2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #16

So, Pilgrimage is out and reviews are in. Strangely, not that much resonance on tumblr. Or maybe not strange – small premiere with no wide release. I’ve been voraciously gobbling up the reviews – both from fans and from media – constantly veering between horror (“good grief, I’m not that much into guts ‘n’ gore”) and irrepressible curiosity (“but that sexy scar…”).

Listen, *I* can see some deeeeeep-seated melancholy in those shining depths of Rambo’s… eh… Raymond’s eyes

Ok, dream on, Guylty, keep deluding yourself… Let’s launch into the weekly round-up instead. Here goes…


  1.  This was already posted way back in 2015, but cro-gall’s fan art of Raymond de Merville is more topical (and beautiful) than ever
  2. Totallyradioactive ticks off questions 8 and 9 of my RA Challenge
  3. Wow. Bagginshield shipper or not, but this kind of imagination really deserves a link. By b-a-g-g-i-n-s-h-i-e-l-d
  4. Did I already post this “sketch” of Thorin by moodyhedgie? If so – it’s good enough to be seen twice
  5. Old – but a delicious TBT Wellington. Posted by tinkertaylor1212
  6. That new picture of RA BTS of BoF (are you still following all the abbreviations?) – nicely cropped to the essentials by jassy2101
  7. I totally loved this gif set by riepu10. I don’t think I have ever seen moving images from RA’s sting with the RSC. This is baby!Armitage as Angus
  8. LOL – now here is a film idea… Not sure whether I would really want to see that. It’s so off-the-wall. But heck, it has Dolly in it. Thanks for the laugh, drsassychilton
  9. Mezzmerizedbyrichard shows us what she has bought because of RA
  10. A little interlude, in case you need cheering up after all those reports of Armitage being violent and gory. Tinkertaylor1212 concentrates on an old, but good one. *thud* 
  11. Mainly linking to this for the arrogant, nonchalant look on Thorin’s face in erebor-kingdom’s comic
  12. Clematis70 asks again “Guess Richard’s character” – part 23
  13. Nfcomics hits the nail with What a Guy wants
  14. Honestly, the money-saving efforts at the BBC… spotted by the-gentle-gamester
  15. The 27th of April – an important day for Clematis70. An interesting story with nice pictures
  16. And a couple of further RA Challenge posts – #6 by mezzmerizedbyrichard, with gifs of Percy Courtenay
  17. and #7 courtesy of totallyradioactive15 – check out what she bought because of RA (I love love love the jewelry piece!)

Sorry to all tumblrers if I have missed other RA Challenge participants!

Otherwise – have a great, long 1st of May weekend! Monday is a bank holiday, hooray!

Guylty ❤️

40 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #16

  1. Thanks for the round up.

    I’ve discovered the tag at Tumblr is mostly dead. Granted, I have a lot of things/people blacklisted and blocked, but still…. it is what it is. or it isn’t what it isn’t.


    • The tag is really not particularly active anymore. Tbh, I think that is a reflection of how the action had moved to Twitter, away from other platforms. Maybe things will pick up again, now that he seems to have packed it in on Twitter…

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          • This is true. How long have we waited for Urban? Sleeper? Brain on Fire has gotten Meh reviews. Pilgrimage might be too gory and violent for many of Richard’s fans. I know I’m not the only one leery of seeing it. And it’s gotten meh reviews. I know he loves the stage, but that audience is limited. I’ll NEVER see The Crucible, no fault of his. (yeah, I’m still pissed.) Berlin Station’s ‘stage’ was limited. Also, I know he likes the spy-thriller genre. Not my cuppa. (Although I will say I DID enjoy the last 3 or 4 episodes of Berlin Station. Truth is tho, had he not been in it, I wouldn’t have stuck it out.)

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  2. I’ll have you know that thanks to you I’ve spent two hours looking at videos and gifs of Richard. It’s a good thing that today is Saturday! 😉


  3. Ooh, that charm in 17 is great! I have an idea now to see if there’s anything in the Pandora line that would be appropriate for the discrete fan girl!


  4. Thanks for the roundup. You are spoiling us (in the old sense of the word) with this and the Challenge posts as well.

    Deluding myself or not, Sir Raymond’s eyes have been haunting me for the past week. #1 is astonishingly good. And deliciously wicked is a great phrase. Though I just bet the love of a good woman would sort him out. 😉

    #13 Right back at ya, Sir Guy.

    Hoping everyone enjoys their extra holiday.


    • Yay, extra holiday indeed. I don’t have to get up for my regular 6am gig. Fantastic. I am planning to snooze until 9am. I might possibly try to dream about Sir Ray and his determined eyes. And his sexy scar…


  5. Tumblr is really all about pics — few pics, less resonance, I’d guess. re: the tag — my impression was that during / after the shipper wars, a lot of people just quit using it.


    • You have a point with both these assessments. Plus, fashions pass very quickly on the internet. The action has moved on from tumblr to other platforms, I think. Even though they are not comparable (because they all have their very own USP), there are some platforms which are now ‘where it’s at’ – Instagram, for instance.

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      • Yahoo did not treat the tumblr people very well, either, it seems — not an expert but I seem to have noticed that out of the corner of my eye. I also think, if you’re fundamentally image-driven, tumblr was a poor hybrid. I often wonder how much the way it treated text (and the disincentives it created to write anything lengthy) contributed to the vicious atmosphere there. If what you want is images, instagram really foregrounds that.


        • I don’t really think that the barriers to written content are a problem per se – see Instagram. But maybe tumblr wants to be too much at the same time, i.e. a blogging platform (text-based), a microblogging platform (with quick reposts), a picture board (see Pinterest), a social media hub… It is doing all these things without special focus – it is all and nothing at the same time. And yeah, the takeover by Yahoo hasn’t helped.


          • Maybe I misunderstand you, but I think the barrier to meaningful written content on instagram is really high. Most posts are a short sentence at most and then a stack of hashtags, whereas the main attention is taken up by the photo itself. I don’t spend much time on Instagram admittedly (and maybe I’m reading it wrong since I do it from a laptop) but I would say most of the time I don’t even read the words. So (hypothetically) if what I liked about tumblr was the visual aspect and I got frustrated by the reblogging with nasty comments (in a way, that compounded the worst part of twitter — it allowed people to say mean things but made it very hard to ignore them) that gradually seemed to become standard, instagram would be much more attractive to me. OTOH if you wanted the chance to either say something in detail, or respond in detail, tumblr was less ideal than the traditional blog format because it was often extremely difficult to figure out on tumblr who said what or who originated something. In comparison, instagram is just a stream of photos more or less and it’s easy to ignore what people say as all that content is pushed off to the side.


            • I think I referred to Instagram as an example for a platform that was also focussed on visual content and thus has a built-in barrier to written content. So we are in agreement there 🙂 The difference between the two may be in the fact that Instagram was intentionally devised to be *photos mainly*, whereas tumblr was always unclear about whether the focus was on visuals or on text (except that the text barrier is high).
              The hate stuff – for some reason tumblr seems to be particularly bad with that, partly because it has the “anonymous comment” function. And since there is so much content passing through one’s dashboard every day, and predominantly from sources one neither knows nor follows, the whole platform feels quite anonymous, which seems to encourage trolls to spread nastiness.

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  6. oh, okay, I misunderstood. Yeah, “anonymous asks” is a menace. Given that people have pseuds already, there should be no reason that they can’t make comments with their pseud. I never understood why anyone would keep that function “on.” It enhanced the whole sockpuppet problem, in that you’d regularly see people answering “anonymous asks” that it was reasonable to conclude they had created themselves in order to pump up the drama. The Internet has enough problems with multiple identities and sockpuppets without multiplying the anonymous factor.


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