German Lesson

In lieu of a round-up, here is a quick post with greetings from Hamburg. I am on a short break here with CraMERRY and Suzy, basically just enjoying the city without much of an agenda.

This is what we saw on a “Litfasssäule”:

German lesson: Die Welt ist Richard. You may be able to figure out what that means. German and English are sometimes quite similar. Not sure whether “Richard” is an adjective or an object… But that is a fangirl slogan if ever there is one…

Greetings from all!

30 thoughts on “German Lesson

  1. Das muss ein Zeichen sein!
    Was will euch das Universum damit wohl sagen???
    Hoffentlich habt ihr eine großartige Zeit zusammen. Liebe Grüße aus dem “Süden”.

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    • Das Universum wollte uns eigentlich sagen, dass wir uns das Stück angucken sollen. Haben wir natürlich nicht gemacht, aber immerhin 😉
      War superschön – und viel zu kurz. Wie immer…


    • Hehe, Strauß or Wagner… *eeek*.
      It was great, and I was surprised how much water there is in Hamburg… all the little “Fleete”. It was nicer than I remembered Hamburg…

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      • Did you look at the Elbe Philharmonie at all? I’ve seen some pics now from people who have toured the inside and it looks like just a fantastic building.

        I love Hamburg (have visited about five times — wish I had had the opportunity to live there). How did you miss the water earlier times? (j/k)


        • The Elbphilharmonie was the only sightseeing item on my list. We attempted it, but did not get inside. Huge queues for tickets. (Not cheap, either.) It looks very impressive from the outside, and we got some insights into the building and construction of it from an info point outside. I can’t wait to go to a concert there. I think this building will put Hamburg on the map for classical music…
          Hehe, yes, the water in Hamburg… It has been a long time since I walked around. (My second b’friend was from Hamburg – and that was 25 years ago…)

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  2. Hope you girls had a relaxed and relaxing weekend!Hopefully spring was around.. seems reluctant to come round here.
    Die Welt is Richard indeed… in many ways actually. Speaking of the advert itself it was scary seeing the play recently and realising how close to the bone it is in many ways even today.
    On a more private meaning i wish there was more Richard in our world… miss seeing him act and being able to let myself be absorbed by one of his characters.

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    • We had a blast – did you see Suzy’s post? The weather in Hamburg was mild on Saturday, so it was actually a pleasure to walk around.
      It’s been a while since I last saw RIII, so I can’t quite remember the play in context with today’s world…
      As for missing seeing RA act – thank cod for DVD 😉

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    • Yes, there are a few pics. Unfortunately my laptop is playing up and doesn’t like card readers any more, so I haven’t been able to import the pictures yet.
      And yes, we went to Elbphilharmonie, but unfortunately it was a Saturday and *everyone* wanted to see the place. The queue for tickets for the sightseeing platform was humongous, so we just looked at it from the outside. Impressive. I can’t wait to go back some other time and go to a concert there.

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      • yes just indulged in Suzy’s post last night :-)))) made me smile and laugh. And it’s quite the architectural beauty the Elbphilarmonie, a friend of mine who knows a bit more told me the hall inside is rather small, ie in terms of seats, which is a nice thing i guess , normal venues range between 1000-2000 for reasonably big ones, i think this one is closer to 1,000. Looks a bit like Berlin Philarmonie from pics and yes i’d love to go there too. Jonas could really find a date to do a concert there! Safe travels in homeland by the way xx


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