2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #9

The round-up is back! After my exhaustive picture post from yesterday, I have nothing more to add or to say. Except for a quick shout-out to my Twitter friends for no other reason than to say that I am missing them, even though I am not exactly suffering from withdrawal symptoms per se. A week and a half into Lent, the transition to a Twitter-less life has been surprisingly easy, and with a backlog of work piled up after my week away, I badly need the time that I have gained by giving up Twitter. I will be back, though… that’s a threat promise.

  1. I love this fan fiction so much… Chapter 4H of Aside from Heaven by Zeesmuse, posted on rafrustration
  2. This is a bedside table arrangement I can fully subscribe to. Gif by angelkostan
  3. More moving Guy thanks to orangesinnumerable
  4. Feathery RA? It’s actually better than it sounds. Gif by angelkostan
  5. Porter greetings on International Women’s Day. Gif by riepu10. That shy smile… *melts*
  6. LOL – chop chop chop, interpreted by orangesinnumerable
  7. A comprehensive post of ausschweifendemotte’s prisma art edits of RA
  8. And for those of you who like fan fiction that’s set in reality – here’s Finding Nemo, also by Zeesmuse, posted on rafrustration
  9. I don’t really like to perpetuate negativity, but since I am a) the owner of FOUR plushies and b) an admirer of sinnaminie’s art, I am linking to this post of hers where she details the kind of messages she has to put up with. I join her in asking fans to be respectful of each other. Don’t like it – then ignore rather than attack!
  10. Clematis70 puts the George Gently episode with Richard Armitage as Ricky Deeming into modern context. Lots of nice pics of “Ricky”, too!
  11. Not sure why sinnaminie calls this plushie “custom barefoot/bare chested plushie”. That is Lee Preston, full-on!!! I am strangely aroused… LOL
  12. If that head jerk was directed at me, I’d probably be too weak in the knees to follow the command. Compiled by orangesinnumerable
  13. The tumblr name really says it all *coughs* *chokes* *dead*. Not quite SFW… by massage-beautifulxh
  14. The master of eye fucking… eh… eeek… eye ACTING. As proven by ghisborne
  15. Richard. Just being Richard. Not acting. Not saying anything. Gifs by ofgreengables. I could watch that forever…
  16. I agree with inert-pen-maid: That “carved jaw line” will be the death of me. (And the raspberry peaches.)
  17. Nape curl porn of the highest order. Looks good in b/w, too. Thanks to riepu10
  18. Guy not the boss? *coughs* I want to see the girl who willingly hands in her notice to *that* boss… What a Guy wants by nfcomics
  19. Throwback to “flirty Gerty”… by ghisborne

And with that, back to the studio!

Enjoy your weekend,

Guylty ❤️

32 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #9

    • I am missing you and Twitter, too. And the new plushies and Plushie Richie’s dry wit. I wonder whether I can bend the rules, continue to refrain from tweeting myself but read on Twitter and use it for DM…
      While I have you here – was thinking of you this morning. Do you know any Mads Mikkelsen fans? I am just asking because I brought back a broadsheet newspaper from Germany which contains a 8-page spread ad for clothing brand Marc O’Polo who is currently using Mads Mikkelsen in their campaign. The photos are stunning – shot by Peter Lindbergh. I’m no Mikkelsen fan at all, but those photos are just fantastic. (Saw them on bus shelter ads in Hamburg, too – they are real eye-catchers, very attractive) Anyway, even as a non-fan, I feel bad about throwing out those gorgeous photos. They are only printed on newspaper paper, but boy, you can tell it’s Peter Lindbergh. Anyhow, if I were still active on Twitter, I would send a tweet out to all Mikkelsen fans, that I have that ad “brochure” to give away because I suspect that there may be people out there who would appreciate it. Have you any ideas? Does anyone come to mind?
      Here’s the BTS from the shoot; gives you an idea how gorgeous the photos are:


    • I’ve crossed swords with my fair share of loonies. For a while, I was in the ‘strike back and strike back hard con fuco (which I probably misspelled) but now I’m simply on ignore mode. I have one plushie and am looking at another probably in the summer. I think they are the cutest!!!! And to me, that’s the only opinion that matters!


  1. Fairly new to tumblr-ing (goofily galumphing my way about actually) but love these weekly round-ups and have been happily humbled to be included in them…thanks!


    • Hello and welcome to this blog ccchiara! And welcome to the weird world of tumblring ;-). Glad if you like my little weekly summary. Long, long ago, I started out as a RA fan on tumblr. Eventually moved on into blogging, and ceased posting original material on tumblr. But I still have a soft spot for my first fandom home on tumblr. And also thank *you* for entertaining us with your posts on tumblr – will you disclose what your tumblr handle is???


  2. Thanks for the roundup. Really enjoyed Zeemuse’s writing. Just got back from a long trip so I am more out if it than usual. I missed a lot of RA stuff and can’t seem to catch up. It’s funny, but I feel guilty if I don’t try to cram all things RA into my brain. A form of fan guilt I suppose.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know the feeling – fan guilt alright. And then there is another type of fan guilt, caused by the opposite: the realisation that my brain is crammed with heaps of unnecessary information about the OOA. Oh, if only all that brain space was used for other things… we could be top of our jobs!!!


  3. Wow, this was a rich(ie) roundup! 10, 14, 15, 17 and then flirty Gerty to complete the job of demolishing me! 😁

    Now, off to re-read some Zee!

    Can’t believe the crap sinnaminie has to put up with – how can something so charming and harmless provoke such negativity. I just don’t understand people like that 😤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, plenty of nice drool opportunity here. AND some reading matter. A good week for a round-up.
      I agree with you – I cannot for the world understand why these cute little fan items cause any such nastiness in people. No one is asking people to love the plushies. But why not simply shut up if they don’t like them?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I think there are different kinds of trolls in our fandom. Some of them believe themselves to have a genuine issue to defend. But I think that lately that a lot of people (not just trolls) are bored and hoping for excitement. In the minds of some other kinds of trolls, a little drama never goes amiss. (It occurs to me that the extinction of imdb might mean that the people who consistently trolled fans over there are now missing their usual fix — those people have been pretty consistent in periodically stirring up trouble across multiple platforms.) As the comments on the tumblr post show, there are always people who are willing to believe the worst of — and thus try to provoke the worst from — the RA fandom.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What Helen said, re Sinnaminie. Her stuff is great. This week I really enjoyed the bedside table, and in the comments, your link to the Mads video. He is very photogenic in black and white.


    • I have to say, I could not take my eyes off those ads with Mads Mikkelsen! The photos are just so good. Everything about them. The dark background, the contrast, the lighting. It just goes to show that the photographer makes a huge difference to the look of a person. I would love to see RA photographed by Lindbergh.

      Liked by 1 person

        • Completely agree with you. Yes. Anyone who has a characterful face – with lines and scars, facial hair, expressive lips, long lashes or multi-hue hair (often when grey-haired) – looks really stunning in b/w, whereas an even complexion and conventionally beautiful face may look a little bit flat in monochrome.

          Liked by 1 person

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