2017 Weekly Armitage Round-up #15

I had a brilliant half day with Helen yesterday. After chatting over tea and muffins we had a lovely meal in my favourite French bistro, an after-dinner walk through Dublin (including Trinity College), followed up by a G&T in Dublin’s premier hotel The Merrion. Helen brought me lots of goodies for shrining – and these gorgeous earrings. Cat lovers will love these (see right). I think I will have to fight off my daughter for them…

Helen stayed the night in my house before travelling on today. My house is *not* the premier hotel in Dublin; in fact, it is rather old and cold. But I have ways and means of making my fan friends feel hot… *evil laugh*

Thornton frame – a once-off by Riepu10 aka Paula

In case you are feeling cold, too, I am offering you the following by way of internal heat. Lean back and enjoy!

  1. Guy has no time for questions… at least according to nfcomics’ What a Guy Wants
  2. Clematis70 takes her audio quiz to number 22 – can you guess this character?
  3. Frame maker extraordinaire riepu10 also delights with her gifs. Here is Francis Dolarhyde’s first encounter with Reba
  4. Two pieces of news for me in this post by clematis70: a) John Porter’s middle name and I am still laughing about it, and b) his birthday. Crap, born in 1974??? I feel old!
  5. In this set by totallyradioactive15 Daniel Miller looks like a mixture of Lucas North and Francis Dolarhyde to me
  6. Yeehah, and we have our first gifs of Pilgrimage. Here’s a set by ghisborne. Christ, is that really Raybo on the horse??? The moustache (?) really fooled me
  7. You can never have enough of the new stuff, so here is another set of gifs from the Pilgrimage trailer, courtesy of angelkostan
  8. A look behind the scenes in sinnaminie’s workshop: This is how a plushie is assembled
  9. And since I hadn’t linked to mezzmerizedbyrichard’s RA challenge answers yet, here are her responses to #1 and #2 – with gifs
  10. Fan fiction idea: Imagine you are in a tight elevator with Daniel Miller. This is what you are looking at. Now take the story from here. Gifs by ghisborne
  11. Totallyradioactive15 replies to #3 and #4 of the RA challenge – and I am including it because she shows some of her fan art
  12. Clematis70 has put RA’s short voice bit in the Pilgrimage trailer into an audio post. Il parle avec un accent francais?
  13.  *woof*. The wonders of Snapchat filters? Thanks for amusing us, life-is-righteous!
  14. LOL mezzmerizedbyrichard. Had to include that for the caption!
  15. I really like how hannibatchsmuse describes Armitage’s characters. Heart-breaking, indeed!
  16. I think this is a fan candid from Leeds. Not sure whether I have seen it before, but I think it is a really nice pic of RA. Posted by freya-asatru

The unwritten rule of compilations is – and I have known that since my mix-tapes days (now I have dated myself…) – not to repeat the same source/band/singer. So, sorry for a few names popping up several times in this link list. But their submissions are too good to ignore. Many thanks to them – and all others – for supplying us with pretty gifs, funny posts, and other droolworthy material. Much needed – and much appreciated.

Leaving you with a Saturday mood booster – old, but good. Just because I can 😉.


Guylty ❤️

13 thoughts on “2017 Weekly Armitage Round-up #15

  1. How long are you here in Dublin Hun .i live in Ireland , 30 minutes from Dublin . Would you like to meet up with another Armitage fan😁😂


      • Thanks for this post! By the way, I would like to spend family vacation in Ireland this summer. A confrere has settled there and welcomes and guides tourists who love fishing. We do not fish. If you have ideas of unusual nice places, I would ask my son to change the secret code of my email address, I definitely lost it from memory. I need Ginkgo!


        • Dear Squirrel – I am happy to give you some recommendations here, but you can also send me an e-mail if you prefer to take it behind the scenes. My e-mail is as above!
          Generally, I definitely recommend the West coast of Ireland for a vacation. Slightly wilder, more dramatic coastline with high cliffs, wide, long sandy beaches and a backdrop of mountains. Typical holiday areas are Connemara (Counties Galway and Mayo), or in the South of Ireland Co. Kerry. Connemara is fairly easy to access (3 hours by motorway from Dublin), whereas Kerry is a longer trip (unless you fly into Cork Airport). I can personally recommend a couple of places where I have stayed, if you are interested.
          I am heading for a short break in the West again, soon. Lovely little town called Westport. (Close to “Pilgrimage” country, by the way.)

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I was listening to #12 and my hubby walked in… “What the heck are you listening too?” Lol.
    I really like the 2017 calendar in #11… I may just have to print me one as she suggests!


  3. Ode to Inigo

    Who is to blame,
    For that weird middle name?
    Was it Mom or Dad,
    Was one of them mad?
    Who ever heard,
    Of a name so absurd,?
    Too bad we’ll never know,
    It might have been a typo.

    Kathy Jones .

    Liked by 1 person

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