RA Pocket Shrine 136/? – Awesome Lips

It’s time to reveal another shrine. It finally arrived at its destination last week, but with the Pilgrimage premiere coming up, and just having started my RA Challenge, I let it slip a bit. Now the time has come to reveal the Awesome Lips…

Is this tin cute or what? I spotted it a year and a half ago, when I accompanied a friend into a chemist’s. While she was getting her prescription, my gaze got stuck on something pretty. Those ChapStick brand lip kits are just the cutest thing ever. I don’t even use lip balm, but I had to buy this and a couple more, even though they were not that cheap. I had a tough time deciding which tins to buy – they are all so stinking cute. A testament to great packaging/marketing! (ADVERTISING ALERT: You can see more of them here in the ChapStick shop; and I have found them listed on Amazon, too, for ridiculous prices in Germany, but affordable in the UK.) Anyway, inadvertent marketing speech over, these tins are gorgeous because they don’t need any outside decoration *and* they already set the theme of the shrine. This will come as no surprise for you:

Mr Thornton leaning in for a *the* kiss. Did you know that kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute? Now, this is a workout for which I would gladly buddy up with Mr Armitage… eh… Thornton. Or possibly other awesome-lip-owners:

Yep, I finally sacrificed my Thorin calendar picture. I simply needed big lips. Because this tin comes without candles – because it is designed for proper engagement via lip-to-lip contact.

All in all a shrine that is not quite as ornate and intricate as other models. But who needs moving parts when you can move in yourself, and smooch those lips?

As a little extra, the shrine came with a little pouch from my stash of RA fabric. Fits the little shrine perfectly although the rose has got the wrong colour…


NB: A word on the design process – I knew from the outset that this was going to be kissing-themed shrine, and Thorin sneaked into the bottom of the tin early on. For the upper part, the process took a bit longer. You see, there are a number of on-screen kisses to choose from.

He’s got quite a smack track record

But well, there really is only *one* kiss that could go into a romantic, frilly shrine like this… *cue NS harp plucking* And once that was decided, it was clear that this shrine had a recipient: I know someone who is Besotted by Thornton (and in fact already has one of the earliest shrines). In fact, I had been meaning to create a thank you gift for Armitagebesotted, anyway, because I am very grateful for the kind reception she gave me in New York last autumn. It cannot be said often enough – this fandom experience wouldn’t be the same, if it weren’t for the nice people I am meeting along the way, and who are going out of their way to entertain and spoil me.

So, thank you!




73 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 136/? – Awesome Lips

  1. Oh, my goodness, this one is kissalicious! She will love it; probably keep it under her pillow. Your pocket shrines always bring a smile to my face. Thank you!


  2. I love the pick-up line. my daughter has started ‘collecting’ pick-up lines b/c she thinks they’re funny, and so she recites them to me randomly throughout the day just to make me laugh 🙂

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    • There’s something really substantial about the mother-daughter bond you’ve revealed with this anecdote. I love, love, love the behavior, by the way, and that you’re encouraging her. She will know exactly how to reply with empowerment when someone tries an unwanted move on her for the first time in real life: laugh in his face!

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  3. Oohh, der ist aber schön! Nicht nur die Lippen, auch die Wimpern kommen ausgesprochen guuut zur Geltung. Irgendwie finde ich seine Wimpern höchst bemerkenswert. Sind zusammen mit dem Blau der Augen eine Schwäche von mir.


  4. Ooooh, what a lovely shrine- and couldn’t go to a more worthy recipient! Although I must point out that the stealth aspect of shrining *might* be compromised if Besotted forgets herself and moves in for a kiss on those lips… lol!

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  5. Awwww, Armitagebesotted is the best and definitely worthy of such a swoonworthy shrine! I knew she was someone special when she was able to ID me before a LLL performance purely based on my tweets, lol!

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    • You bet, girlfriend, though I’m not sure how I did it, given that, since then, I’ve sat right next to you while you were Tweeting (e.g., at Pilgrimage Sunday night) and didn’t even realize. Maybe I was too busy swiveling my head around, hoping, hoping, hoping RA would sneak in at the last minute, to notice you. Ha ha ha.

      As for identifying you at LLL. I think it had something to do with me noticing a woman diving on the souvenirs stand in the lobby of the theater the SECOND it opened the night I was there with Frenz et al. My brilliant deductive reasoning led me to “She might be the woman who has already seen this play a few times and has been Tweeting like mad.”

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  6. What a really nice idea to create an interactive shrine! But- do you have a repair set for this shrine, just in case? Because… after x-times kissing ….. Certain places could weaken. Or did you used a thicker sheet of paper?


    • You’ve immediately identified the weak spot of this shrine. I didn’t think this properly through. I can only hope that Besotted will use the shrine wisely… 😉


  7. Lovely shrine for a lovely lady. I have a suggestion for another Chap Stick shrine when more screencaps of Pilgrimage become available. Since RA is portraying a Norman knight, the logical focus of a luscious lip shrine should be a French kiss. I leave it to you, Guylty, to figure out the details.

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    • Oh, that is a nice idea. It also may mean a little more research into the kissing scenes. The hardship. Or maybe there is a scene of Sir Ray kissing his horse…


  8. Hmpf. :-/



    Sorry, aber das ist der erste RAPS, dem ich absolut *nichts*, aber auch wirklich GAR nichts abgewinnen kann.
    Abgesehen vielleicht von dem müden Grinsen über die Thorin-Nasenspitze, die sich so lächerlich in den Vordergrund drängt.

    Brr, nee, zum Glück ging das Ding nicht an mich.

    Vielleicht bin ich auch hauptsächlich frustriert, weil die Sachen für mich so fern sind. Statt dem einen oder anderen Werk, das ich wirklch gerne sehen würde, bekomme ich seit Monaten nur Fandom-Kindergarten und Hach-was-sieht-er-da-gut-aus- oder LLL(gäääähn!)-war-ja-sooo-toll-Blabla – oder vielleicht noch sein Geschwafel, das ich oft genug nur nervend finde -, und von den Werken in der Warteschleife scheinen die für mich interessanten eher abzusaufen.
    Und das eine Werk, bei dem sich derzeit andeutet, dass es *vielleicht* bessere Chancen hat, legal gesehen zu werden, fordert anscheinend, dass ich mir vom OdB die *eine* europäische Sprache anhören muss, die ich ätzend finde.




    • Oha, du bist aber wirklich nicht gut drauf, Hedgie. Tut mir leid, dass sich dein Fandom-Erlebnis derzeit so frustrierend gestaltet. Du hast ja auch gar nicht so unrecht; auf Twitter spielt sich meistens alles nur zwischen “Please come back” und “isn’t he great” ab. Und neuen Stoff kriegen wir derzeit auch nicht zu sehen. Das ist definitiv suboptimal.
      Und ja, so’n RAPS ist eben einfach Geschmacksache. Und in diesem Fall auch nicht nur Geschmacksache, sondern auch ‘einfach’. Recht simples Teil – vielleicht auch etwas zu “romantisch”? Vergiss einfach, dass es ihn gibt 😉 Kommt schon irgendwann was Besseres. Auch in Hinsicht auf das schauspielerische Werk des OdBs…


  9. What a totally smoochable RAPS! The only dilemma is whether to pucker up to those majestic dwarven lips of Thorin or plant one on Mr Thornton at that lovely jawline just below the ear. *sigh*
    A fab shrine plus the adorable pouch to boot. Congrats, Besotted 😊

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    • Yes, yes, YES, Widoedm53, thank you for pointing that out! The spot below the ears may be my favorite part of his whole body (either side)! I’ve been in love since the first time this photo hit me in the gut—whoever shot it, I could kiss your feet: http://s1002.photobucket.com/user/RAFrenzy/media/Spooks%20Behind%20the%20Scenes/f93adcef.jpg.html. All afternoon I’ve been reading replies here thinking, “But what about the other photo, ladies?! The neck! The neck!” And If I were really honest…I would admit that…though I’ve never dislike bearded Armitage (role or real), when I first opened the shrine and saw Thorin’s lips, my reaction was “ewwwe, too many hairs to get past on the way to those lips.” But I will persevere. For the team. Modesty, however, prevents me from revealing whether of not I have yet…practiced.

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      • LOL – oh no. The beard is putting you off? Damn. I should’ve followed my gut instinct. Cos I’m not a beard fan, either. (It was just that the picture was already there – and big enough.)
        I can see what you mean about that spot below the ears. The photo really highlights it. It is also conveniently free of hairs…


      • Oh yes, that neck spot is spectacular! I couldn’t agree more and thanks for sharing that pic which I’ve not seen before. My eyes always seem to wander to that spot when I see him in profile.
        Your Thorin comment made me lol!!! I don’t mind the beard so much but yeah it looks pretty bristly in close up. Perseverence however would bring great rewards methinks. 😉


      • Modesty be damned. I saw those perfect cupid-bow lips and various lower organs leapt, positively leapt. I am positively twitching with lust. I so want to plant my face on those lips….not sure how much more drool my laptop screen can take. And you are right about that luscious neck of his. Guylty herself shot those sexy neckitage shots at Leeds and started a whole new obsession. But, seriously, is there any physical part of that man’s body that is not nibbleworthy?


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