RA Challenge ♡ #9: Funniest Moments

We are now a week-and-a-half into the RA Challenge, with 2/3 of it yet to come. Even at this relatively early stage, I must say that I am really enjoying it. Ok, I haven’t reached the con-tro-ver-sial question yet *dun-dun-duuuuun*. For several reasons: It’s great to see so much RA content being posted. In the absence of new material (which has been available to *all* fans), it has been quiet. Now I find that my mornings have become much more fun again, as I power up the laptop and check whether there are new submissions to the challenge. It’s nice to find out what my fellow fans think. And in a more selfish way, I find myself revisiting my early fandom days – pondering the whys and whats of the obsession with interest in RA – and reigniting some of the enthusiasm that comes with falling in love with discovering a new favourite artist. Maybe a yearly challenge should be mandatory – to keep the flame burning at all times 🗽…

Talking of fandom, I read an interesting post today that made me reflect again on fandom/being a fan. Good Woman Going to Waste asks Am I A Fan?, and raises some questions that I find interesting to explore. I have commented over there. Join the discussion over there if you are interested.

RL Funny

Now on to the challenge. Warning! This post will contain some irreverent fun. If you think that RA is a special snowflake that may not be made fun of, stop right here… Because the moment(s) that make me laugh out loud every time, are not deliberately acted but are somewhat exposing of the OOA. It appears as if I am totally taking the piss out of him, or am indulging in good old German schadenfreude (malicious joy). But no, I am not happy at misfortune. I just look back fondly to less ‘perfect’ times, and I am admiring how much has changed. These are the images in question:

Mr Awkwarditage

Deliberately Funny

For Armitage being deliberately funny, I am going wayyyyyyy back to old times. This is one of my favourite interviews, and I really like what ensues from 1:33 in the clip:

You cheeky bunny, you! Not to mention the “friction”… 😂

Film Funny

Who says, an action drama can’t be funny… “Women with Guns”

“Alright, luv, don’t get your burka in a twist.” 😂

There are plenty of other funny scenes – in fact, I do think that Mr A is quite quick-witted and comes out with funny things. And I have to say, I think there is nothing more uplifting than see him belly-laugh. He really should laugh more…

And your favourite funny moments? Leave links or embed in the comments!


51 thoughts on “RA Challenge ♡ #9: Funniest Moments

  1. Speaking of belly laughs one of my favorites is the uncontrolled giggles he gets in the BTS outtakes filming The Impressionists. He begs “please stop I can’t bear it” and his full on belly laugh is adorable.

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    • Oh, that is such a brilliant scene. Thanks for mentioning it – I couldn’t agree more. It is just absolutely hilarious watching him get all breathless because of laughing. Invariably makes me join into the laughter, too.


  2. This is great! As you say, there have been some very good funny moments. Right off the top of my head, the one where he was the naughtiest was when the lady in the interview for The Hobbit brought up the “biggest sword” bit and he rolled with it. “I named MY sword.” Just thinking about it makes me chuckle.

    The other funny moment I love is when he told Martin Freeman in his Cinemax 60 seconds interview that he “had a relationship with (my) horse” and then pretended to sway his “long locks”. Those two interviews with them had very funny moments including the one at the end where Richard asks: “Is this live?” and Martin cracked up, which of course made him laugh too.

    I miss “our lovely man” and those candid moments we all enjoyed in his interviews.


    • Spot on! Great examples, Violet. I briefly considered naming the 60 seconds interviews. I bet you cannot help but be funny when someone as irreverent as Martin Freeman is around. The two of them were a great double act.
      But I completely forgot about the naughty sword innuendos. They were laugh out loud funny. Pity, those days are gone…

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        • Oh well, I am not even sure whether he is really “shunning” us. I don’t really think it is predominantly motivated by anything he has encountered on the internet/Twitter. Imo, he has decided to get back to his old priorities – which did not include Twitter.

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          • You’re right; shunning isn’t the best word. Let’s say he’s ignoring us. He has so much work that he doesn’t make the time anymore. It’s back to the old once a year Christmas message, unless he has to promote something. I miss the selfies. Mind you, I know he’s not obligated to post them but it was nice to see them.


            • What’s new? He has always ignored the fandom as such. Not in the sense that he doesn’t value the fandom – but in the sense that he has never interacted (apart from the very early days). It’s his MO. Compliment his fans we he is asked, but otherwise stay out of it. The approach has its advantages. Not sure whether he is a mimosa who takes every reaction to heart, but I can imagine that he found the whole thing overwhelming. I’m happy, though, to think that he has a busy and life with other things.

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              • Yes, I’m happy too; he is very busy and that is a good thing. He once said he didn’t want to be “a jobbing actor” but what’s the alternative; being unemployed for 18 months straight like he was many years ago? I highly doubt he’ll ever go back to putting tiles on floors. 😉


  3. I can’t remember specific funny moments to quote, but I think RA was was very funny during M. Boland’s infamous interviews. The first two with the black and white background were the best, IMO. I think he was also funny during the Popcorn Taxi event. His public sense of humor seems much less visible in the last couple of years. Or I just haven’t seen them.


    • I suppose he *was* funny. I just couldn’t get over my dislike of the interviewer.
      Popcorn Taxi, OTOH, is a definite highlight. You can tell he was in a good mood, he enjoyed the occasion, and he had fun playing with the audience.


  4. I absolutely love both of the 60 seconds interviews, they are very funny and relaxed and both protagonists look gorgeous which doesn’t disturb, either:). The interview from the North&South DVD was also a highlight, he is still a bit shy but seems comfortable in telling little stories from the shooting (…the rubber brick…).
    Funny moments in movies or films are rare (since I don’t like VOD). Somehow, I can’t remember any downright funny scenes but I like the BTS clips from The Impressionists and The Hobbit.
    And Mr. Awkwarditage…priceless, like a confirmand. May I add those pics with bare chest and the light grey suit, RA is ‘playing’ a sexy bombshell with half closed eyes and funny posture…I like them very much!!!


    • The 60 seconds interviews are really funny, agreed. I briefly thought about something from those videos, but then I decided that they were not RA being funny, but RA + MF being funny. They were quite the double-act…
      Oh, god, yessssss. The shiny suit and RA dancing. Extra-funny! That should have made it to the Mr Awkwarditage gallery! Thanks for the reminder 🤣


  5. Oh man, I just love that Women with Guns bit! I think I may have to steal that as one of my fave funny moments as well when I get around to blogging mine… 🙂


  6. The first thing that popped into my head was a moment in L3 in Act 1, RA/Kenneth is sitting on the sofa with Sandra standing behind it and they are talking about Henry wanting to confine him to his room, and Kenneth looks up at Sandra, pouts and says “He wanted me to use a bucket” (for peeing that is)… The way RA said it plus the pout was absolutely hilarious. I hate it when RA says he’s not a natural comedian because I don’t think it’s true. Also: I second all of the things mentioned above!! Except the Marlise thing because I could never bring myself to watch those interviews as I cannot stand that woman. 🙂


    • Love it – I love getting all these suggestions. This is another moment I would not have thought of, but you are so right! That was hilarious indeed – as was the scene in the same act when he is sitting on the floor, pouting and insisting like a little boy (I can’t even remember what he says, but he puts on this little-boy-gesture, banging on the floor – spot on and very funny to watch).
      You never even watched the Anglophile videos even once? Chapeau!

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      • Nope not once. I dislike MB so intensely I don’t even know why. Of course saw GIFs and screencaps from the interviews. Another moment I loved in L3 when Rosie says mum said there would be a surprise and RA goes “It’s a cake” which is not funny in itself but the hand gesture and intonation got the audience laughing. He really, really should do more comedy.


        • There were a few scenes in LLL where he really made me laugh. My favourite bit is when he enters in Act 2 while Jamie is dancing to “She bangs the drum”. He stops in the doorway, listens, and then puts on this appraising pout of a music lover, wagging his head in time with the music –
          only to then discount the tune. There was something so familiar in that gesture, so real and normal, I loved it…

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  7. Diese alten Inteviews sind einfach die besten. Esther hat ja vor kurzem auch das N&S Interview gepostet. Er wirkt da noch so unbeschwert, lacht ganz anders, ist viel offener. ❤
    Bei den ersten Bildern: Hat er da den alten Anzug aufgetragen? Und die 80/90er Haare – lol – wobei ich genau das mag 🙂
    Robin Hood ist oft unfreiwillig komisch. So richtig unterm Tisch liege ich wenn die Tussi stirbt (Der Name ist mir entfallen) die mit ihm im Kerker sitzt und nicht verheiratet werden will, so dermaßen überzogen kitschig….


    • Die alten Interviews sind irgendwie nicht so “vorsichtig” und auch nicht so professionell wie heute. Manchmal ist er mir heute fast schon zu glatt – die kleinen Ausrutscher früher machten ihn irgendwie extrem sympathisch. Wer findet es schließlich nicht anrührend, wenn jemand so ganz unverblümt über die Pferdeäpfel auf dem Set kichern muss? Menschlich. Das fehlt heute manchmal ein bisschen…
      Die ollen Bilder – tja, das war wohl alles noch von der Stange und ohne eine Ilaria bei der Hand 😀
      Oh, echt, du fandst “Meg” blöd? Na klar, das war schon extremst kitschig. Aber immerhin durfte Guy da mal zu ganz ramontischer Gestik auffahren. Das hat das Fangirl-Herz schon sehr gerührt…

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  8. Funny RA moments. I thought at first they had to be his characters so I was remembering Harry Kennedy telling Geraldine that it was their 3rd date and she owed him one kiss with tongue (big cheesy grin, raised eyebrow). Also Monet when he got hit in the leg by the shot putter and lay in bed moaning for sympathy while he was being painted, then he sneaks a look over his shoulder to see if anyone’s sympathetic. And there’s the scene where he’s lying on the floor amid his paints whining about having no inspiration. Seeing a poor-pitiful-me prostrate RA just made me cackle.
    Funny moments that stand out from interviews are his disbelieving expression (“Really?”) in Popcorn Taxi (best interview ever) when asked who would win in a cage fight Thorin or Dwalin. Also, shaking his finger over the question about the dwarf calendar. Also when he’s asked about playing characters other than dark ones and he says he fantasizes about being the romantic lead but he doesn’t think his face suits that, that there’s something dark and malevolent about himself. They audience laughed and he asks, “Was that agreement?” Sooo many more. He has a really dry sense of humor but then you see him playing like a kid with Marlise Boland, or photobombing other people’s pictures. This is a funny guy.


    • Popcorn Taxi was a 25-minute highlight. Also: “what happened in the calendar, stays in the calendar”. He can be so funny when he wants to be – or when the circumstances are favourable…


  9. Funny moments, there are so many, here are just a few that I instantly remember: Max 60 with Martin and the Popcorn Taxi interview are highlights; DOS bts, when Thorin says “it’s stuck” about the key; more recently, the yahoo tv Q&A was funny too and don’t forget I saw him jumping on that sofa in Love, Love, Love! Just a comment about Marlise and her interviews: I don’t like her (and I was mad on myself for spending a night waiting for the results of her first contest, I did not vote for the second one), but I watched the interviews for RA and what I remember is that he had teary eyes in the first one, when he thanked the fans for that prize. It was really touching!


  10. There are plenty of funny outfits from back in the day 😉 And that Popcorn interview is magic, i must drag it out and watch again 🙂 Also plenty from bts from Hobbit , the horsing around the fish 🙂 I like his humour when he lets it out, it’s pretty dry and wicked. And i miss all the sword talk.. always wish i had lived that period in real time not retrospectively… Hopefully he’ll go back sometime to some scripts with wit and not just darkness and sadness, i’m getting tired of the doom and gloom all the way.


    • Oh, the funny outfits, yes. Somebody already mentioned it here in the comments, but that unspeakable shiny suit with the crinkly dress shirt comes to mind. Or the pinstripe suit with the pajama top shirt underneath. Sweet.
      Yeah, we need to get away from all the doom and gloom. But whatever comes next – whether it is Pilgrimage or BoF – it’ll be no-fun again. Grmph.

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