RA Challenge ♡ #3: Fave Fan Art

It has come to my attention that I have shamefully ignored the part of our blogging community which blogs on platforms other than WordPress. Thank goodness for Servetus – she pointed out that Ania, who blogs at her blog zRYSIOwana, had responded to the RA challenge, too. Do check out her post HERE; it is written in Polish, but there is a handy translation button in the top right corner. Her answer to the “favourite fan art” question contains two pieces of fan art that are fabulous and which I did not know. Have a look yourself.

And now, in order to keep up with Ania, I have spontaneously decided to double-post today and blog my response to #3, too.

♡ #3 My Favourite Piece of Fan Art

The Original Portable Shrine, made by my husband in December 2013.

Or better still: The Original Portable Shrine with its shelves filled with assorted RAvotionalia and presents from fellow fans:

Is this a cop out? It is certainly a piece of fan art, i.e. art created for a fan. But it is not fan-made. However, my collection of fan art made by fans for fans, demands a post of its own. You see, I find it really hard to single any of you creative fellow fan artists out. There are so many of you who have produced extraordinary pieces of fan art. A post that highlights some of my best-loved pieces of fan art will come soon.


30 thoughts on “RA Challenge ♡ #3: Fave Fan Art

  1. What a husband, to do that for you!
    (P.S. I just posted the answers to the first 7 questions, but for some reason WordPress posted it back 15 hours to when I first was writing it! Arghh! So annoying! That’s the second time that’s happened, where it goes to the wrong place in the timeline in the Reader. They tell me “it’s not supposed to do that”! Duh.)


  2. T h e original shrine of shrines has to be my favorite. I remember the absolute awe it inspired in me. The work of art, and the amazing husband who created it. My mind still boggles at his humor and carpentry skills.


  3. Thank you for mentioning and link to my post, and thanks to Servetus for pointing my post! :*

    This is the really fantastic shrine!<3 I admire your husband skills! Oh,so many beautiful details here. ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. Your shrine is absolutely stunning, you should be very proud of it! The shrines are definitely my favorites, so much pleasure in such a little tin! Now I’m under the influence of the printed fabric, my pillow is fabulous!
    The coat of arms by CircusDoll was always a favourite, and also Evan’s artworks inspired by The Hobbit (http://evank7.egloos.com/photo/48504). A personal favorite is this image of Richard as an elf (https://evankart.tumblr.com/image/42178587821), in my imagination he is Beleg – the elf archer from Children of Hurin – a character that I love.
    Speaking of vids, my favorites are Guy of Gisborne – Paint in black (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpVR7bpK-hM ) and Thorin’s Demons (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kJSHTJ35t0). There are many edits that I like, too!

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    • Aw, thanks Glady – maybe we have the same taste & humour?
      I definitely also love Evankart’s fantastic paintings. True art! I have to check out those fan vids, too. Thanks for pointing them out here!


  5. Love it and the inspiration it brought, after all he was the spark that created the idea of shrines, wasn’t he? And it’s still gorgeous!! I am generally grateful for fan art out there and for the inspiration it provides, all of it, drawings, paintings, shrines, cartoons, gifs, fanfics, plushies, mugs and calendars and totes and so much more 🙂 And thanks to everyone for sharing further links, some of it i had never seen before 🙂


    • Yes, he is the originator of all the shrine action. As soon as I got the original shrine, I began wondering how it could be replicated in a different, more manageable way.
      Completely agree – all that fan art is a gift.

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  6. Surely the apotheosis of fan art is something created FOR a fan by one who is not, since it takes a great leap of empathy for non-fans to enter into our frame of mind 🙂 Still one of my all time faves!!


  7. I LOVE the shrine Mr. Guylty created for you. I don’t know too many men who would support your addiction that way. I love the art of Yennifer Ice. Her paintings of Mr. A are so lifelike, I swear she should be declared his official biographical artist.
    I think the plushies made by the incredible Nancy Soares are adorable and wish I could collect them all. BUT my favorite pieces of fan art are the RAPS created by you yourself. They inspired me to make a few of my own, pictures of which I sent to you and you were very encouraging. My favorite is still #46 No Frills RA with the little magazine dedicated to his “armitage”. As a devout caretaker, I reverentially keep them close to my heart.


    • Hehe, I am not sure whether it was a gesture of support or a piss-take, Tommie. Mr Guylty is very tolerant of my fangirling, but at the same time he also occasionally likes to tease me for it. I don’t think he had any idea that I would pick up the cue and launch a veritable shrine *business* 😂
      Nancy’s plushies are among my favourite fan art pieces, too. At this stage, I am the proud owner of 5 of them. They are currently on display in our sitting room – and “the best husband of all” has not commented yet. Hm…
      You know, the little ARMitage mag – maybe I should make another one, as a hand-out to the RArmy…


      • I’LL BUY IT!!! If you make it.
        I’m the proud owner of 4 plushies myself: Dolly, Lucas, Porter, and Thornton. I plan to add a couple more but right now home repairs take precedence.


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