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Good morning.

Just as a placeholder for the weekly round-up that usually posts on a Saturday morning. Delayed by power cuts, workload and overnight visitors from the Fazerland, I am pushing the round-up to some time tomorrow. In the meantime, if you are bored, I have a thing for you that I stumbled over on the interwebs the other day. The kind of dodgy internet info that is best taken with a grain of salt (if not a whole boat load of sodium chloride…) Not sure whether this speculation is new or old, it certainly is rich.

And in some way very funny to read – how *ever* can you put a price on a career, on an award, a role, or a voice? I guess it is called ‘bankability’, yet it remains nebulous and vague. In the end, it all comes down to clickbait, using a reasonably well-known name to attract attention. I have no idea what kind of ads will now follow me around because I clicked on the above linked webpage. Saving you from dodgy ads and worse, I have screen capped the piece on Richard Armitage’s *supposed* net worth for you. Have a look laugh!

I didn’t think this up, someone else did:

13 is a lucky number. And if true – well done to him. I actually think he is priceless. But that’s just me.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

32 thoughts on “That’s Rich

  1. Apparently there are a number of sites that claim to calculate “net worth” of actors based on what they were thought to be paid for various recent gigs. I didn’t think this was public information, yet they come up with very specific “earnings” amounts per film. Still when I checked some of these sites for Ciarán Hinds (“net worth”: 2 million), I found that the list of his films was not accurate.


  2. 13. Kommentar (zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens – wenn sich niemand mehr vordrängelt).

    Bekomme ich jetzt auch 13 Melonen oder 13 Appearances in Filmen, Serien oder so?

    Funny find! 😛


  3. I think that is a really optimistic number. I’d have found $7M in the realm of possibility, though, assuming frugality, real estate appreciation, and a really good investment guy. Then again the US stock market has been behaving insanely lately, so if he’s invested here and didn’t take a big hit from Brexit … and maybe he has resources we don’t know about 🙂


    • Depends on what we are talking about here – as I understand it, this is not about the actual wealth in his possession, but the nominal worth of his name, i.e. his bankability.


      • To me, “net worth” = assets – liabilities. I’m not sure what bankability would mean for an actor, since they can’t be bought and sold. If they mean, what he could get for a movie, they are way off.


        • I understood it in the way an insurance company would put a value on something like the limbs of a footballer. You can’t buy a leg, either, yet they attach a nominal sum on it for the purpose of insuring it…


          • That’s not net worth. If we’re talking about how much they have to insure themselves for when he’s filming, I’m also guessing it’s much less than that. His major vice may or may not be smoking and an occasional tendency to ski. Since has no dependents, I can’t imagine that he would insure his own life for $13M, either. I find this question interesting, but you just said you don’t want to talk about money, so I’ll stop. I found this:

            “For a film with a budget of $100 million, cast insurance typically costs $350,000 for 10-12 people. However, if one actor involved is a “problem actor,” that can drive costs to $700,000 to $1 million.”

            So I wonder if (e.g.) $35K is enough to ensure the filmmakers for $13M?



  4. Whatever the sum I am sure he could afford Las Vegas LOL I imagine his lifestyle to be frugal compare to some actors as I remember his excitement when he bought a big screen television and got Sky he seems very pleased with himself.


    • Vegas should have been no problem for him… And judging by the designer clothes, he is definitely not on the breadline. Anyhow, I don’t really want to discuss his wealth, anyway. His attitude to wealth and money seems pretty down-to-earth. Didn’t he once also say something along the lines of “making money is not really my objective, the things that you can’t buy are much more precious”?


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