2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #17

Hooray! I made a sale. Thank you thank you thank you to whoever bought a practically pretty spiral notebook in my Redbubble store! This is another of my little charity schemes, with 100% of the proceeds going to one of Richard’s Just Giving causes. Have a look at the store – there are some nice little gift ideas in there for yourself – or the fan friend with a special place in your heart. Damn, too late for mother’s day…

Which reminds me that I haven’t progressed any further with #3 of my fabric designs. I have the design sussed out and ready to assemble. This time I did a bit of drawing myself, and I have decided upon a colour scheme, too. I just need to put the finishing touches to it, create a hi-res jpg and have it printed on Woven Monkey…

Anyway, must get on with this week’s round-up. I’m afraid it won’t be long – partly because there is not that much to link to, partly because I am on the verge of tendonitis in my right arm and am trying to minimise typing as much as I can, in an attempt to rest my arm over the weekend. Here goes…

  1. Watch Richard’s career unfold in a gif set made by riepu10. Anybody remember “Man in Pub”? Convincing back-acting, I can tell you!
  2. Remember that scene in RH where Guy is putting on his tighty shirt? Well, mezzmerizedbyrichard felt it was nice to see him *un*dress rather than dress. This is a gif set for continuous loop!
  3. You don’t need International Dance Day to enjoy this gif set by serik27! I loveloveloved it!
  4. Some very Armitagean acting in this gif set of Daniel Miller by ghisborne *wink wink*
  5. Team Castle! No, not the fictional novelist of the TV thriller. This one has a cute Gisborne. Drawn by phantomdrawingbooth
  6. Totallyradioactive goes to her part 6 of the RA Challenge
  7. Just in. I know you have seen it all, but I want to keep this collection of these photos of RA from Lisa Frank’s My Celebrity Boyfriend project handy. Posted by kimanne723
  8. Guess who is this!? Clematis70 posts #24 of her audio quiz
  9. More irreverence from nfcomics in the What a Guy Wants series
  10. Not really a fan of the vampire genre, but this manip of Guy as Van Helsing by Jona Dreyer is really convincinly done. Linking via anemiechen
  11. Bingo. I totally agree with i-got-soul-but-i-am-not-a-soldier – It’s a case of “not in my bed, but in my head”
  12. Totallyradioactive15 shows a close-up of her deliciously discreet RA fan item. Good call – always on-body, yet no one suspects… Best worn by women whose boyfriends’ names begin with the letter R

There, short but entertaining. Hope you have enjoyed it.

Tune in later today for Challenge question #14. Probably will have to be picture heavy if I have to avoid typing. In a bid to stop myself from interwebbing, I will have to go shopping now. *sigh* The hardship! I need some input from Ikea on my spring cleaning tidying initiative.

Happy weekend!

Guylty ❤️


42 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #17

  1. Thanks for the round-up!
    Yikes on the right arm! Maybe you could try using the mouse with your left hand? My husband is right-handed but switched to left-hand mouse controlling when his right arm was acting up and has had no trouble since. Just a thought. I tried that strategy but it never worked for me, then again, my right arm never acted up like that… so far…
    Have fun at IKEA!


  2. Sorry to hear this, Guylty. Do take care of yourself.

    Another great roundup. #1 is fascinating. I’d not seen Man in Pub before.

    #7 Aww! I wonder what they were singing, does anyone know?

    #9 Hmmph. Poor, poor Gizzy. What a thing to mar your beautiful death. 😮I have the wet wipes at the ready and an indelible marker pen ready for Forest Boy.

    Loving #12 Neat, discreet and classy.

    Thanks again, Guylty. I hope your arm gets better stat.💐


    • My arm is doing much better today. I am sure it is because I have avoided too much typing – have spent my time with domestic stuff instead, like planting my window boxes, baking bread, tidying up.
      #1 “Man in Pub” is literally a role as an extra on a show called “Boon” – not really a credited role, I think…
      #7 According to Liza Franks (on Twitter), it was this:

      Interesting choice of music – old, classic, what I would call “Kiffermucke” (stoner music) – but opportunity for headbanging, flexing the biceps, air-guitar, scrunched up faces and singing at the top of one’s voice at someone else…


  3. Save your arm/hand and don’t answer this comment. Liked everything but I think the shirt striptease takes the prize.


  4. I’m sorry for the hand, take care! Nice compilation of links, I agree completely with 11! I’m very curious about the third fabric I was thinking a good color for background might be the color of his costume from the Berlin premiere. Since I made the challenge, I was thinking what color reminds me of RA and this was my choice! Congratulations for your first sale on Redbubble, I’m sure there will be many more. I plan to make an order, but I need to spend some time on that site, so many gorgeous items!


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