2017 Armitage Weekly Round-Up #11

Happy Sunday, everybody!!! I already had the Sunday feeling yesterday, mainly because my visitors left for the airport in the afternoon. They had arrived on Thursday evening for a flying visit. Usually visitors stay until Sunday, though, and so it felt as if the week had already ended a day early. I’ll be continuing the feeling today, by making Sunday feel like Monday. I’ve got a lot of work which needs to get done before I set off for a week’s visit at my mum’s. Wish me luck.

Anyhow, here comes the weekly round-up, for that Saturday feeling 😉

  1. Great gif set of Thorin being majestic by blurryfandoms
  2. Just as an illustration of the creativity within fandoms. This appears to relate to a Lucas North-based fan fic that two fans wrote way back when. She-dreams-of-leto shows pictures of the illustrated, printed fan fic
  3. LOL – the caption of this gif… by orangesinnumerable
  4. Who doesn’t, nothing-wrong-with-a-lil-class?
  5. Riepu10 throws us back to the past. Dr Tom Steele, anyone?
  6. A few nice edits by angelkostan
  7. A chaRActer F*ck Marry Kill. By fizzy-custard. What would you do?
  8. There is something in the way RA gazes intently at someone. Here as John Thornton. By orangesinnumerable
  9. *snorts* Yes, I bet you excel there, Guy. Nfcomics “What A Guy Wants” series
  10. Fail or not, the idea of this kind of accessory on the majestic dwarf king is pretty funny. By life-is-righteous
  11. The answer is yes, thisbecoming
  12. This is simply gorgeous! Fan art by youremyfanart
  13. An actor meme by ghisborne: Heinz Krüger. But since the meme is an answer to a question, why don’t you answer it, too? Which is the film/show you first saw Richard Armitage in?
  14. These are two gorgeous icons made by not-possess-but-marry. They work best if you click back and forth between them, like a stop motion flick
  15. Wow – Guy of Gisborne, drawn by takingmeds-art
  16. Edit by angelkostan. Use recommended for all fans

There, we are one better than last week. Still not that much stuff, but well…

Guylty ❤️

10 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-Up #11

  1. Very Nice. Thank you. I spent the weekend having a Hobbit Marathon on my new television. MUCH better than watching on my laptop. I was hoping there was a usb port in it so I could watch the rest of Berlin Station, but alas. Nope. i guess I’ll be burning it and watching it then.

    Heeeeeeeeey I just thought…. Sir Guy on a wide screen….. mwuhahahahahaha! I might not be seen for a while.


    • Oh, a Hobbit marathon on a big screen TV is so much better than on laptop. Pity that you can’t stream BS onto it, too. If I ever have some alone time, I might try that, too. Daniel Miller in full glory. Yum. I have seen Guy on my TV screen. Yup, it suits his ego much more than a poxy little 12″ laptop screen…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for getting a roundup out with all the things you had to do this week. The Thorin artwork was amazing. Have fun on your visit. 😉


    • As much as I complain, it’s not really a hardship, looking at all those posts about RA on tumblr ;-). Getting ready to travel tomorrow. Apparently the weather is really nice – I am looking forward to that.


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