2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #10

Interrupting my Saturday for a quick round-up. Can’t quite believe it myself, but after weeks of nothing, suddenly the urge to shrine is there, just because I forced myself to make the Paddy’s Day RAPS yesterday. I rather hate interrupting the flow of creativity, but needs must…

However, before I forget, just a reminder that the raffle for the Irish Lesson RAPS is still open. You have another 11.5 hours at time of posting this to enter the raffle by commenting on this post.

And now today’s offering:

  1. Sinnamin’s plushie Richie has dressed up in honour of St Patrick’s Day… what a cutesy little leprechaun he is…
  2. Thorin looking very vulnerable and exhausted in this picture posted by movie-dream. Not sure why I had never seen this before
  3. Not new, but I think there is always space for a bit of Porter arm porn, courtesy of Ghisborne
  4. Remember the rather harsh criticism levelled at Sinnamin for her plushies, linked to here in the round-up last week? Well, a nice fellow tumblrer wrote this for her
  5. Neither are we, youtransfixmequite…
  6. Ok, let’s concentrate on the essentials. By igotanaddixon
  7. I almost like this post by queenoferebor1204 better for the caption than the photo
  8. It’s never wrong to be reminded of the selfie king. Picture set by freya-asatru
  9. Richards-smile gives us exactly what it says on the tin. Awwwww
  10. Apparently this ‘game’ is something “What a Guy DOESN’T want… 
  11. Clematis70 takes us back to a little gem from an NS audio commentary
  12. Totally love nerdfinger7’s “quick sketch”
  13. Some reaction gifs by ra-overload from the ITS press event
  14. Wow! Picture by lucife56
  15. Alrighty, leaving you with this gif set of the Esquire Video by aniorro. It’s nothing new. But when I saw it again, a thought suddenly flashed through my head. Imagine you were getting ready to go out for a big function. You are already dressed and are sitting down on the bed, trying to work an earring into your earlobe. As you distractedly look up, your eyes suddenly rest on the view of your man getting dressed in front of the mirror… Watching him close the buttons of his shirt, your heart is beginning to beat faster. He is blissfully unaware of your stare as he bends to tie his laces. His face in profile, as he stops and gazes out of the window in thoughtful repose, makes your heart explode in love and affection. He turns back to the mirror, putting on his bow tie and smoothing down his hair. You are desperately trying to get the butterflies in your stomach – and the tingling feeling slightly further below – under control. Too late! As your gaze locks with his in the mirror, you know that you won’t be going out tonight…

Ooops, did I just write reader-insert fan fiction? Damn, I feel hot. Or maybe it’s just the menopause.

Off to the shower, ladies.

Guylty ❤️


26 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #10

  1. You know, that Esquire vid was what was going through my mind that last ‘Getting ready for the Big Party that is going to bring shit down’ in Manna. I LOVE that video. Love love love love. Thanks for a wonderful round up!


  2. Da sind aber einige besonders schöne Fundstücke dabei. Nummer 2 hat es mir extrem angetan. Dieses Bild habe ich auch noch nie gesehen.
    Herzlichen Dank! Du hellst an diesem trüben Tag meine Stimmung auf.


    • Ja, man wundert sich, was es immer so noch zu finden gibt… Nummer 2 war für mich auch eine schöne Überraschung. Schön, wenn dir das den Tag verschönt hat xx


  3. Late to the party yet again. Sorry. Another great roundup — I’ve been rationing it out to myself,to make it last. And another vote here in favour of the plushies. I don’t recall any such rumblings caused by the Pop!Thorin figure.

    Lots of goodies here. My Guy goggles make me tend to forget that Porter and Thorin are more than worthy of notice too, not to mention the others not featured here. Loved #2 and #3. though my screen’s pretty small and it would only let me make out the arms of course. *cough*

    Nice to see #15 again, especially when enhanced by your mini fic. You really should do more in this line, Guylty. Your summing up of Guy’s character a couple of posts back was swooningly spot on.


    • I also wonder why anyone thinks the plushies are controversial. Harmless fun. And extra cute.
      “Guy goggles” – love the term. I think I may have a pair of them, too.
      Oh, when did I sum up Guy recently? My memory is like a sieve…


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