2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #12

Small-town idyll, Germany

Hello from summery Germany. Things are going swimmingly over here in the Fazerland. Three full days and not a single not of discord between me and my mum, and 24°C on the terrace yesterday – I was working on my laptop in the sun. Wonderful.

I’m in a good mood, not least because I am enjoying the thought that Mr A is currently 380 kilometres to the East of me, enjoying a mid-spring high with sunshine and mild temperatures, listening to the same news that I am (revelations that the German intelligence service snoozed through a Federal politician being observed by a hostile secret service… there’s a plot line for you, Messrs Steinhauer and Winters), getting back into the swing of playing Daniel M., and picking up his healthy Vegan habits again… *teehee* True, I wish I was there, now, too. But it’s just nice to know he is working again, together with some colleagues he evidently enjoys collaborating with. Let’s hope for continued social media communications via Keke Palmer and Madame Forbes.

In the mean time, let’s check what Tumblr has on offer this week…

  1. Soooo, in case you haven’t seen it yet, here is RA guiding through an ‘office’ in Berlin Station. Giffed by angelkostan for those of you who don’t have Snapchat
  2. And once again, longer, as gif – and (crucially) with subtitles. Prepare to be shocked *haha*. Gifs by ghisborne
  3. A cry for help by fizzy-custard in reference to a fan fic – in case you have detailed knowledge of RA’s schedule prior to shooting TH
  4. I can see how this is a thing: loveofromance posts a gif set of “Mr Thornton with hand on his face”
  5. LOL. Totally time-warped by nfcomics’ What a Guy wants
  6. Throwback to total towel tottie times. Courtesy of randomhunkage. (I’d actually call it “hunkitage” – but that’s just me…
  7. Really peeved Guy. Would make a great reaction gif. By ghisborne
  8. I think this is actually not a photograph but a drawing. Fan art posted by rcarmitage-poland
  9. OMG, this is priceless. Asgardianairlines proves that Armitage has a picture in the attic! Funny!
  10. Wow! Gorgeous drawing of Thorin (and brother). By moodyhedgie
  11. Really does what it says on the tin… NSFW. By ahiddenkitty
  12. Seriously pretty Guy. Thanks to riepu10
  13. ROFL. Clematis70 knows what RA is doing right now. Scroll right down to the bonus pic!
  14.  Wow, this is quite different. Icarus of Gisborne? Fan art by vassa07
  15. Lastly – I am linking to this even though there is no RA in it. But I loved seeing what another artist is putting into my favourite medium, i.e. a mint tin. Posted by culturenlifestyle

Hope you’ll have a lovely weekend!

Take care,

Guylty ❤️

46 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #12

    • Well, the excitement has just been racked up a bit, what with filming starting up again. I’m sure it’ll quieten down, soon. Unless La Forbes and Keke keep snapchatting…


  1. Mit den langen Haaren gefällt mir Guy wirklich besonders gut. Wenn er dann noch so umwölkt schaut wie in Nr. 7 – unwiderstehlich.
    Das Bild von Thorin und Frerin ist sehr gelungen. Ich mag die Geschichten, in denen Frerin noch lebt. Zusammen mit ihrer Schwester sind sie unschlagbar. Fili und Kili in XXL sozusagen.


    • Aren’t those painted tins amazing? Fabulous works of art.
      Re. veganism – I confess, that was me slipping a little April Fool’s prank in. I doubt RA really is vegan – but his buddy Michelle Forbes is, and when last filming in Berlin it sounded as if she was proselytising for RA to become vegan…

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  2. Lots of lovely Guy this week. Peeved or pretty, I’m quite spoilt for choice, so I’ll just be greedy and go for both — with a little time warp on the side.

    Still waiting for Mr. Miller to get a move on with getting himself onto DVD. I’m making do with all the little tidbits meanwhile, but I hope he gave that desk a good going over with Pledge afterwards.

    I agree all the way with Kathy Jones about the little tins. That latest one with the chirpy chicks and the torso rising sky-clad from a sylvan glade would have been a masterpiece, even without the bonus of puppydog-eyed Guy.


    • Yeah, I really wonder when they will monetise their show by publishing it on DVD. They are probably still holding out because they are trying to sell season 1 in major territories. I read in a German article about BS, that they are currently negotiating a deal with a German broadcaster, for instance.
      Loved how you put this “the torso rising sky-clad from a sylvan glade”… If I didn’t have to work right now, I would feel prompted to create another such RAPS…


  3. Richie Guy (dare not to confuse with Guy Ritchie!!!!!!!) with luscious long hair is the ultimate sight!!! Thanks for the extra treat of male prettiness!!
    PS: On the 1st day on set for BS2: RA complying to his reputation – being naughty 😀 (Auf den Mann ist Verlass!)

    Almost a bit too hot, the last weekend, wasn’t it? Surely you enjoyed every minute of it.
    ……und laßt euch den Spargel schmecken. Habe heute auch zugeschlagen….aber der wartet noch auf die weitere “Verarbeitung” 😉

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  4. …… Na, er erzählte seiner neuem, sehr jungen Kollegin, dass er justament auf ihrem (neuem) Bürotisch letztes Jahr etwas “Sport” mit einer anderen Kollegin (?) hatte!!! 😁 👿…. So ungefähr………


    • Jou. Wobei ich das inhaltlich nicht so ganz einordnen kann. Gesehen haben wir *das* ja in Staffel 1 noch nicht… Hat der bad boy da etwa Dienstliches und Privates verwechselt??? o_O weia…


      • ……Tja, die Antwort weiß nur der Wind 🍃!!!!!!!! …Dienstlich? Privat? Sind ja auch leicht zu verwechseln….oder wollte er etwa nur Eindruck schinden?????? Mmmmhhhhhhhh..


            • to say something mildly rude in order to get a reaction? I thought the taste on this post was borderline questionable. In some settings (but I assume not this one) that kind of commentary would be considered low level sexual harassment. Keke Palmer definitely has a gift for picking inappropriate material to post on her social media.


                • you think? 🙂

                  In my experience people escalate each other in situations like this. But I’m remembering back to the fan concern over Graham McTavish “nipple-twisting” Dean O’Gorman back in 2013 — some things that are really harmless BTS really should stay there because as observers we can only have a productive misunderstanding. Palmer doesn’t seem to have a sense of that (snapchatting a script page, too, on top of these other things), and I don’t know if that’s a generational thing or a preference for provocation or if those things are related, or part of her social media business plan … just part of her pattern. I wish she’d cool it.


                  • *coughs* I was trying to sound neutral-ish…
                    I actually think that it is a combination of enjoying the idea of being provocative (like all young people do…), as well as being part of a generation for whom there is no border between RL and virtual life. Their online life is real for them, their real life is played out online. Tweeting a picture of the script that gives away part of the surprise of season 2, is less provocation but more unprofessionalism, though. Is it still online? I would’ve thought someone will rap her knuckles for that.
                    GMcT nippletwisting DOG caused concern? Oh whoa!


                    • re: script: it was in a snapchat so I assume it’s gone now.

                      McTavish felt the need to tweet that no one was harmed or something along those lines.

                      My online life is real to me, too, just not fully contiguous with my real life. I don’t think they’re doing themselves any favors by mediatizing every possible moment, but I also think that is something that probably only becomes clear when they get stung, and I don’t wish that on anyone, so … But to me it seems like we’re encountering a lot of people at the moment who have a hard time navigating this. Armitage, who thinks nothing about his daily life is appropriate for social media consumption, is just the opposite case. Everybody’s gotta decide for themselves, I imagine, and a lot of people think I overshare.


                    • LOL on McT… “No nipples were harmed on this shoot”, or what? 😂
                      Just to clarify – yes, I consider my online activities part of my real life, too. But without the pressure to share everything I do in either direction. My RL and my virtual life overlap, and I enjoy that, but I somehow think that my generation is far more aware of the kind of unnecessary “noise” that is generated by the ubiquitous camera phone and social media network.
                      I think you are right – we are in a time of transition. The digital era is well established, digitisation has crept into almost every aspect of our lives. Some of us are still resisting it, whereas the younger generations seem to have fully embraced it. As usual, the happy medium is probably where it should be at.


                    • Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I don’t think that humans having nude pictures of themselves associated with their real names, or vids in flagrante, is going to become a standard. I think people will pull back from that (it sounds like young people already are, according to some media that say young people don’t like social media that automatically make things permanent). And of course there are gradients based on location. My nieces (12 and 13) have neither social media nor smart phones and apparently neither do most of their friends. Apparently the standard in their community is you get a smart phone when you get a car.


                    • Re. younger generations shying back from permanency – I don’t really think that is only a reflection of their awareness how dangerous this total exposure to social media can be. Surely they know that even the contents posted on a transient service like Snapchat can be screen-capped and saved. Imo it also reflects their short attention span. They are used to things going fast. Fast cuts in films, fast internet speed, fast food. There are less constants nowadays, both online and offline, even down to how long people live in a place or work in a company.
                      Interesting re. smartphone usage among youngsters in your area. That’s definitely not the case where I am. My kids were among the latest in their respective years in school to get a smartphone, and they were 13… Many of their peers had a phone by age 10.

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