RA Pocket Shrine 134/? – Looks of Love

Today I am travelling home to mum. For a bit of entertainment during the inevitable waiting time at the airport, I have decided to post another shrine that has been sitting around in my stash for a couple of weeks. This shrine, incidentally, was going to be the Paddy’s Day offering. And so I started out with the green-flowery fabric background in the tin, only to discover after that, that my printer was not working and I had to make do with the imagery that already happened to be printed out. It didn’t fit into the dimensions of this tin, and so I abandoned the Paddy’s Day theme for this tin and started the actual Paddy’s Day shrine in a new, smaller tin. That one eventually became the Irish Lessons RAPS.

Anyhow, today’s shrine is yet another mash-up RAPS, i.e. a shrine that isn’t devoted to just *one* chaRActer. It has a slight Easter feel to it. You’ll see what I mean…

Can you tell I am hankering for spring time? The outside of the RAPS is fresh and cool. Those colours really give me a jolt…

Ooolálá… Now, what are those chicks seeing, that we can’t see??? I was tempted to stick a little “Armitage Army”-logo over the chicks. They kind of represent us, the fans, besottedly staring at the OOA, chattering amongst themselves. *chirp chirp* 🐥 “OMG look at him” 🐤*tweet tweet* 🐥 “His pecs, his shoulders, his thighs…” 🐣 *peep peep* 🐤 “Those raspberries make me feel hungry” 🐥 *twittertwittertwitter* 🐣 “I want to snuggle in those armpits” 🐣 *purrrrrrrrr* 🐥 “The perfect nest…” But well, the “looks of love” apply both to the OOA, whose appearance is pretty and devastating, as well as the admirers whose love-struck gazes kill with kindness 😉

Here’s another gGuy who is famous for his look of love… If that doesn’t say ‘love me’, then what does? I have no idea why Marian could resist that look…

I forgot to shoot the RAPS with the customary candles. But there are two slots for the candles among the pile of hearts on the left.

No idea yet what I will do with this RAPS. Rather than a raffle, I would love to surprise someone with this shrine. There are so many people who have consistently taken part in my raffles – and always lost out. I need to give Lady Luck a little push, I think. But  I’ll have to deal with that once I am back from my travels.

..🐥 🐣 🐥..

On a different note – I was reading Judiang’s latest post and realised that I had carelessly neglected updating my List of Armitage Photo Shoots with the last known shoot. I have finally added Emilio Madrid-Kuser, who is responsible for the Jane Hotel shoot, to the list. To do so, I looked through his various online platforms, alas, no new imagery from that shoot was found 😔. However, you can read some of my remarks here. Kuser is currently top of the list. Chronologically, that is!

However, working on the list brought home to me that the number of photo shoots has really gone down after the highs in 2013 and 2014. And not really for lack of exposure – Richard has been as busy as ever, filming so many projects in the interim, promoting Hannibal and BS, garnering a couple of awards along the way (Saturn). There has been press photography (which doesn’t feature in my list), but a deplorable lack of more polished studio photography. While Sarah Dunn is not *my* favourite photographer of RA, I think she could be the one to get him in front of a lens again… especially as she is *his* “favourite photographer”. But for the moment, I am looking forward to whatever the BS promo machine is going to churn out in the run-up to season 2 of the show. I am counting on you, German photographers!!!

Ok, I better shower, get dressed and pack now…

Laters… 🙋


75 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 134/? – Looks of Love

  1. *gg* Ein Kükenschrein, süüüüß! Und ich weiß auch die Absurdität der Zusammenstellung zu schätzen. 🙂

    Guy plus die Herzchen und “Love me”? Hm, sorry, aber ich finde, das passt so gar nicht zur anderen Hälfte. Und es erinnert mich zu sehr an Zuckerperlen.

    Die Außenseite ist übrigens wirklich sehr gelungen, finde ich. Dezent und frisch.

    Gute Reise, hoffentlich ohne zu viel Knatsch. 🙂


    • Total Zuckerperlen und unpassend, da gebe ich dir Recht. Genau deswegen ist das ja auch ein Schrein – überkitschig und unter Niveau *grins*. Was auch immer mir gerade so in den Sinn kommt.
      Mal sehen, wie die Reise so wird. Dieses Mal ganz alleine, ohne Kinder, die das Schutzschild darstellen…

      Liked by 1 person

      • So, nachdem ich jetzt stundenlang gegrübelt habe, muss ich doch mal nachfragen:

        Ist die Dolarhyde-Guy-Kombi Zufall oder bin ich *doch nicht* die einzige, der aufgefallen ist, dass auch Francis’ Geschichte eine Marian enthält?

        Mich wundert schon lange, dass ich nie irgendwo eine Erwähnung davon gelesen habe …


        • Nö, war nicht wirklich Absicht. Ich brauchte nur ein Nacktfoto von einem chaRActer *grins*. Aber jetzt wo du es sagst – obwohl Marian ja Dolarhydes Mutter ist, gibt es da gewisse Parallelen. Sowohl Dolly als auch Guy sind um die Liebe einer Marian bemüht. Guy ganz direkt, Dolly wohl doch eher im Verborgenen, da von seiner Mutter effektiv ignoriert und verstoßen… Interessante Parallele. So kriegt dieser RAPS noch eine ganz neue Interpretation. Und die Küken sind das Therapeutentrio…


  2. I love green colour and this one is just beautiful! Love the outside part, but that inside lower is to die for ❤
    p.s. Marion was an idiot 😛
    p.p.s Have a lovely time with your Mum 😉

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  3. well, i totally love this one! ticks all my boxes and can’t even begin to tell you the giggles i’ve had at the image of him stepping out of the shrubbery in the buff, scaring away all the pigeons.. well, chicks, ducks or whatever else pitty pats around in the park LOL
    As to Guy shamelessly putting on puppy face .. gets me every single time!
    Wishing you safe travels and a good stay, how long will you be gone? hope not long xx


    • Hahaha, I love the way you put that. “Stepping out of the shrubbery in the buff” 😂. Ehm, but well, yes, I wouldn’t mind a little stint in the Garden of Eden with this specimen… he wouldn’t scare *me* off…
      I’ll be in Germany for a week, returning next Tuesday.

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  4. Love this new shrine, Guy is so gorgeous on this pic. ❤

    Can you tell me where you have find this pic ? I'm note sure if I have seen it before and I find it beautiful. Thanks. 🙂


    • That’s totally the best place for a RAPS – a breast pocket in a jacket. It’s unfortunate that most women’s jackets do not come with a breast pocket…


  5. Had I the cash, I’d give you a thousand dollars for that shrine right now, it is that gorgeous and perfect and OH, MY GOODNESS, HE’S BEAUTIFUL!!! #ooof (Bon Voyage!)


      • “…snuggle in those armpits…” So I am not the only one with a fascinated by his armpits. Only The Armitage armpits have ever stoked my desire to bury myself in them. I dream of this. It’s a lovely RAPS. I don’t know why you thought it wouldn’t pass muster. It’s His Royal Hotness after all. And yes, Marian was a twit, although the expression on her face when she walked in on a half naked Guy trying on armor was one of almost lust. Forget nature boy. You could see she was really fighting the desire to jump him. I think this was one of the few times in history when no one was upset that Guy finally skewered her, sadly, with the wrong sword.
        I think I missed the acronym list. What is OOA?


        • Oh, I am a total freak when it comes to armpits. While most people think they are a turn-off, I find them extremely sexy. Something about a) the source of pheromones and b) the vulnerability of the spot, I guess. Here is a specialist tumblr in case you need to fuel the obsession: http://armpitagearmy.tumblr.com/
          OOA = object of admiration 😍

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    • It’s really nice to know for me that my shrines are being used for the purpose they were designed for – to distract and reassure. I didn’t take a shrine with me this time, but for me, Pop!Thorin does the trick. He is with me.
      The visit has started nicely so far…


  6. Wonderful shrine… how you keep coming up with new ideas is a marvel, Guilty 😃

    Have a fabulous time in Germany (well, as fabulous as you can!) and travel safely. 😘


    • Hehe, I think it’s the muse that keeps inspiring me. Glad if you still think they are funny.
      Arrived safely at home and spent a nice evening with mum. I have a good bit of work on my plate the next few days, so hopefully we won’t have time to get upset with each other 😉


  7. Love the shrine. A breath of spring with a slight scent of sex. Great combination. We know RA is a chick magnet, so cute to see them in the shrine.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Gewagte Kombination, fast schon provokant!
    Stell dir den Gesichtsausdruck des Herrn Guy vor, wenn er davon erfahren würde, dass er in direkten Zusammenhang mit rosa Herzen und zuckersüßen Küken gebracht wurde. Hach – allein die Vorstellung rettet meinen Tag.
    Danke dafür! ❤
    Hoffentlich hast du eine gute Zeit mit deiner Mutter und die Sonne lacht euch da oben in den kommenden Tagen doch noch. (Bei uns ist's sehr frühlingshaft – "hatschiiiiie")


    • Stimmt auch wieder – aber es macht ein bisschen Spaß, Herrn von Gisborne ein bisschen zu provozieren.
      Und ja, die Sonne lacht wie verrückt. Ich sitze gerade bei 24 Grad und Sonne auf der Terrasse und arbeite jetzt von hier. So habe ich mir das gewünscht, juhu!!!
      Und du hast Heuschnupfen? Dann wünsche ich dir, dass die Pollenzeit bald vorbeigeht!!!


  9. So, that coat of arms on the lid – where did you get that? My husband is a coat-of-arms specialist, I have a feeling he would disapprove of this one, but I don’t. 🙂
    Hope you had a great time visiting with your mum!


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