2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #13

I am so sorry, people. There is very little to link to this week 😞. Not sure why? Distracted by tweets straight from the horse’s mouth? Debate channelled into discussion of unwise RTs? General spring lethargy? Had I known that I wouldn’t find much by way of tumblr links, I would’ve postponed my fan art shopping post until today, just to fill up this post a little bit. I can’t even upgrade this with a cool fan vid update – I just searched on YT, and there has hardly been anything added for the last three years. 😢

This is only a short list. Might only be enough for an espresso… Here, at least take a new header…

  1. Ok, major throwback to Inspector Linley. Riepu10 reminds us of Philip Turner
  2. LOL. Yup, that’s the Thorin reaction I would imagine. Posted by prob8850
  3. For the beard lovers among you, orangesinnumerable is your enabler
  4. The Thorin detail in this piece of fan art posted by sigun-i-loki, is stunning
  5. Thilbo fans or not, this painting by srapsodia is really beautiful. I loved the flowing hair, the round contours, even the intense colour
  6. A hero with feelings – John Porter seemed real despite his superhuman agent prowess. Here’s a gifset by magswoods that I could stare at for hours…
  7. Bagginshield – but cuuuuuute. Drawings by tosquinha
  8. There is something very uplifting about studying the various expressions on his face. Giffed by nedardstark
  9. Fan art of Guy of Gisborne that almost looks like an art nouveau stained glass design. This is called ‘atonement’. By adrianova

Well, more time for your weekend, eh?


Guylty ❤️

24 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #13

  1. No need to apologize. You do what you can do, and we’re grateful for whatever scraps you throw us.

    Regarding #8: The eye shift, brow lift and blink of dismissal in left column second gif down (left center) is scathing. I’d love to know what was just asked or said….


      • Oh my gosh, I’m totally wrong! The slowed down speed makes it misleading. Click the link below those gifs and watch the interview. That spot is at 1:36. He’s not peeved at all, and his face looks quite different at actual speed. It’s a delightful interview, actually. The questions are good, and he seems genuinely and sincerely engaged. Wow, what a valuable lesson to learn that these minute inspections of every facial twitch can be misleading. (Not that it will stop me….)


        • Just checked – yeah, he was just listening intently. Nice interview, yeah. I am still baffled, though, which scene in Hannibal he is referring to? Where Dolarhyde bites Chilton?


          • I assume so, though I found other scenes which were less obviously faked, i.e. potentially more real, more horrifying, such as the wild look in his eyes when he stood in the garden covered in blood looking up. (First episode, I think, and I think it was also in a trailer briefly.)


  2. Nice job. Atonement seemed very Manna-ish to me.

    There would be fanfic, if the mod from RAF would ever update. I still can’t get Ravished uploaded there, nor the more recent Nemo. 😦


  3. Thanks for the small but mighty selection this week. I had not seen Phillip in a few years. He has aged quite well. And the fan art was exceptional, IMO. Maybe having less to go through makes each item stand out. Sounds like a good theory. I’ve decided to re-read War and Peace in the time saved in enjoying a smaller than usual round up.

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  4. A shorter than usual roundup perhaps, but very welcome all the same. If you scroll down, there are some hidden gems to be found along with #3. I particularly liked the one where Guy is pondering alternative choices in handwear.

    And the awww! factor in #8 is off the scale. I sometimes watch interviews with the sound off, just to hone in on the expressions.

    Maybe one day we’ll wake up to find #9 featured among the fan art shopping. I have my credit card at the ready…

    Thank you, Guylty. Roundup 13 was small but beautifully formed.


    • Oh yes, orangesinnumerable has posted quite a few of those picture gifs. (I think we had the handwear options a couple of weeks ago in the round-up, too.)
      What a great idea, watching an interview with the sound off, to concentrate on the visuals. I must try that, too.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! xx


        • oh i remember that interview but this, this is so much better!! and so much more intriguing! The expressions… oh my. All i can hear in my head is version of come here and similar, and that final look… if seduction was possible in a single look, that’s it. (Also love the one where he is trying hard not to laugh at what he is reading/saying). Why does it make me feel like he is channeling a bit of Guy?
          And those lips are the reason why i sometimes do like to see him without a beard 🙂
          Thank you!
          And now i am going to make some tea… iced!

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  5. Thorin inspires some of the most amazing drawings and paintings… as does Guy 🙂 Maybe it is high time for some period hero stuff again 🙂
    Short but very sweet


    • You’ve got a point there. Why not do another period piece, RA? Your last major role has been contemporary, but since you cut a fine figure with a neck-cloth, it would be great to see you in a bodice-ripping crinoline drama.

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