the plainest shrine gets most votes. Maybe because the picture is not only yummy but also unobstructed by other stuff.
      And yes, you could call my Thursdays cursed, that describes it adequately. What did you do to break the curse???


      • For some reason about a year ago my Tuesdays begun to behave normally, I don’t know why. Maybe I begun to just re-normalize my own thinking about them, I’m not sure. They used to be such a bad-mood-days and everything would be like dragging my feet in mud but now I think it may be that I have scheduled meeting my best friend usually on Tuesdays now.

        About the shrine; maybe it’s because it’s most like RA himself 😉


        • I think that is a great strategy to make a hated day better – deliberately scheduling things that you like doing. I used to do that with the month of February – my SAD month. I always tried to go away for a weekend, so that I would actually look forward to February…


  3. thank you for this. It’s neat to see them all together.

    Nippletage. That’s my fav!!!!

    (Thursday is my hell day. I don’t think I taught at all today – I was busy breaking up fights.)


  4. This is like being asked who your favorite child is (always the one not being a holy terror at the moment). But I would have to go with Ferocious Angel. The luxuriously long lashes. That thick beard just waiting to run my fingers…my face through. The bowed head, almost in surrender, in acceptance of his fate. I can’t take my eyes from it.
    I’ve got several favorite Proctor pics but I’ve never figured out how to get a link that doesn’t link back to my computer. Don’t know if this will work but here is my ferocious beast (sadly it’s not in color): http://3intheam.tumblr.com/post/90938166684/richard-armitage-as-john-proctor-in-the-old-vics
    I also love the bathing pics, especially the one where his arm is extended upward before bending and he is washing his neck.
    This is too hard.


    • Hehe, favourite child… Yeah, I find it difficult, too. Plus, occasionally tastes change…
      That photo is a great example of the ferocity of Proctor. Or the one where he is standing still, hands cuffed (?), screaming…


  5. I too am going with the herd and ‘Ferocious Angel’, though I like the close up Proctor picture (at least I think it’s Proctor) in your latest ‘Kiss me Devour me’ shrine.
    It must be nearly Friday your time, so I hope it’s a better day for you. xx


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