#Pilgrimage First Responses + RA Challenge ♡ #4

Catching two birds with one stone today: A quick response to last night’s Pilgrimage premiere, and then today’s RA Challenge post.

Pilgrimage has premiered!

First of all: Hooray, the bush telegraph works pretty well! After the Pilgrimage premiere at Tribeca Film Festival last night, fans have been posting first impressions on Twitter. I have quickly put together a so-called “Moment” which bundles some of the tweets. There were many more, of course, but I have been too lazy to capture them all right now. Click below to see the compilation
Here are a couple of tweeps who were at the premiere and whom you might know:

  • DaphneHS – who is probably known to many of you for her many reports from the LLL SD in New York last year – has posted pictures and impressions on her Twitter HERE
  • Armitagebesotted gives a mini-review (see picture right) and has other comments HERE
  • Mooseturds has lots of tweets and pics HERE
  • Chrissyinwm caught Raymond de Merville speaking French HERE
  • Tweet review of the film by Terri HERE
  • And plenty, plenty more if you simply search for #pilgrimage

Getty Images provides a gallery of images taken at the premiere. I am trying to embed the gallery below. Should that not work as is usually the case , HERE is the link to the photo gallery.

In addition, Perry has already written a proper review of the film on her blog HERE. This is really interesting, long and insightful. Note: Regard the spoiler warnings!

The majority of the responses is positive – although everybody seems to think there is a lot of blood and violence in the film. Armitage receiving loads of praise, though. Well, I guess that is to be expected from his fans 😉 I can’t wait for the critics’ take on the film and on the performances. So far, Irish publications have not yet reported on the premiere (I am writing this at 8.30am Irish time, though, so maybe we have to be a bit more patient.)

Now for number 2 on my agenda, the RA Challenge:

RA Challenge ♡ #4: Something I have done because of RA

If you have looked through the list of questions for the challenge, you may have noticed that at #7, a specific question on what you have bought because of RA, will come up. Hence I am interpreting question #4 differently. It goes without saying that I have bought fan-related merchandise, purchased cinema and theatre tickets and travelled to premieres because of RA. I am a fan *duh* But there are other things that I have done which are related to being a fan, yet slightly less obvious.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that my 6-week trip to New Zealand was because of RA. But while travelling there, I specifically asked for a particular detour, just because of my favourite chaRActer:


I really had to fight this through with my travel companion at the time. She thought Gizzy Town was a total waste of space. I disagree. It was a nice little town with some very interesting historical references alas, not of the medieval knight’s kind, that made it worth while visiting. You can read some more about it in my blog post from March 2015.

Have you *done* something because of RA, besides merchandise and attendance at events? I’d love to know!



72 thoughts on “#Pilgrimage First Responses + RA Challenge ♡ #4

  1. Thanks very much for the lovely compilation! I was working late last night so caught some of the excitement but couldn’t stay up until the morning. Good to know it was fairly well received and the people were lovely and friendly to the fans and so on. Always exciting to know we have a good chance of seeing a new piece of work 🙂
    And thanks to everyone who so kindly shared their insight with all of us!
    Been reading everyone’s responses to the challenge and have every intention of catching up this week.. just buried under work and have a roof leak again (or rather old one has not been fixed properly) and dealing with the letting agency and flat inspections this week, meaning i need to sort it out ready for all those people to trod around it.. ie once again all is chaos. But either way it makes me happy to know out there in the world RA stuff is happening.

    And it’s like falling in love with his acting and his stuff all over again going down memory lane with everyone and re-watching interviews and so on. I’s a great idea, thanks so much!


    • I didn’t even bother to stay up, Hari. I caught a couple of early tweets last night but then went to bed at midnight. I rested easily in the knowledge that there would be reports in the morning… no point in staying up.
      And yes, it’s a bit of a rediscovery exercise, this challenge thing. Not only of one’s own impressions, but also in terms of finding new-old fan art, interviews, articles etc. And it really does pass the time and provides reasons for blogging…

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      • 🙂 i wish passing time was the challenge, not short of blogging ideas, just short of time 😦 but at least i get to read lovely stuff! 🙂 wish i stayed up for that rather than work , got less work done than i should have but at least caught some news 😉


  2. Thank you for this! I’m looking forward to any and all reviews, fan and critic alike. I am starting to wonder though, if I’ll be able to sit through this in a cinema, speaking as someone who spent an awful lot of time hiding behind her hands when watching the violent scenes in Outlander. If it were any one else but Richard, I wouldn’t even be considering it.
    I’m curious to know what Richard didn’t tell Muldowney either!


    • I really enjoy action stuff, as well as historical films, but the violence could be a stumbling block for me, too. As you said – it helps that RA is in it. He’s the reward, so to speak.
      Re. what RA didn’t tell Muldowney – I think this refers to the scene that Besotted considered similar to something RA had filmed for Hannibal prior to Pilgrimage. I think we can safely assume this doesn’t include the romantic scenes with Reba *haha*

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  3. Beyond obvious RA stuff of traveling and going to RA related events and making wonderful friends, there are two weird behaviors ( probably more) that come to my mind. Writing silly poetry which came out of nowhere. Browsing craft stores and websites for possible shrine goodies. I had never been inside a craft store more than once a year prior to my RA addiction. I could also add supporting Mimi’s work at Comic Con whether RA is there or not. Hmmm, I have way more peculiarities now than in my pre-RA days. And I am thankful for every one.

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  4. Thanks for collating the Pilgrimage news. Really looking forward to more.

    As for RA Challenge #4, I’ve commented on fan blogs, something I told myself would never do at the outset. Too revealing. Later, I just couldn’t stop myself from babbling on.

    I’ve also rambled at even greater length in fanfics which I hadn’t done for years and years, and actually posted one online. It was easier in the days of print fanzines as you never knew whether your fic was being read or not, or what people thought of it!

    Oh, and I’ve bought the David Copperfield audio book and enjoyed it, when I’ve detested Dickens ever since I read him at school.


    • Hehe, yes, the blogworld eventually draws everyone in. And once you have crossed that threshold, there is no holding back.
      Wow, I had no idea you were a fan fic writer! And going back to fanzine days! That was proper commitment, back then.


  5. what is something I’ve done b/c of Richard? I started blogging. before I joined this fandom, I never would have imagined myself as a blogger but I’ve had so much fun & found such satisfaction becoming one. now, almost 4 yrs later, I have 2 RA related blogs under my belt and one multi-topic blog as well. ‘love’ makes us do crazy things!

    btw, it was quite a surprise to check the Twitter ‘moments’ this morning and see your name! I did a double take to make sure I wasn’t seeing things 😀

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    • Crazy things – yes. But incredibly satisfying. In that sense, I never thought it become a serial crafter…
      Oh, and my name on the Twitter Moments? Only collating, of course.


  6. It seems there will be no sweet dreams about Sir Ray 🙂 But that voice speaking in French is so sexy! I hope I’ll be able to see this movie on big screen. But I have to confess I long for a hero or a romantic character, I wonder if he will ever play another one! What I did because of RA? Beside traveling to London and NYC to see him on stage – things I never considered before – there is something else that might be the most popular thing I’ll ever do in my life: a fanvid with Thorin, that has 50000 views https://www.youtube.co/watch?v=CNWYsK4RLec
    I did few others, which I like more, but this one is the most popular!

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    • Yes, the hero role remains elusive. (Unless Daniel Miller is meant to be that hero…) I wouldn’t mind a romantic character, either – just to see whether he still has the touch.
      And nice one! I didn’t know your fan vid! Brilliant hero shots in there!


      • What I mean its not rom-com, the character might not be romantic, but should allow me to transform him in a romantic way for my lonely moments when I think of RA. I would prefer a mighty knight, Sir Ray would have been great, so hot and gorgeous, but I”ve heard he does some terrible things that might put e away. Danny boy was never a choice, I should probably rewatch BS like you did. I think that RA was attracted by the filming in Berlin and the political nuances of the plot, but no thrill with Daniel, apart from the fact that he’s handsome and a pleasant watch. It’s different with Sir Ray, that vice speaking French is already hot hot hot!


  7. Something you did because of RA—which you probably wouldn’t have done otherwise: Where do I start with the humiliations? Standing in the street for a pseudo-premiere of a bad tornado movie might be my lowest point to date. (Then you can add: paying money to actually see said movie. Ouch.) Proudest moment: getting him to come out after the show and meet fans at the 92nd Street Y (Pinter/Proust). Yup, I continue to enjoy dredging up that old chestnut to take credit for it.

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  9. I traveled to NY to meet ladies I’d only met online because of our mutual love and admiration for Richard. That we also saw LLL while we were there was the very best happistance. Not much of a reader but i joined Audible and have most of Richard’s work. Not to mention all available dvd’s too. Bless him😊


  10. There are many things I’m doing now solely because of RA *ahem* but the most visible is definitely social media. I think I tweeted maybe a dozen times in three years before he started his run in LLL and now I’m a regular tweeting machine, but only when there are RA-related events primarily in NYC, lol!

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    • Well, I have to say, I am glad that you came across RA, Daphne. After all, otherwise I would never have met you, if it hadn’t been for him. And whether you tweet regularly or not – you always tweet when it is important. That deserves thanks, too!


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    • Isn’t that the best thing – when your dreams and your hobby collide??? I think it’s great that fangirling for RA gives us the motivation to do things that we have always wanted to do.


  13. I really must start checking my emails more often. I’ve fallen behind in the challenges. Aside for merchandise, collectibles, spending money I didn’t have to fly off and see him perform on stage (soooo worth it), something I did because of RA is once again Guylty’s fault. When I saw her pictures of POP Funko Thorin in New Zealand, I thought “I want one”. I love Thorin. He was actually the first RA character I had naughty thoughts about. So little Thorin arrived and strange conversations with him began in my head. I posted the stories on a couple of Facebook fan sites and was surprised with all the positive feedback but people were concerned the stories were getting lost in the ethernet and one of those people set me up a Facebook page and challenged me to load all my tales there. That was 2 years ago and Thorin has more friends than I do now. If anyone wants to see what happens when the voices in my head start inhabiting little vinyl dolls, you can catch them at https://www.facebook.com/The-Misadventures-of-Thorin-Oakenshield-1620469244869595/

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    • Pop!Thorin really is the cutest. Mine is keeping me company right now, here at my desk, standing between my tea flask and a jar of hand cream. He’s looking slightly tired and worse for wear – I think I have to give him a careful bath again. There is this permanent black stain on the tip of his nose, which actually makes him cuter than intended. – Oh, he is glaring at me right now. He doesn’t like it when I call him cute…


      • Yeah, mine has an owie on his nose, so now he stays in a sock when he’s in my purse. If I take him out, I sometimes forget him and then he sulks. There’s 2 tales out there: one where I left him in the car overnight and one where I left him at home when I drove off to Dallas. Nothing like dealing with a grumpy dwarf.


        • Oh, what a good idea – a sock. I should try that with my Pop!Thorin. He really has had it very rough. His eyes look really “tired” at this point…
          Oh, you left him in the car overnight??? I am sure his majesty was not amused…


  14. I am really glad you visited Gisborne… turned out to be a special town and i have to say i really enjoyed following your trip too 🙂 yeah, the many things we do… still wondering if i will manage to do the challenge myself.. sigh…


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