OT: Mimi Teaches Graphic Novelism Again

Interrupting my usual scheduling for a little advertorial. Anyone remember WonderCon?

There, I have jogged your memory, I hope. WonderCon is a comics/movies/TV con, taking place this weekend in Anaheim, CA. No sightings of Mr A in California, but instead, our very own Mimi of Night Flight Comics is heading to WonderCon to take part in the series The Secret Origin of Good Readers. From the program:

Revealed with a live comic book creation. Bill Morrison (Bongo Comics co-founder and illustrator, The Simpsons, Futurama) and Mimi Cruz (Night Flight Comics, Salt Lake City) will demonstrate how you can write and draw your own comic book. Educators will be able to use this model in their own classrooms to jump start reading, writing, and illustration

For your kind consideration. Sounds pretty cool to me. If you happen to be in the area, you might want to pop in? If you can already read, it’ll be still worth while, because Mimi is a total blast!!!

And as a reward for reading this post, here’s more WonderCon eyecandy from 2014:

PS: All good here in the Fazerland. Heading to big family event later today, where I will be hiding behind my camera. There are definitely advantages to being a photographer…


32 thoughts on “OT: Mimi Teaches Graphic Novelism Again

  1. for some very odd reason i can only see the first of the embeds, however Thank God for that as i instantly puddled at the sight of that! any more heat and i’d move from liquid to gas state!
    Fancy that… surprises me even now the effect he can still have on me after all these years with just a photo and a wrinkled look! What is it, what is it and how does he do it? Not that i really want to know the answer or combat the effect 🙂
    Mind you got the same effect the other day from a totally blurry at the distance pic just looking at his raised wrist and bearded face.. LOL #hopelesslyARmitaged

    Anyway, love the event and hope mimi will have fun too as i am sure the attendants will! Of all the Filmcon stuff i saw a couple years back the comics panels were by far the most fascinating! In a way it is similar to film making but in a different medium and you have to be even more creative in 2d and with much fewer words. Have fun mimi!

    Best of luck for big event and hope all goes very well xx

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    • *coughs* you can only see the first ’embed’ because it isn’t an embed! As usual, WP won’t let me embed the Getty images, so I had to take a screenshot and pretend that it is a picture link straight back to the source. So annoying…
      And what – that old pic makes you ‘puddle’??? Remember, it’s from the ’90s footballer era’, i.e. with pony tail. 😂 Coupled with that leather jacket, it indeed feels very 1990s.
      But yeah, I agree with you in general on marvelling that someone whose appearance is actually so familiar to me, still manages to make me feel like swooning… I can only explain it thus: He is still so devastatingly attractive because it is not only his outward appearance that shines, but also something from inside. Talent? Decency? Cheeky Wit? Humility? Probably a combination of all.
      Yeah, hope Mimi will reach lots of young people with her event. I wish I was in the US and could take my kids to her workshops…

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  2. PS Doesn’t he look just as if he was saying: ‘come here, i can carry you in my arms and with these hands just like that! How about it?’ .. ‘ggg’ .. never mind me i am being totally silly here #Kopfkino

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  3. The whole family loves comics, needless to say Asterix and Obelix first, and it is a pity that we are a couple of km away from this event to meet Mimi in real life
    The excuse taking pictures from a family event is my hubs excuse, each time I am left alone inthe “first” row with no hiding place. Have fun in Fazerland!!


    • Mimi has really got me into comics, too.
      Being behind the camera has its advantages. At least when you don’t know that many people – you can pretend to be busy and don’t have to make an effort to make small talk 😉

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  4. Mimi does a fabulous job spreading word of comics helping kids learning to love to read. She also is a tireless dynamo of positive energy. Hope there are some RA/Wondercon fans that can meet her there.

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  5. Bill Morrison introduced me to the artist, Jeff Keane today. He created The Family Circle newspaper comic strip. He was curious how Bill was going to work his magic on the panel tomorrow and we had a good discussion of how the presentation was going to work. But in a nutshell, we are going to model (make an example) of how to start a comic story from scratch. As I sometimes tell audiences, I am not actually a comic book artist, I just play one on TV. Bill Morrison is the talent ✏️and I am always thrilled to have him on stage. He is a funny, (obviously being associated with The Simpsons and co-creating Futurama with Matt Groening he would have to be funny) but he is also sweet, kind and generous to give me as much time as he does every year. He has been a wonderful friend for over 20 years now and I am grateful.🌼 Although, now that I think of it, I probably have never told him any of this. Oh well, I’m sure he knows.


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