RA Challenge ♡ #6: Least Favourite Character

This is gonna be a really short one. The less said, the better.

Pictured snaffled from RAnet’s excellent gallery of screencaps

It wasn’t very hard to find a derp-y picture of this nasty character. Especially highlighted by the “moustache of evil”. Not very flattering look, really. William Chatford, Malice Aforethought. If you haven’t seen it, don’t even bother. RA sneers and ironically huffs his way through this story. Never mind the fact that it was weird that Chatford’s wife swaps one nasty piece of a husband for a dubious piece of a lover. I admit to feeling a certain amount of sympathy for Chatford at some point because his wife was pretty obviously cheating on him. Yet that doesn’t justify battering his wife. So Chatford gets the push from me.

Care to share which character you despise? Or veil of silence?

Here, have a look at pretty instead:

43 thoughts on “RA Challenge ♡ #6: Least Favourite Character

  1. I second the twirling. That would have been a sight to see.

    My least favourite character is John Bateman. He was a false memory planted by the Russians and he destroyed the wonderful Lucas North.

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      • One dimensional is it. It’s my least favorite performance ( before Into the Storm) – which is a little difference from my least favorite character (Paul, Between the Sheets)


        • An important distinction, I agree. I wonder though, whether it is the fact that RA has to speak with an American accent, that mars his performance as Gary. I’m not making any pronouncement on his accent – but I remember that I just couldn’t really take him seriously as the straight-laced father of those two boys…


  2. I have two (this one and one other) that I just cannot stand… but I’ll post it when I get home tonight.

    Maybe I’ll just do it now and add piccies later. yeah. that’s the ticket!


  3. I’m going to cast my vote for Paul Andrews in Between the Sheets. Despite his abundance of nice…er, skin *ahem*, I wanted to beat the sh!t out of him when that was over. Ba$tard.

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    • Yeah, Paul Andrews is definitely another no-go character. I had a lot of sympathy for him, being somewhat bullied by his mature wife. But abusing his position of responsibility by playing around with an under-age girl who was basically his ward – unacceptable.


  4. Thanks for the pretty! Aside from your choice, I would add Percy Courtney, from Miss Marie Lloyd. I know Marie embarrassed him in public and chose her career over him, but he didn’t have to choke her or go whoring in return.


    • You know, I didn’t mind the whoring so much. Needs must, and all that. But domestic violence? NO. I did like him at the beginning, though, especially his reaction to Marie announcing her pregnancy.

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      • Yes. Richard is a master at making characters balanced in their behaviour. Marie was a %#@& to her husband. It’s not right to put your man second, and especially to humiliate him in public. No. I do agree that violence is not acceptable. I always felt that if she had spent more time with him, their relationship would have been a good one. After all, he believed in her talents and supported her. Oh, well…we all have our priorities.


  5. My least favorite character might be a controversial choice, but here it goes. John Standring. I only saw him once, but that was enough. Didn’t like anything about him from the tips of his horrible hair, to the hideous overalls. But the worst was his hopeless pursuit of a girl who did not deserve or appreciate his devotion. It was painful to watch and made me want to give him a self esteem transplant from gold-sick Thorin .


    • Controversial indeed – as everyone else seems to be in full CPM when it comes to the sweet, badly wronged Standring ;-). In a way you are right – the fact that he agrees to marry a woman who clearly tells him she doesn’t love him, makes him a little bit too needy and gullible. But: as a character he is otherwise a good guy. And he is a great candidate for offering him consolation…
      Self-esteem transplant LOL. Yeah, Thorin did not have any lack in that department…


  6. I love that pretty shot!
    Gosh, watched Malice way back when and barely remember what it was about – but yeah, I do remember he wasn’t a nice character at all.


  7. Since I have yet to see “Malice” I’m going to say Captain Ian Macelwain(?) from “Ultimate force”. He was nice to watch but boy was he crap otherwise.. And the whole ending was like WTF? I just can’t wrap my head around the whole series, it was so bad.


    • You know, Ian MacIlwain (?) was on my list, too. The redeeming feature is that he is so in love with that woman that he is prepared to leave the army. And even though he seemed to be a bit of an arsehole as an army captain, I didn’t really think that that merited cold-blooded killing. But you are right – the whole show was boring and ugly to look at.


  8. Lots of less than worthy characters but most had extenuating circumstances. Chatford reminded me of Snidely Whiplash with that nasty caterpillar moustache, which doesn’t look good on ANYBODY. I have yet to see Ultimate Force but I understand Macalwain was a real nasty piece of work. I hope to see it one day.
    One character I thought was cold and thoughtless without any redeeming qualities was Dr. Tom Steele. Very nice eye candy and completely devoid of compassion for his patients. I found myself hissing at the TV screen.


    • 😂 I just had to look up Snidely Whiplash and laughed out loud. He and Chatford: Twins! Separated at birth!
      Ultimate Force: It really is enough if you watch the fan summary of RA’s scenes in that. Not a particularly pleasant character, although some material in there that warms the fangirl heart… Starts here:
      And oh yeah, Tom Steele. It scares me to think there might actually be doctors like that out there…


  9. I’m late to the party, was super busy lately, but I want to complete the challenge! I did not see all RA’s old movies, so all I can say about William Chatford is that he does not look good at all! I would say that the least favorite character is John Bateman because what he did to Lucas! That story never seemed credible to me. I also dare to put Francis on the list, I agree that the acting was very good, even excellent at times, but I never had the feeling I want to see him again.


    • It’s good to know you are busy, Glady – a fulfilled life!
      You haven’t missed much when it comes to Chatford. Not only is he a misogynist, but the role is also relatively small. (Spoiler: And he dies. I think.)
      Oh, Francis… Hey, I understand. In fairness, I admit it is a bit absurd declaring a mad serial killer sexy…


  10. Wow, seems i have missed quite a few early years nasties, although i do know Paul A and he would probably be the worst of the lot i have seen, tho Hydra man who i stumbled upon last night by happy coincidence is probably nastier still 🙂 I never realised i had never seen the 1st Cpt America one so now one more RA one ticked off 🙂 Fun watch i have to say, he gave a typical stereotype a good go and some good buns were shortly in view. And there was a cute contrast between evil man capturing little boy to drop him in water and the way he actually held him close very securely, safely 🙂

    Anyway the only one i have seen from the older ones apart from Paul A is the one in the wheelchair in the A Christie but don’t remember what his name was.
    Soothing to see the pretty and that one always tempts me to a delicate kiss on the top of his cheek on the tiny dimple of sort just where the lashes shade on top of his cheek bone, sideways from the eye 🙂


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