New Moo Cards

It’s pretty scary how dependent we have become on technology. Another day with a heavy workload has just been interrupted – by a power failure which has lasted for more than one hour at time of writing this. Or make that “time of painstakingly tapping this into my mobile”. Because mobile internet is still running. But wow, what to do with myself when the Internet is not really an option? I am resorting to a fluffy little post with no major content at all.

I have just spent a pleasant two minutes of admiring my new set of postcards. Recipients of my shrines or other assorted dispatches may already know them. I have had photos of my RAPSes printed as glossy postcards. Moo is my printer of choice for such orders (as opposed to Blurb when it comes to photo books). My previous stack of 100 moo postcards has been decimated over the last year, so I decided to treat myself to a new batch, with added images.

As is the fashion on tech blogs far and wide, let’s do a little unboxing to pass the time…

The arrival of a parcel is always reason to cheer. And especially when containing some delicious images. Yay!

Having opened the box, moo – as usual – comes in pretty, practical and well-designed packaging. “Designed by you&moo” sounds really good.

Almost looks like a little clutch bag: My order of 100 postcards have been divided in two little stacks, packaged in these card wrappers each. Can’t wait to open them…

Good start. The ferocious beauty of John Proctor greets me at the top. Fabulous print quality, as usual – high-gloss backs and smooth surface fronts for writing messages on.

The best part comes last: examining which images I actually uploaded to be printed.

Just a little preview of the “spoils”…

Conclusion: As usual, moo does not disappoint. From packaging to actual product, the items are beautifully produced. The service was reasonably fast (with the “economy shipping” option, it took nine days from placing the order to receiving the finished product), and the print quality and option of having individual images printed (rather than 100 of one image only) are worth the relatively high price of €73.79 (incl. P&P) when compared to other offers.

Right, the electricity has just come on again. I can finish the post and return to work *meh*.

Last word: If anybody would like to receive one of my new postcards from me, leave me a comment below. I am happy to spread a bit of postal love. There are 13 new postcard pictures available, so I will put those 13 cards aside to send one each. If you are afraid that the imagery is unsuitable for public viewing, let me know and I will discreetly put the card in an envelope…



54 thoughts on “New Moo Cards

  1. Those cards are oh-so-gorgeous and would be the second best thing to having a real RAPS!!! Thank you once again for sending some much needed beauty out into the world 😍


  2. Your cards are really extraordinaire and they bring a lots of joy and fun. I would love to have one, please. Thank you very much.


  3. I would also love one! I’m totally for some luscious beauty in my mailbox 😀 Is there any Thorin RAPS among those? *puppy eyes*


    • Hello and welcome here, Korina. Sadly, Thorin is missing from the new set of postcards. I’ll check my old set whether there is a Thorin there. (I can’t remember whether he was part of my previous postcard designs…)


    • Hi Korina – please send me your address (via contact form on blog or message to guylty (at) photographer (dot) net.) And I will have a look whether there is a card which features Thorin 🙂


    • Oh gosh, 5 hours is even worse!!! I was really relieved when the power came on. I claim it was because I need the internet for my work, but in truth, I felt slightly disconnected from my blogging world, and that worried me…


  4. Es wäre nett, mal eine Überraschungskarte im Briefkasten zu finden, glaube ich, und eine seltene und ungewöhnliche erst recht. 😉


    • Hehe – nice. Tbh, I think those postcards work much better when they *don’t* come in envelopes. (But at the same time, I do understand that some people may want to avoid attracting their husbands’ and children’s attention…)


    • Dear L – I don’t think I have your address yet. Please send it to me via contact form on this blog, or by e-mail to guylty (at) photographer (dot) net!


    • Cool. Am collecting names to get an overview of how many people there are who are interested in receiving a postcard. Will either raffle the 13, or send one to each if it’s not too many. I’ll be in touch.


  5. I would love a postcard. No need to be discrete, I outed myself years ago. I don’t have a special request. Anything with lots of skin showing will do.:)

    Liked by 1 person

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